I'm not sure when or why it happened. I suppose it was about a month after Nerys died, and I threw myself into my work. Sisko and Dax tried a few times to get me to attend social events with them, but eventually gave up. After that, I had no direct humanoid contact other then the ones I'd throw in the brig.

Then one day Lwaxana Troi came to the station, and was determined to change that. I became like some pathetic humanoid with a desperate need for affection, acting like one of those animals humans have (dogs?) that followed her around everywhere she went.

So when she left for Betazed, I went with her.

She loves me, I know. She trusts me, too. I am the only one who knows that her natural hair colour isn't brown, (other then her daughter) and that she hates her first name. She said it's to long, and royal, so she has me call her Lawx, unless she's had a bad day.


"Lawx..." I try, but she just glares at me sharply.

"Don't you dare address me so disrespectfully! My name is Lwaxana Troi, daughter to fifth house and heir to the holy rings of Betazed!" A Bolian crystal is hurled at me, and I duck it. "Damn you, Odo!" Lwaxana shrieks at me, and throws a framed photo -one of her, Deanna, Deanna's beau (William Riker) and I- at my face. I take a quick step to the left to avoid contact. I know I could shift my molecular cohesion and allow it to pass through me, but I learned the first time around that it just aggravates her more. "You're useless! I must have been out of my mind when I asked you to come here!" She hurls herself at me, and begins pounding on my chest, forcing me back a few steps. "You stupid, useless shapeshifter!"

"Lwaxana," I try, but she is having none of it.

"Shut up! Who gave permission to speak in my presence?" She lifts the gold-tinged orb I got her last year for her birthday, and throws it at the wall, and it breaks into thousands of tiny shards. Lwax's eyes go wide and fill with tears. "Oh, Odo, I'm sorry." She starts gasping for air, and falls to the floor as tears fall from her eyes in a downpour, and I pull her into a tight embrace.

"Shh, it's okay Lawx. See? Neither of us is hurt." I begin to rub circles on her back, and continue to hold her. "That's all that matters."

"I do love you, Odo. It's just sometimes I get so crazy..."

"Shh." I carry her to out room and put her to bed, not at all surprised to find that she is already asleep. She looks so peaceful, so calm. And I know I will never leave her, because who knows what she might do to herself or someone else if I did. She needs me. And I need to be needed.