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"Hey, Jale, here come the cops, let's get outta here!" A boy with dark skin pulled on the arm of another teen, who backed up away from the body of the girl.

"Wait, Tear, I think she's still breathin," Jale said. But a third teen also joined his Tear's side.

"Nah, man, she's dead. Mutie or no, she aint gonna wake up. Now common, they'll still charge us even for this bitch." He said. Jale looked at the amount of blood covering the dark alley streets and nodded, putting away the bloody knife in his hand and turning to run along with his friends.

The girl lay in the dirty alley for some time, knowing the boys had left but unable to summon the courage or strength to get up. She knew that if something didn't happen she would die, like those awful boys had meant her to. She had to get up, to move and find that place she had heard the men in the bar talk about. But try as she might, the brown-skinned girl could not summon the will to move. Gazing up to the sky she searched for a star, any star, the snow that caused her spilt blood to freeze on the ground made her also feel frozen like the stars looked. If only she could see even one, maybe that would give her the strength she needed to move, but it was a cloudy night. If only she could see the stars...


Unknown to the girl, who was drifting in a space between life and death as she struggled to stay conscious, she was being watched. Tear, one of the boys who had attacked her had gone to his apartment, which happened to be right over the alley the girl lay in. He, unlike Jale and the other boy, had not wanted to hurt the mutant. But of course if he had said anything his friends would have killed her anyway and maybe even him, so he had to go along with it. But this teen, not much younger than himself, was still alive where most would be dead long before. Maybe her mutation had something to do with it, or maybe she was just strong.

Making sure that no one saw him as he crept out the back door into the alley, Tear slowly walked towards the girl. He bent over her and looked at her fogged up eyes and barely moving chest. She had silver eyes, that and her short white claws, like a cat's, had proven to Jale and his friends that she was a mutant, and gave then the 'right' to kill her.

A noise behind him made Tear spin around, and to his horror he saw the other boy in his gang, a huge, muscular teen named Kead standing behind him.

"What are you doing, Tear?" Kead asked. Tear stood up and searched for an excuse to be out here.

"I was, making sure the bitch was dead." He stuttered. "Where's Jale?" Kead walked over and looked down at the girl lying in the snow and garbage in the small alleyway.

"Jale got caught, he's tryin to buy his way outta the slammer now. You're lyin about this girl, Tear, I'm gonna ask yeh one more time. What are you doing out here?"

Tear gulped, Kead's deep voice was splitting through the cold air like Jale's knife split through the girl lying on the ground. There was no use lying to him.

"I was seein if she was still alive," he said.

"And wondering if yeh could help her?" Kead asked.

"Yeah," Tear said. "Please, man, don't tell Jale, I'll kill her right now if I have to." The mutant was somewhat brought back to life by the reappearance of her attackers, and she listened to Kead, she knew her life was in his hands. Kead bent down next her and observed that some of the blood closer to her many cuts was starting to become ice. She would literally be an ice-cube in about an hour.

"Common, my car's right over there," Kead said, taking off his black trench coat and putting it around the girl. Tear looked at him in astonishment.

"What are we gonna do with her?" he asked.

"We'll dump her off near that place in Westchester, I heard they take in these kinds of people." Kead grabbed her left arm and hauled her upright, and Tear took her right. They managed to get her into the car without being seen and they sped off as fast as they could go through the streets of New York. They only made one stop for some food, beer, and cigarettes, and that's where they had a run in with another street gang.

The four boys, all dressed in black and smiling cockily strolled over as Kead walked back to the car, and the leader, a teen named Murphy, leaned on the driver's side door, blocking Kead from getting in. Growling the teen put down his bag and flexed his large muscles, which were even more evident without his trench-coat, which was still wrapped around the girl laying in the backseat.

"Hey dog, what's up? Haven't seen you in a long time, bro!" Murphy said. "Whatcho doin out here, I thought I saw Jale get picked up a while ago." Kead nodded.

"Yeah, me'n Tear just getting some business done. Now move or I'll move you're skinny ass for yeh." He replied.

