the final battle, part 1

The Final Battle

Hey, people! Miss me? Well, here it is. At last. The third part and the sequel to My name is Sirius Black and My name is Cassiopeia. As always, I own nothing except for the stuff that I do own. And By the way, this is still in progress so any ideas or suggestions ( except flames as they will be used by Sirius for some reason I really don't wanna know.) will be appreciated. This is turning out to be just as long as the first one and I still have a very very long way to go. So I need to ask you to be just a little more patient. And i'll work on it over break, but I have a finial project and rehearsals to do, so I might not have that much time. Anyway, please review and Merry Christmas!

It is the year after Voldemort has arisen

Everyone must put aside their differences and unite

Old enemies align with those they once hated.

An old prophecy has been unearthed.

Will the heroes of the long lost prediction live to tell the tale?

The ancient prophesy

A Great evil will rise

He will seem unstoppable

Only two hold him at bay

The Dog Star and the Son of the Stag

But if one should turn

All is lost

They will be marked.

So they may be recognized

Alone they will face him

Together they will defeat him

And the heirs of the two houses

Shall battle for the last time.

(twilight zone theme plays in background. )

" Lily, take Harry and go. It's Him/ Go! Run! I'll hold him off-"

"James! Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!"

" Stand aside you silly girl…stand aside now…"

" Not Harry, please no. take me, kill me instead… Not Harry! Please … have mercy…have mercy...."

There was a flash of green light, a cruel high pitched laugh, then an inhuman scream of anger , and a baby's cry and all was quiet.

Lily opened her eyes. She could see it was dark out. What was she doing here on the floor? She looked around. James was lying across the room his eyes closed. All that had happened rushed through her mind.

" James!" She got unsettily to her feet and ran over to James's side. She shook him gently.

"James, wake up. Oh. Please wake up." He moaned and rolled over.

"Just five more minutes mum I swear."

"James. Get up."

He groaned and opened his eyes. "Lily, what happened?"

"Do you remember Voldemort?"

" What? What are you…" His voice trailed off as he remembered. " Harry. Where's Harry?"

It was then she noticed her son was not where she had left him.

"Oh god James, what if he took him? Where is he?"

"I don't know Lily. I don't know."

She began to cry. James took her in his arms. What was going on? One minute he was defending his family, the next he and Lily were alone in his dark house with his son nowhere to be seen. And why did he have the strangest feeling he was not supposed to be here. Then he felt the hairs on the back of his neck raise. Someone was behind him.

He turned ready to defend his wife. He could hear them now. Soft footsteps coming down the hall. Like someone was somewhere they weren't supposed to be. And didn't want to get caught.

"Who's there?" he called, using a voice modifying charm. If it was one of Voldemort's followers, he couldn't take any chances.

"I could ask the same for you." Came the reply. There was something familiar in that voice. It was horse and harsh sounding but there was a warmth in it that was hidden beneath years of pain and heartache.

A figure stepped into the moonlight. It was a man. He was holding a wand. James couldn't see his face. It was masked by darkness.
" I live here. This is my home. "

"No one's lived here for years. I'm staying here for the time being. But this is no ones home." The man said.

" Look whatever you want, take it we have no money or jewels here We have nothing valuable in this house."

" These things may not be valuable to you. But they mean the world to me." The man kept his wand on James.

Lily stepped out from behind her husband.

"Please sir, have you seen our son? Please tell me you have."

"Lily." James hissed.

The man stopped and lowered his wand. He took a step closer. When he stepped past the window his face was illuminated in the moonlight. James could see his intense face. He had black hair, longer than most peoples, it made his pale skin seem even whiter. He was thin, very thin, and he was shaking.

James gasped as he recognized the man.

He looks like Sirius only like a Sirius that has been through hell and back. This couldn't be his best friend. He had just seen him two days ago and he was fine. A little worried and tired but nothing compared to this gaunt wizard.

"Lily." The man whispered. He turned his gaze on James and what James saw scared him. The eyes, the color were Sirius's, but beyond that there was nothing of his best friend there. The laughter and mischief that always sparkled his best friends eyes, even in the darkest times, was gone. It was replaced by a glassy empty hollow look, a dead look. Like the windows behind them had closed.

"James." He said. He whispered it like he dared not believe it.

"Sirius?" James asked. " Is that you?"

He nodded. " It's me ,Prongs."

"Oh my god, Sirius what happened to you?" Lily ran forward. She threw her arms around him and held him tight.

