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Randy came out of the bathroom, steering her wheelchair more carefully around the tables when she heard a loud cuss and a clatter. Her head shot up, but she saw Jale flying at her too late.

"Lo-" she never finished the cry as Jale hit her, and sent her crashing backwards. Randy hit the ground painfully and cried out, while Jale stumbled to his feet, looking slightly maddened. Kead and Tear didn't move, their mouths hanging open as their friend tried to get to his feet and run forward at the same time.

"I killed you!" he yelled, raising the knife. "Don't you god damn muties ever die?!"

Logan looked when he heard the loud curse and Randy's shout, and he leapt over the table, his claws unsheathing as he saw Jale rise with the knife in his hand.

"NO!" he yelled, charging forward. Jale turned, his eyes growing wide when he saw the long claws emitting from Logan's knuckles. Randy, Tear, and Kead also looked up and froze momentarily as Logan crashed forward, knocking tables and chairs aside. The waitress screamed from behind the counter, but not one of the five people heard her as she reached for the telephone.

Jale turned around without hesitation and grabbed Randy's shirt, pulling her in front of him. He knew it was his only chance of getting out of there alive and Randy gasped in pain as she was jerked around, struggling slightly but stopping when the knife was pressed to her throat. Logan stopped also, his chest heaving with anger.

"Who the hell are you?!" Jale demanded, glaring at Logan, who snarled at him. Randy's stared forward with wide eyes, then glanced over and saw Kead and Tear.

"You!" she whispered. Both tried to look away and Tear moved behind Jale to escape the black girl's gaze. Logan growled.

"Let her go, scum," he said dangerously. Jale looked at her.

"I don't think so, dude," he replied, "Cuz when I do you'll kill me." He pressed the knife tip a bit closer. "So, got yourself a bodyguard now, bitch?" he said in Randy's ear.

"My name's Randy," she said, her eyes narrowing slightly.

"You a boy?" Jale replied, grinning evilly. "Well, a mutie boy who looks like a gal, that's new. Stupid bastard, coming back here, it'll be the last thing you do, on my oath."

"Yer wrong there bub," Logan replied taking a step forward but stopping as the knife drew blood from Randy's neck. This was a risky situation, there was no way for Logan to get closer to the teen without him killing Randy, who was sitting, looking frozen and not flinching from the knife because that would mean getting closer to Jale. For a moment they all froze when Tear spoke up.

"We let her go, you don't kill us?" he asked.

"Shut the fuck up," Jale said angrily. Tear fell silent, but smelled like fear anyway, all three teenagers did.

"Why'd you save me?" Randy asked, not looking at anyone. Tear and Kead froze but Jale glared at her.

"What the hell you talking bout?" he asked.

"Not you, Tear, and Kead." Randy said, Jale's face hardened and he looked over at Kead, who looked back.

"She's shitting," he said.

"No, I'm not," Randy said. "Check out the trench coat, it was yours. You put it around me the night Jale tried to kill me, and then you and Tear drove me to Westchester and gave me to the school for mutants there. And Tear came back too, Logan told me so, Tear came back to see if I was still alive, and I was." Jale had turned red and pressed the knife harder, spilling more blood.

"You-" In one swift movement Tear punched him in the side of the head and grabbed the knife away from Randy's throat, though the knife cut her chin. Jale roared out in pain and surprise as Tear wrestled with him for the knife, knocking Randy aside. Logan grabbed her immediately and pulled her away, his claws sheathing. He turned and looked as Kead backed away, not helping Tear but also not pulling him away from Jale, whose face got hard again.

"You bastard!" Jale yelled. Tear kicked at him, but a punch from Jale sent the kid's head snapping backwards. Tear rolled out of the way just as Jale brought the knife down, and it buried its point into the aluminum floor. Tear backed away, his nose bleeding.

"Dude, you have to stop," he panted. Jale glared at him.

"What the fucking hell are you doing?!" he roared. Tear closed his eyes.

"You didn't see what you did to her," he said softly. "With that knife, you never saw..."

"You never saw what mutants did to my parents," Jale growled. Kead spoke up.

"Then kill those mutants, she didn't do nuthin t' ya," he said. He was still gazing at the trench coat that Randy wore, his trench coat. He couldn't understand why she had kept it, or why she was wearing it, but it unnerved him slightly.

