"Great practice, everybody!" Kim cheered, heading toward the change room. she was dressed and heading for the door when someone called out her name.

"Kim," Came the smug voice from behind her, breaking the illusion that she had been alone.

"Bonnie." The squad leader returned, nodding at her rival.

"That was a great meet, Kim. You gave a whole... like, forty-five percent! Is that a personal best?" The brunette asked, sarcastically. "What had you so preoccupied, anyway?" She asked in a softer tone. Kim pretended to think about the question before responding.

"Well, it could have been the fact that I was up until two this morning saving the world. Or maybe because Doctor Dracon is plotting my death." The redhead smirked, "But my money is on the hot brunette shaking her but while jumping around the gym." Kim informed her. The next thing she knew, Bonnie's lips were pressed to hers. "Bonnie..." Kim started, as she pulled back from her aggressor. Bonny sighed in exasperation.

"It's okay. Nobody else is in here, and I locked the door. Don't worry, I'm not going to get you outted." Kim nodded, reassured, before pushing Bonnie up against the lockers, and starting a game of tonsil-hockey, knowing that soon, she would have to admit to the world that she was rapidly falling in love with Bonnie soon.