Sirius held on to her as long as he could. If this was some kind of dream, it was a blessing and a salvation from the nightmares that usually accompanied his sleep.

"Uh Sirius, I can't breathe." He heard Lily say. Just hearing her voice again was making him feel better.

" Sirius, what did happen to you?" James asked. James. Sirius approached him.

"Prongs, is it really you?"

"Of course it's me Padfoot. Why wouldn't it be?" Without hesitation Sirius grabbed James in the biggest bear hug ever.

"Uh I missed you too Padfoot." James joked. It was then he realized Sirius was crying.

"Padfoot, what's wrong?" He could remember Sirius crying once. Only once. After the girl he loved, had died to protect him from Voldemort.

Sirius just shook his head. Tears poured out of his eyes and his shoulders shook.

"Sirius, it's alright." Lily led him to a chair and helped him sit down. Sirius simply sobbed. After a while his sobs lessened and then stopped.

"Lily, Prongs. I'm sorry." He said so softly James almost missed it.

"For what Sirius? "Lily asked gently.

"For not protecting you. I swore I would. I swore I would never let anything happened to you. But I killed you."

"What are you talking about?" James asked.

"It was my idea. To use Peter. I didn't know. I thought it was perfect. I was wrong. Please forgive me." He pleaded.

"Sirius, we never blamed you." Lily told him. He looked so much like a big depressed puppy it was sad. Except for his eyes. They went back and forth from over bright and glassy too dead and hollow too many times. There was nothing in them from the man they knew.

Sirius started to say something else but he was interrupted by a fit of coughing. James and Lily had to hold him up to keep him from collapsing. James waited until he had stopped.

"Padfoot, I'm going to ask you some questions and you are going to answer me or else."

"Or else what?" his voice came out as a croak still sore from the crying and coughing.

"Or else I'm going to tell everyone what you say in your sleep about Mari." Sirius grinned at the old joke, then at the mention of Mari's name his grin faded and he turned away.

"Okay." He whispered.

" Where's Harry?" Lily asked.


" Why is he there? Why isn't he with you?" Lily exploded." Petunia hates him."

"I couldn't get free at the moment." Sirius said bitterly.

Just then they heard the door slam. Remus walked in, looking tired and pale. He didn't really notice them. Just Sirius.

" Hey, Padfoot, what are you doing up? You're sick. I thought I told you to stay in bed."

"Who are you, my mother?" Sirius croaked and coughed again. Getting up and down the stairs had been hard enough. Seeing his long dead friends and all that sobbing was making his head swim. It's just a cold, Black, pull yourself together. Lily and James are back. You can't be sick now. He told himself. But he began to shake and he knew this was more than a cold. But he ignored it. Lily and James were more important.

Remus rolled his eyes. "Look I've had a really bad night. Not many people believe your story, even though we have Dumbledore's word. Moody just tried to curse me out of the house. You're sick and shouldn't even be out of bed. Yet you insist you're fine."

"I am."

"With a fever of 104? You're shivering and coughing now. You were delirious last night. Fine? I don't think so. Harry wants to know why you're not answering any of his letters. Voldemort made another attack and killed three people. Fudge is insisting nothing is wrong. The bloody old fool. and I have had a really really really bad day, so do not make me knock you over the head and then send you back upstairs. Because I am willing and able."

" Uh, Moony?"


"We got company."

"Oh hey Prongs, Lily." He turned around to pour himself a cup of coffee( decaff of course. Read my name is Sirius Black. You'll find out why Remus can't have caffeine.) They waited. James and Lily exchanged looks. Sirius tried not to cough and failed. Remus continued to make himself some coffee and Sirius some tea.

Then he turned cups in hand, and promptly dropped them. Sirius laughed at his face then paid for his laughter in a fit of coughing.

Remus stood open mouthed at his two friends. His face was pale. Even paler than usual.

" James? Lily? Is it really you?"

"Yes, Moony it's us. Why are you so surprised?"

"Well after …that night… I couldn't bear to be near here. But last year I bought it back and I've been living here since. Sirius is staying with me for a while until we can clear his name."

"Clear his name?"

"Last year?" lily and James were both very confused. Sirius could see that. Did they even know they had been dead for the past fourteen years? Maybe this was all a bad dream. Or maybe he was delirious again.

His head was swimming and he fought to keep the darkness back. He could still hear Remus and James talking, but their voices were growing fainter. The room was getting fuzzy. He thought he could hear Lily calling his name but before he could figure it out, the darkness overtook him.