Title: Girl Troubles

Author: Sean Wright

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-gi-oh

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Chapter Eleven

Yuugi didn't know why he let Anzu talk him into driving her to the mall. He was tried and crabby as hell which made him extremely poor company. All Yuugi wanted to do that bright, yet frigid Saturday was stay ion the couch with his electric blanket, enjoy his mug of cocoa, and maybe snuggle with Yami. (Yuugi was feeling down and wanted attention.) But no, that it not meant to be.

Anzu had shown up at the godly hour of ten, right in the middle of Yuugi's cartoons and demanded that he take her to the mall.

Yami, from his side of the couch, said that it would was good idea. Yuugi needed to get out of the house. However, Yuugi did not agree with the Pharaoh. He had finally gotten over the nasty bit of misery and with his grandfather gone out to visit friends and the shop was close, Yuugi just wanted to spend time with Yami. Which was a problem; Yami could not concentrate with Yuugi near by. He was working hard on his list of people (and deities) would wanted him dead. It was a long list to start with, then Bakura and Marik had to thrown in their suggestion and that thing just doubled. Having Yuugi near was a distracting temptation that he could ill afford right now.

When Yuugi tried to get out of it, Yami was quick to point out the house errands that needed to taken care of, such as the former king needed more socks.

Thus the intrepid pair to the streets of Domino, in Sugoroku minivan, to dropped off and retrieve the dry cleaning, stopped by the chemist to have Sugoroku's prescriptions filled, and run to the groceries.

Yami needed more socks and he absolutely refused the wear the same underwear twice. So it was off to the mall for Calvin Klein underwear to see the pharaoh through another two weeks. Anzu knew that if Yami wasn't making his own money, Yuugi would most defiantly not be buying Yami new underclothes every two weeks.

They stopped for a couple lattes before heading out to purchase Yami's necessities. At the mall, Anzu managed to persuade Yuugi to buy a sweater that she thought looked great on him and he generously purchased a blouse that she had been salivating over. (That was main reason Anzu loved to go shopping with Yuugi. He always bought her things without ever saying she would have to pay him back.) Anzu left the mall with not only that blouse, but a new skirt, a jacket, and pair of boots that she would have killed for and it didn't cost her a single yin.

After the adventures, Yuugi insisted that they stop for lunch at McDonald's. He knew Anzu wasn't big on the fast food place, but he wanted a Big Mac. Yami hated the place more than Anzu and he would never come to the store or allow Yuugi to have it if they were together. He promised Anzu another night of high cinema in exchange for her silence. She agreed only after he threw in dinner at her favorite restaurant. He kissed her soundly and promised...he froze.

"Yuugi," Anzu said worriedly. When he didn't respond, she touched his hand that still rested on her neck. "Hey, what's wrong?"

Without a word Yuugi let her go. He stepped around her. Anzu turned around and saw Yuugi rather menacingly confront some guy. Belatedly Anzu recognized him or she though she did. She started to join them but heard their order come up. As she grabbed their food, she glanced back at Yuugi, but he had gone outside with that guy.

Yuugi shrugged Jin's hand off his arm then folded them under his breast as he glared up at his stalker.

"Why won't you talk to me, Yuugi?" Jin cried. He tried to touch him again, but Yuugi drew back leaving him frustrated and confused. "You know I want you."

This was fucking crazy. Yuugi blew out a short breath and shook his head, "Why are you doing this, Jin?" He countered. "How many times do I have to tell you that I am with someone else? Damnit, I love Yami Moto," He looked up at him then his eyes pleading with Jin to understand. "I'm in love with him. Hell, we're getting married next year. Why can't you accept it and leave me alone?"

"What do I have to do to make you see that he's all wrong for you?" Jin reached out to him, this time Yuugi did not pull away. Encouraged by this, he drew closer to Yuugi, eliminating the space between them. "You don't love him Yuugi."

"You don't know us," he protested but it sounded weak in his own ears. He knew what Jin was thinking by the look in his eyes.

"If you two are as tight as you say then you would have told me to go to hell a long time ago." Jin looked down at Yuugi's mouth then back into his eyes. "If your love was so strong then why are you here with me?"

He brought his hand up and pushed Jin's hand away. "I'm not with you." He told him. "I can't be with you, even if it was something I wanted. More than that, you should be thankful that I don't."

"You're lying." Jin whispered. "I can see the truth in your eyes…"

Yuugi shook his head. "It doesn't matter. I'm not going give my life for you." His voice was merciless as he destroyed Jin's illusion. "I don't know you; you sure as hell don't know me."

"I know enough about your little relationship to realize it not right—"

"Not right?" Yuugi scoffed, "What the hell are you talking about? My life is fucking perfect. I have everything I could have possibly wanted. Every thing I ever dreamed of, wished for, and desired is given to me. I have the most perfect boyfriend, who worships the damn ground I walk on. I got great friends, the best home life, and an excellent future waiting for me. Why the hell would I give up any of it for you?"

"I can love you."

"I'm adored, worshipped, and loved by a man though of as a god by his peers." Yuugi said sharply. You are a prize held before the Gods to spite them.

"I can make you happy."

"That is why I have friends and my grandfather. I am the most precious thing in the world them. They live to make me happy. "You are isolated from reality by those who say they care for you.

"But do they keep you safe?"

"Yami protects me." Yuugi told him, "He keeps me safe because he loves me." He is covetous of the time and attention you give to anyone other than him.

Thin, cold arms settled possessively around his waist as breath reeking of sulfuric acid filled his nose. Frozen lips touched the tip of his right ear in a feather light kiss before she dropped her chin to his shoulder.

"You worst than honey," she said, her tone was light and amused. "Men flock to you in droves to adore you, to worship you. No wonder the Scourge of Kemet keeps you."

"Yuugi," Jin's voice cut through her breathy whispers. "Just give me a chance and I promise—"

"He promises." Her arms tightened around him enough to hurt, "He promises to love you, to comfort you, to keep you. Poor, helpless little light." She giggled, "Such arrogance—"

"Jin," Yuugi gasped. Her arms were like steel binds on his chest and they were closing tighter.

"He can't save you," she snarled. "I'm a shadow in the light. He cannot touch what does not exist." The bite on his ear stung.

"Oh, God, Yuugi, you're bleeding," Jin leapt forward, concern evident on his face and in motion.

Yuugi would have given anything to fall into his arms; anything, just to be away from her.

Her hands slid down to his belly, a sharp contraction tore through his gut. The intensity drove him to his knees.

"Yuugi!" He heard Anzu scream his name.

"Help me," he reached out for Jin.

Her hand sank into his flesh, "For all your sins of arrogance, pride, and vanity being the worst of them. You must give your life. Poor little Yuugi, you can't blame anyone else for this, but you."