Chapter 20

When the light finally gave out its last shine and disappeared into thin air, what we saw was unbelievable. There in the middle of the battle field. Both Ophanimon and Cherubimon lay, both of their data surrounded their bodies.

"Ophanimon!" Bokomon cried with Patamon.

"Do not mourn for me. I have fulfilled my duty. Be brave digidestineds, for there will be a greater evil waiting for you to conquer it." She said weakly.

Then both data stream flew out. In midair the data combined as one, then separated into two again and each took the path and enter my and Zoe's D- Tector. The body vaporized, leaving only two innocent Digi-Eggs, which flew into the sky. It too, disappeared into an unknown place.

"So...does this mean it's over?" JP broke the silence.

"I don't think it will be over, not for a long time." Takuya sighed. " Ophanimon said there would be a greater evil waiting for us to conquer. I really doubt whether we will be up to it."

"We have to trust ourselves and Ophanimon She sacrificed her life for Cherubimon and us. We can't let her down."

"It's definitely not over," I said with quiet rage. "Whoever the greater evil is, he is the one holding Zoe's soul. I'm not leaving until I get it back."

"One thing though, why did the data go into Koji and Zoe's D-Tector?"

"Why, are you jealous Takuya?" Tommy commented ever so innocently.

"No! I mean, is there a special meaning to..."

"You're right," Nefetimon suddenly flew out of nowhere and answered. "the two have been chosen to be the keeper of these powerful data because Ophanimon and Cherubimon believe that they will be used to its greatest potential in the hands of Koji and Zoe."

"I will assist you, Master in your quest." Zoe stepped up to me.

"Don't call me Master. I don't want to be your Master. I..." I turned away, lost for words.

Koichi placed a hand on my shoulder. "We'll get her back," he reassured.

I smiled at him gratefully.

I turned back to Zoe, but she was looking at me with a saddened expression. "Why do you not want me anymore. Master? Have I done something wrong?"

It absolutely broke my heart to have her breaking down like this. "Zoe...I didn't mean it."

"You're right Master. I am not worthy of you..."

I did the only thing I could think of. I pulled her close to me and hugged her. That silenced her.

"I want you Zoe...You have no idea..." I swallowed the words along with the big lump in my throat. No idea how much it hurts me to see you like this. How much...

When I released her, she had a big grin on her face, like a child who just got candy from her parents.

"Master loves me! I will listen to you Maser/. Zoe loves you too!" she said happily.

"But Zoe, I thought we..." JP was desperately trying to gain himself.

"Give it up JP," Takuya dragged him back. Then he turned and grinned at me. "Well. Looks like you got what I want buddy, and what Zoe would've want too."

Really? Is that what Zoe would've won. Did she really have feelings for me, even before Cherubimon took away her soul? Or is it because the mindless Zoe now loves me because I'm her master?

"What are you thinking Master?" Zoe asked.

"Nothing..." I sighed.

"C'mon," Koichi said. "It's been a long day.

"Master, perhaps you want some food, or water?"

"No, you will rest. Takuya and JP can go get the things. And don't call me Master."

"Then what should I call you Master?"


"Okay, Master Koji."

"I told you don't call me..." I wanted to finished the sentence but thought otherwise.

How would Zoe think of herself if she got her soul back and realized how she was acting? Will she be ashamed? What would she think of me?

Maybe these questions will get answered when she recovers her own true self.

"Hurry up Koji, we're getting hungrier by the second!!!" Takuya yelled from a distance.

I quickened my pace. Zoe followed behind me. I was getting hungry too. The battle took a lot of energy out of us.

Believe in Hope, Believe in Love... a whisper rushed past my ears. I turned my head to search for the speaker but found no one in sight.

"What's wrong Master Koji?" Zoe stopped.

"Nothing..." I shrugged. "Let's go."

In time you will learn, young Warrior of Light. You alone hold both the key of Hope and Love. It is buried in you, the path to your destiny.


So that's it guys, the end of the story. But I think I will manage to writ a sequel. Plz go check it out when it's ready! Synora, everyone, til next time!!!!!