"What the hell is wrong with you two?" Jale spat. "She's a mutant, they're all the same, now help me!" Neither teen moved, though they knew what he meant, help him kill the two mutants and he would forget Tear attacking him and Kead sticking up for his enemy. Jale glared at them, wrenched his knife out of the floor and spun around, burying the knife deep into Logan's chest. The Canadian didn't flinch, he growled and punched Jale in the face, making the teen cry out and fall backwards.

Logan grabbed the knife and pulled it out of his chest, the wound healing right in front of the three gangsters. Growling Logan's claws reappeared and he grabbed Jale, then buried his fist deep into the teen's chest.

"You can't kill me, bub," Logan growled at Jale's eyes shot open. "And ya won't kill any other mutants anymore." After a second he dropped Jale's body as the teen's eyes glassed over, and Logan looked at Tear and Kead, who backed away slight, staring in shock at Jale. Logan growled and started towards them when he felt a hand grab his ankle, it was chocolate colored and had white claws at the end of every finger.

"Logan, no," Randy said, her eyes pleading as Logan turned and looked at them. He hesitated and looked at Kead and Tear again, then bent down and picked Randy up, turning to face them.

"You ever hurt anyone ever again," he growled, "Any mutant at all an' I'll come back and kill ya, you only have Randy to thank for me sparing you now." Neither Kead nor Tear moved and Randy looked away.

"Let's go," she said softly. Logan turned and walked out, leaving the two boys behind. He walked to the car and opened the door, putting Randy in and not speaking. Inside the restaurant Tear gazed at Jale and Kead walked to Randy's left behind wheelchair.

"It was that bad?" he said. Tear nodded.

"She looked like she had been through a blender," he said quietly, still looking at his leader's corpse and picking up the knife, closing it and putting it in Jale's coat pocket. Kead looked up as the mutant's car pulled away and a few seconds later the police arrived, marching in with guns drawn. The forgotten waitress was still watching the two teens with a pale face as the cops handcuffed them and searched for weapons.

"You two are going to be away for a while," one of the cops said, grabbing Tear's collar and shoving him forward towards the squad cars. Neither Kead nor Tear said anything, both were still stuck on the previous incident. They'd need a while to figure out what had happened and why.


"Are you sure?" Kurt asked. Randy smiled at him.

"Of course not, Fuzzy," she said, looking at the crutches with bright eyes. "But if I didn't do anything I wasn't sure would work I'd be back in England, wouldn't I?" Kurt laughed, but Jannie still looked skeptical, turning brown and eyeing the crutches also. Randy grinned and looked at Jean, who nodded.

"Oh, stop worrying and help me up!" she said. Jannie sighed and helped Kurt lift their friend up and Jean held out the crutches.

"Does it feel alright?" Jean asked, once Randy was standing with the crutches. Randy's grin was huge.

"Are you joking? I feel great! I can stand up again!" she cried, almost falling over when Kurt caught her, also laughing.

"Careful," he said. "Or you vill fall and Jean vill never let you stand again!"

"Do be careful," Jean said. Jannie just sighed.

"She'll never be careful, she refuses to be," she said. Jean patted her on the shoulder. Kurt helped Randy standing again when she turned around and kissed him on the cheek.

"Don't ever get sour like Chameleon," she said. Kurt froze, then blushed deeply. Jean and Randy laughed as Jannie crowed.

"Oh that was SO CUTE!!!" she said, turning a loud shade of orange. Kurt blushed harder and Randy moved forward with her crutches, falling on top of Jannie and hugging her.

"I knew the old Jannie was still in there, now help me up!" she laughed. Jean smiled and left the three teenagers to figure out the crutches, they'd be fine on their own. And soon Randy would probably be able to walk without the crutches, if she exercised her legs enough without overdoing it. Five minutes later she heard shouts and went downstairs to see what was going on, and found Randy hurrying as fast as she could down the hall with Kurt and Jannie chasing her.

"COME BACK!" Jannie yelled. Kurt laughed and teleported ahead, grabbing Randy and teleporting her to the end of the hall near Jean. Randy had already gotten used to the crutches and stayed on her feet, pausing long enough to taunt Jannie a little bit before starting off again, her heavy black trench coat flying out from behind her as she started off again.


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