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~A New Beginning~

~Chapter X: Beautiful Shura, Dangerous Assassin~

I closed my eyes as I leaned on the wall, trying to think of my current situation. Now that I'm back with Allenby, I feel better than ever. But I just don't think it's safe for her to be seen with me. After all, there are a lot of people out there who want me dead.

"But it's her choice and she chose to risk it," my inner voice hissed.

"If she's in danger because of me, I'd rather not risk it," I retorted back.

Just then I spot the black clad warrior Seph. Even in the dark, his freakishly green eyes glowed like a cat's. I shuddered, now remember something from the past.


Those green eyes, though not icy cold, it has its own glow that makes it even more formidable than that of mine, Albert the Assassin. That is the reason why I respect Seph so much; his power, yet incredible, is not why I revere the tall assassin. It is his eyes and his ability to make anybody who looks in his eyes freeze.

My own blue eyes were once calm and azure but throughout the years, all the blood my sword tasted had changed it. I was no longer what I used to be. My innocence forever lost in a sea of shadows and lies. But that is the way of the assassin, and fate had chosen me to bear the burden. It is my job and mine alone.

But does that mean I should live my life in loneliness?

~End Flashback~

"Seph," I greeted steely. As much as I respected the man, I couldn't help but hold a grudge on those he killed in the past. Unlike me, Seph was a killer of all: men, women, AND children. Shinomori was the same, but I'd rather not talk about the dead. Now who did Seph kill that infuriates me every time I think about it? Ah, yes.

"Charleen's parents," I whispered. Seph, noticing that I'd said something, looked straight at me.

"Come again?"

I looked away and murmured, "Never mind." In truth, I was still very much petrified of Seph, although I trust him with my life. That is another rule we assassins live by: Either gain the trust of your fellow assassins or get stabbed in the back.

"Then let's get right to it. I'm guessing that you're not taking anymore orders from the Gundam Fight Federacy, am I right?"

I let out a low growl. "Those conniving snakes, I'd as soon kill them than talk to them."

Seph let out a hearty laugh and continued. "Okay. Calm down. Save it for your next case."

I looked at him suspiciously. "Next case?"

Seph grinned. "Of course. I'm not gonna let you off the hook that easily. Your next case is to find someone and defeat her in a hand to hand fight."

I nodded. "Okay, but I refuse to kill her. Now who is she?"

Seph grinned again. "You might know her. She was a formidable assassin, just like us. We were rivals, and our dear Shinomori took the liberty in killing her fiancé. Now do you remember?"

I nodded grimly. "I never forget a death. Her fiancé. . .his name was Iolus, if I'm not mistaken. And she must be Adela MacLeod, the infamous female assassin."

Seph shook his head. "No, that WAS her name. Now she's more commonly known as Shura the Angel of Death. And what you didn't know is that she's Ne0- Zealand's Gundam fighter. She was hired by Shinomori as a helping hand during the Aaron ordeal, which is now an ongoing investigation. She might not recognize you, since she's never seen you before, but she might be able to assume by looking at your eyes. Be careful, she's stronger than you think and she WILL bite. She swore not to kill Shinomori but as for you. . .it is undecided."

I smiled smugly. "That it? Damn, Seph. And here I was worrying about this. It'll be a piece of cake! I mean, how hard can it be to beat a woman?"

I walked off in high spirits still laughing at the memory of Seph's face. Meanwhile, Seph shook his head. "Damnit Albert. You better not get killed." He exhaled deeply and vanished in a flash.


"What do you mean, 'Shinomori's dead!!" yelled a very peeved Shura. Her messenger just got back and received news of the death of the former assassin. "This doesn't make any sense," she muttered. "How can the killer of my fiancé be dead? He must've been killed by another being stronger than he. . ."

Shura slid out of her chair to check on her Chakram Gundam. The pride and joy of Ne0-Zealand, the Chakram Gundam is by far the most complex Gundam in the Tournament. Its capabilities can only be handled by a true warrior. It's main weapons are it's two swords and of course, its chakram. Also included in Chakram's system is the Bacchae Mode, which is of course another version of Allenby's Berserker Mode. It's ironic that both systems turn the pilot nutty upon activating it.

Shura sighed and closed her eyes. "Shinomori's dead," she whispered. "That means I wont have my revenge. He was suppose to die at my hands. . .but that doesn't matter. Actually, it's for the best. Now Albert the Assassin will be my next target. Yes. . .the acclaimed assassin. I heard he turned soft but his skills rival that of the Great Seph's."

The messenger enters. "Miss Shura?" She snaps her eyes open and glares at her young messenger. "What is it," she spat out venomously.

The girl winced. "I-I-I'm sorry to bother you but a man named Albert just called. I just wanted you to know. . ." and the girl's voice trails off. Shura's eyes widen as she concocts a plan to get her revenge.

"This will be perfect," she whispered. "Not only that I'll get my revenge, I will also have taken the life of the wold's most notorious assassin." The messenger couldn't help but hear what she said.

"Umm. . .Shura? Aren't you a mercenary and don't mercenaries usually get paid to kill?" Shura laughs at the girl's ignorance.

"This is much more than money," she said. "This is about revenge. Now get out!" The little girl flinched and quickly scrambles out the room.


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