This is a collection of short stories, written with the intention to not exceed hundred words. Some of them do, but not by much.

Well, see for yourself if a hundred words really say more than a picture. :)

Family Ties

"Look, Kagome, I've finally found it!" Jii-chan announced excitedly, waving with an old-looking scroll. "That's our family tree!"

"Really?" Kagome asked, trying to sound interested.

"Show some respect, young woman." Holding the scroll under her nose, obviously waiting for her to take it, he continued, "The name Higurashi existed for five-hundred years!"

Mildly annoyed, Kagome took the scroll out of his hand and opened it, half-heartedly watching out not to damage the old paper. Ignoring the relatives she knew, she skimmed over to the end of the scroll.

Freezing, she read, "Higurashi Keijirou, son of Inuyasha and Kagome"