Cardcaptor Sakura: Tomoyo Kamen?

"All right," Sakura raised her star staff to a ready position, the girl dressed in a pink, ruffled costume looking up at the massive creature that was shuffling through the neighborhood, "Li, can you distract this thing?"

Dressed in his traditional battle garb Li looked up at the creature and gulped a bit nervously before squeaking out, "I'll try."

"Don't worry," Sakura reassured him with a smile, "we can handle this."

"Lets hope," Li sighed softly.

The thing shambled forward, and Li raised his sword defensively. Sakura ran to the side, the Windy Card held in her hand, "Now if he keeps it distracted..."

Thwack! A rose was flung down into the ground dramatically.

Quite strangely, in the background Sakura could hear what sounded like a Spanish guitar playing. She looked around her wildly for the source of the music for a few moments, then looked up to see a figure who was standing up on a nearby wall. The black tuxedo hugged a slim female form, and the white mask concealed part of the face.

Holding a rose in her hand the masked figure said in a very familiar but dramatic voice, "Anyone who dares threaten my Sakura-chan will answer to... Tuxedo Kamen!"

"Tomoyo?" Sakura blinked in surprise at her surprisingly cool looking friend, completely forgetting about Li just behind her.

"Ah, Sakura?" Li slowly backed away from the creature, but it lunged at him and he gasped out, "A little help here?"

Not noticing Li at all Sakura asked, "What are you doing here, Tomoyo?"

Smiling with a remarkably charming style Tomoyo said, "I would do anything to be of help to my Sakura-chan!"

Crouched behind the wall, hiding and playing Spanish guitars one of Tomoyo's many bodyguards asked the others, "Why are we doing this again?"

"Atmosphere," one of the others added a bit of a flamboyant strum before continuing, "and because Tomoyo-sama needs us to do it!"

"Good enough," the first bodyguard agreed, while yet another used a video camera to record Tomoyo and Sakura together.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Oh god, just kill me now," Li whimpered like a little girl as the creature pounded him into the floor.

"You look really good in that costume," Sakura murmured as Tomoyo leapt down from the wall to stand right beside her.

"Thank you," Tomoyo reached out to gently caress Sakura's cheek and added with a cool smile, "I wore it just for you."

Large throbbing hearts appeared in Sakura's eyes as she threw her arms around her and gasped, "Oh, Tomoyo-chan! I love you the best!"

"I love you too, Sakura!" Tomoyo hugged her back. As they hugged she noticed the increasingly faint noises Li was making in the background. "But what about Li-kun?"

"Oh, right," Sakura suddenly remembered him. "Windy!" she raised the Card and continued, "Become the chain of punishment!"

In moments the Windy had bound the creature, leaving a very relieved Li laying there in a heap on the floor. "Oh thank you," Li managed weakly.

"Do you want to go to my house?" Tomoyo offered her tuxedo clad arm to Sakura quite gentlemanly, "We could watch some of my more.. interesting videos."

"Really?" Sakura smiled, "What kind of videos?"

Tomoyo looked thoughtful, "They'll be very... educational."

The two of them moved off together, the guitar playing bodyguards soon falling in behind them. "What about me?" Li whimpered pitifully.

"LI-kun!" he was suddenly glomped from behind, sending the young man crashing to the ground again. "I've missed you so much," she squealed.

"Mei-Lin?" Li managed. With a soft groan the boy muttered, "Is everyone in this stupid story out of character?"

"Nah," Mei-Lin bounded to her feet to help pull him up as the girl explained cheerfully, "I've just been hanging out with Wakaba lately."

Li groaned as Mei-Lin dragged him off bodily...

Author's Note: I'm not planning on continuing this, I just wanted to do a silly little one-shot on Sakura and friends. I'm not sure where the idea of having Tomoyo dress up at Tuxedo Kamen came from, but it was pretty fun to write.

"It's the suit," Tomoyo popped up to say with a grin, "chicks dig the suit."

"Oh, Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura threw her arms around her and dragged her to the ground. Happy noises and flying clothes are soon seen...

^_^; Anyway, I'm hoping that you all enjoyed this. Positive reviews will be answered, and any negative reviews will be ignored.