"Cool it, man, I'm just tryin ta update my info on your little group." Murphy replied, holding up his hands. Then one of his gang members pointed to the girl in the backseat.

"Hey, look! A mutie! What she doin in your car?" he said.

"She's the business. Near dead, we're out teh dump her a ways off. That bitch is why Jale got thrown in, seein as her blood was all over him and his knife." Kead replied in a smooth voice. Murphy grinned.

"Oh yeah? Well it seems you made her all nice'n comfy in your car, and coat to. Is this how you treat all mutants? Does Jale know?" he asked.

"She's in my car cause it's the only one we got, and yeh can't just carry a body down the street anymore. She's in my coat cause I can always lift another one and I don't want her blood all over my brand new car. Now get outta my way before we get caught." Kead growled. Murphy shrugged and backed away.

"You got it, bro. Good luck teh Jale." He said. Kead got the groceries and got into his car, pulling away before Murphy could say anything else.

"That's the story, got it?" he said. Tear nodded and looked back at the girl. She looked slightly better, but still extremely pale and bloody. Her head slowly turned towards him and her eyes looked at him, unfocussed and foggy for a moment but then seeming to focus on him. Unnerved Tear turned back around, but the girl did not take her gaze off him for a while.

"Yeah, Jale did this to her, got caught, and we're finishing the job." He repeated. Kead nodded.

"Good, and nobody tells Jale unless he brings it up, and then we stick to the story."

"I thought you hated mutants as much as Jale does," Tear ventured. Kead kept his gaze on the road and sighed.

"Nah, I hate mutants as much as anybody. I kill'em as easily as a normal human to. Jale's parents were killed by a mutie, that's why he hates'em more than most. I go along with it cause I need to, and I'm glad you have the brains teh do the same." He replied. Tear nodded and said no more, glancing back at the mutant. They ode the rest of the way in silence.

A few hours later they pulled into a small town, and then going a bit further they saw ahead of them a huge mansion, surrounded by black gates. By now a heavy snow had started, and the two teens pulled up to the gates and got out of the car.

"Professor Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters," Tear read aloud from a plaque on the gates. Kead also came over and looked at it, then back at his car.

"This is the place," he said, sighing again.

"So what do we do?" Tear asked. Kead looked around and dimly saw an intercom system. Walking over he looked at it closely and then went back to the car. Tear followed him and helped him carry the now unconscious girl to the gates. Kead pressed the button, and a voice sounded out after a moment.

"Hello?" Being who he was Kead answered in the toughest voice he could manage while nearly freezing to death in the strong winter snowstorm.

"Y'all got a little visitor, I'd hurry, she won't last long out here." He said gruffly.

"Come right in," the voice said immediately. Kead laughed.

"No chance in hell, yer lucky I brought her this far. Come and get her yourself." With that he tossed the girl down by the gate, grabbed Tear, and pushed him back into the car. It started and they drove off.

A few moments later the gates opened and shoved the girl aside until a short black haired man stopped it. He and another man with red sunglasses rolled the girl over and picked her up out of the snow that had almost buried her.

"Hey Chuck, it's a mutant. She's in bad shape, I think you better send Kurt to get her," the short man said into the com.

"He's on his way," the man replied. A second later, barely visible through the blinding storm, a man covered in blue fur with yellow eyes and pointed ears appeared out of no where.

"Is this her?" he shouted above the storm. The man with red glasses and brown hair nodded and handed her to him, and the pair vanished.

"Come on Logan, before we freeze to death," the man said, turning to go in.

"Go on," Logan shouted back, "I'm gonna see if I can find the jerk who left her out here."

"No use, they're gone and the tire tracks vanished with them, now come on!"

"Fine," Logan muttered, and they turned to journey back to the mansion.


As they were driving away from the mutant mansion Tear looked in the backseat and then turned to Kead.

"You forgot your coat, you left it around that girl." he said. Kead never looked at him.

"I know," he was all he said.

**************************************************************************** **

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