Silent Romance

By: Windy Light

Cherubimon sucks up all of Zoe's data and now she's nothing but a living shell, and with the first ever-human data in Cherubimon he's become invincible. How will Koji and the gang defeat him? Will they be able to restore Zoe to her normal self again?

Just want to tell you guys that I might copy some parts from the actual show. Hope you don't have anything against it, It's necessary for my story!!! Oh, anyone have some ideas of chapter 6 feel free to send me!

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Digimon or any of the character in this fanfic, I do, however, own most of the parts of the plot.

Ok, here we go


"Glad you could join the team, Koichi." Takuya said in a friendly tone.

"Yeah, we don't fight you as a bad guy anymore."

Koichi smile at such a warm a warm and friendly crowd, especially Koji, who just found out that they are identical twin brother.

"I'm glad too," he replied.

"I can't believe Koji actually has a twin brother! That is so cool! You two look exactly like each other!" Zoe exclaimed.

"I have a twin too!" Neemon said excitingly. "Bokomon and I hatch from the same egg!"

" Wow, really?"

"I've never knew that! Why didn't you tell us Bokomon?"

Bokomon was clearly looking embarrassed, and annoying.

"What is there to talk about in the past?" he was obviously trying to shut the topic.

Suddenly the ground started shaking beneath their feet. It began to crack.. The cliffs separated the gang.

"Who would've caused such a scene?" Bokomon question.

"Maybe it's your brainwave," Neemon suggested innocently.

"That is a very good possibility, Neemon." Takuya said. "But I don't think it's that."

"Someone's having a tantrum."

"Well, if it's that, they would definitely need more self-control."

"No kidding."

However, Koichi was standing on the edge of the cliff, his expression, grave and serious.

"I feel his presence, his dark powers." He trembled at the thought.

"Are you alright, brother?' Koji asked.

Koichi turned to look at him.

"Cherubimon." He said. "He's here."