I'm swimming. The fish are such pretty colours, black and white. And when they move, thy leave a reddish tinge in the water behind them. It's all so pretty. Everything in black and white and only the slightest hints of the forbidden colour.

Okay, maybe I'm not swimming. Maybe I'm drowning, sinking to the bottom of this lake or ocean, and I'm only under the prefix of being in control.

*Giggle* Just like my life. Okay, maybe it's not all that funny. But I can pretend.

But for some reason, I can breath, at least for now, so I'll enjoy it while I can. Enjoy the feeling of having power, even if it is a lie.

It's nice here. Calm. And no monsters to hurt you. Just the water, and the fish, and the plant, and the coral, and the current.

Another pretty fish goes past me, leaving a trail of red behind. I bat the offending red away, and drift aimlessly, letting the current carry me off while I think of Him.


My leg feel funny. It... hurts. Bad. I look down and almost cry out. Red is coming out of my leg very fast. Red is bad. I have to stop the red. Red means pain. Pain is bad.

He was red before He died. I loved Him so. My beautiful Taichi. But the red made him go away. He was red and then he was gone. But the red was still there. And so was the nasty vampire monster. Matt killed the nasty man. He killed my Tai, so Matt killed it. Life for a life. But it didn't work. Taichi never got up. When Yamato said her was dead, I laughed at how dumb Yamato was. I looked up at him and grinned.

"Tai cant be dead, silly-head! He is our leader." I told him. "He has to be here, because we wouldn't know what to do without him." Yama put his hand on my shoulder. I slapped his face. "Don't touch me. Only Tai can touch me. He is going to be mad when he wakes up."

But he never woke up. Because of red.

Gotta stop it. Red is bad. Red is evil. But I can't make it stop. It keeps coming, and soon I'm in red instead of water. I can't breath anymore.

You see?

Red is bad. It took away Taichi, and now it is here for me.

Finally, I scream.

Because Red has won.