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Epilogue Two weeks after Adam's demise L.A.- the Hyperion

Eight days. For the past eight days Angel was a father, a daddy, to his son Connor. He gazed at Darla with adoration as she held their son. He didn't think either of them would make it. Darla, with the many attempts of suicide, and the attacking of the vampire cult who had heard of the miracle vampire child, but well, he pulled through with the help of his friends. He couldn't wait until the boy was old enough so he could play all of those father-son games with him outdoors in the sun... Cordelia became more accepting of it all when she actually saw that the baby was a normal human. They remained friends. He had heard from Buffy, and she made him promise to visit soon with the family. Spike said he couldn't wait to see his nephew.


To say they were all shell shocked would be an understatement. But of course they got over it and enjoyed the fruits of life. The U.S. government presented Giles, Willow, Xander and Buffy checks for their "work," though they all knew it was only to keep them quiet. Willow at first challenged how it would be wrong to accept the money, but was soon chastised by all.

"Come on, Willow. It's not like we were gonna talk anyway. Besides, think of all the good you could do." Xander started.

"Yea Wills. Plus I've got a baby's future to think of." Buffy said.

"But if you feel real guilty, you could always give your share to me... and Xander of course." Anya added.

"Yea bloody right. If it goes anywhere, it'll be for the lil' bit. Ain't that right, Red?" Spike said.

"Willow, I'm sure there's something you want, how bout you just hold on to it in a bank or something? Think it over." Giles said. Willow agreed, putting most of it in the bank and spending some on magic supplies. She was human after all.

Though the Initiative remained, Jonathan officially left. He, Andrew and Faith became official additions to the Scooby gang. Warren went to L.A. attempting to pursue his dream of becoming a millionaire with his "Sex Bot Inc." With his brilliance, he was well on his way.

Riley decided he needed a change in scenery. He requested a transfer and headed off to the jungles of South America. He and Faith never reconciled. Too many bad memories were between them, and neither were really ready for a real commitment anyway. Outside of friendship, Faith thought it best to be alone. But as time progressed, she and her sister Slayer were on their way to becoming friends again, perhaps better than they were before.

Buffy and Spike turned the spare room in the Summers' home into a nursery. Joyce spent most of her time at Giles' flat. She was considering of signing the house over in Buffy's name and moving in permanently with him. They had bought the house, and still managed to have lots left over. The only bills they had to worry about were the lights and gas. Lately though, Joyce had been feeling a bit under the weather.

Spike was happy with the fact that he was now pseudo human, but even so, it felt like something was missing. He couldn't put his finger on it, but somehow, he didn't feel whole. He brushed the feeling aside and continued to be happy with his girls. After he first became human and the Gem was "extracted" from his gut, it was thoroughly cleaned and sent to Angel.

Buffy was worried when her mother sent for her and Spike to come over immediately to Giles'. The thought of her mother being sick absolutely terrified her.

"I'm sure everything's fine, luv." Spike attempted to reassure her as she knocked on Giles' door. Giles opened the door with an unreadable expression on his face. It then softened into one of warmth when he took Joy from Spike's arms. Spike shrugged his shoulders in response to Buffy's questioning look. Gile's sat down in the chair with the baby while Buffy and Spike sat down on the couch with Joyce.

"Hey Joyce. How ya feelin'?" Spike asked. Buffy was silent as she perused her mother's face and form. She looked okay. Kind of... glowy.

"Fine Spike. Thank you. I asked you two over because Rupert and I have something we want to tell you."

"You guys getting married?!" Buffy jumped up exclaiming, hoping to God that it was only good news that they asked them over for.

"Uh, no sweetie. Once was enough for me. Please sit down." Joyce said with humor in her voice. Buffy reluctantly did as she was told. She then began to twiddle her thumbs nervously.

"Well, as you both know I've been a little sick for awhile. I've gone to the doctor and he's assured me what it is."

"Oh god, mommy. What's wrong? What is it? Everything'll be okay, right?" Buffy asked worriedly, her voice trembling. Spike grasped both of her hands. Giles continued to play with the baby, acting oblivious to all else.

"Everything's fine sweetheart. It's just that well..." Joyce trailed off as she caressed her daughter's cheek.

"Buffy, Spike, though this might seem terribly crazy or disgusting, I'm pregnant." Joyce said with a huge smile.

"Huh? What? Huh?" Buffy said. Spike turned around and looked at Giles, who was looking right back at them all with trepidation. He didn't think that Buffy would take the news too well.

"Well, congratulations old man. Looks like your boys can swim." Spike said with a grin.

"Buffy, are you alright?" Her mother asked. Buffy stared at her with glazed eyes for a moment before launching herself in her mother's arms.

"Oh thank god! I thought you were sick or something. You were scaring me!" Buffy yelled with much relief.

"We weren't sure if you'd be pleased." Giles said.

"Oh, it's great, just great. Got any names in mind for my little brother or sister?"

"Well if it's a boy-" Joyce started.

"Hope it's not Rupes junior. One man's torment with the name is enough, right Giles?" Spike said. Giles rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Actually, we were thinking of Nick. Nick Giles." Joyce said.

"If it's a girl?" Buffy asked.

"If it's a girl, well we both like the name Dawn. If it's a girl, her name will definitely be Dawn. Pretty huh?"

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