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Chapter 3: A Heartfelt Exchange

The silence of twilight in the Hellsing Manor was interrupted by the soft tinkling of china originating from the kitchen. Walter placed a teapot onto a serving cart along with several foodstuffs for Sir Integra's high tea. The retainer knew that Integra was rather stressed from constant work, not wanting to show a moment of weakness to anyone so history would not repeat itself in the Round Table members. He also knew that Seras Victoria's injury the previous evening had affected the leader of the Hellsing Organization as well.

True, in the beginning the young vampire was almost more trouble than she was worth in Integra's eyes, but as time progressed, she had proven herself to be a worthy officer. To be able to adjust to this harsh world and still hold on to her human emotions and innocence, a reminder of what they sought to protect, was something even the young Hellsing admired.

As Walter entered Integra's office with the serving cart, he noticed the young woman let out a long sigh as she rubbed her temples to help alleviate an approaching headache. "Here you are, Sir Integra," he said as he began to set the items on the balcony table for her. "Please do try to relax, if only for a moment."

Integra stood from her seat and joined her long time friend and servant outside. "Thank you, Walter," she said as she took her seat. The former Angel of Death remained by her side after serving the tea and seemed to have no intent on leaving. 'It's amazing how well he knows me,' Integra smiled as she thought to herself. "How is Senior Officer Victoria's condition," she asked with genuine concern while still keeping within protocol by referring to the vampire by her rank.

Walter folded his arms behind his back. "Unfortunately, I have been unable to obtain information on her condition directly, Sir Integra," he replied. "Alucard has been keeping a close watch over Miss Victoria but has not disclosed much other than what was in his brief report earlier this morning."

"I see," she said as she thought back to the events of that morning. Integra had still not been medically approved to supervise out in the field, despite her rather forceful protests, and had Captain Thompson brief her after each night's missions. She had been correct that the evening would be eventful. The captain informed her of the events leading up to the death of a new recruit from the SAS, Phillip Lancaster, and the events that immediately followed. He wasn't completely sure of what exactly transpired due to the disablement of the communications and the separation of Senior Officer Victoria from the rest of the team, but Captain Thompson knew the fate of the FREAKS as he heard their tortured screams as Alucard literally tore them apart. What stood out to the captain was the pure vehemence the elder vampire displayed, not his usual cool tempered self. He closed the report with Alucard disappearing with Seras in the blackened pavement.

These events intrigued Integra. She had known the master vampire for ten years, and in that time, he had never gone into a fury of that magnitude. Alucard had felt the familiar tingling at the base of his neck as he felt his master's summons as he just finished dressing Seras' massive wound. To say that Integra had been a bit surprised by Alucard's appearance as he emerged from a black pool in her office would have been an understatement to say the least. When Alucard stepped from the dark portal, he was dressed only in a blood soaked shirt, slacks, and boots. Dark crimson spatter adorned his face, which was set in impatience and concern. His report had been brief, his voice soft yet unyielding. "The maggot FREAKS that injured the Police Girl have been silenced, and I must now attend her wounds. I will make a complete report when she is out of danger, Master," and without waiting for a response, the No Life King vanished from the room.

The master vampire's display of emotion had greatly surprised the leader of the Hellsing Organization. He had never shown that much concern over any being to her knowledge. Granted, he stood watch over Integra after having torn through her own throat to save herself, but that was the extent of it. Seras had been injured in the field several times prior but never before had Alucard been thrown into a full bloodlust rage as a result. Integra knew there was more to this incident than what the vampire intended to reveal.

As much as Integra did not want to admit any feeling towards any creature of the night, she had grown accustomed to the young vampire over the last few months and began to think of her as a worthy comrade-in-arms as she did of Alucard. "I hope that he has helped her enough to resume combat status by tomorrow night," Integra said as she sipped from her tea. "I believe that Alucard's earlier display is the reason there have only been two FREAK disturbances reported this evening, but I feel the numbers will rise again."

Down below in the depths of the former dungeon, soft ambient lights flickered in Alucard's chambers, casting playful shadows across the room. The piano music from the stereo faded away and was replaced by the gentle sound of several string instruments, filling the ears of the couple in the room. Seras Victoria closed her eyes after the initial surprise of Alucard's kiss. His lips were sweet, the taste of blood still lingering on his mouth, and the young woman allowed herself to be pulled into the intoxicating sensation.

When I look into your eyes

I can see a love restrained

But darlin' when I hold you

Don't you know I feel the same?

Alucard's thumb softly caressed her cheek as he reluctantly pulled away from the kiss, trying to regain control of his rediscovered emotions. He could have spent eternity enjoying the feel of her soft lips but knew that he needed to express his feelings towards the young vampire before his instincts took over.

Cause nothin' lasts forever

And we both know hearts can change

And it's hard to hold a candle

In the cold November rain

Alucard was able to pick up a single thought from the master/apprentice bond they shared. It was actually more of a prayer. 'Please let me not be dreaming.' The No Life King watched as Seras opened her eyes and saw a mixture of emotions colliding within their crimson depths, including surprise, confusion, doubt, and... happiness. He smiled at the beautiful creature before him as the thought of her joy helped to diminish his doubts and give him the strength to express his feelings.

"Master," Seras began but was silenced as he placed a finger over her lips.

We've been through this such a long, long time

Just tryin' to kill the pain

But lovers always come and lovers always go

And no one's really sure who's letting go today

Walking away

"Shh," he said quietly as he removed his finger from her lips, still feeling the heat from them after removing it. Alucard took hold of her right hand in his left, softly running his thumb over the back of it. While she had lain unconscious, he was able to think over what he could say to her, and now that the moment was here, Alucard hoped he that he would be able to phrase his words correctly.

If we take the time to lay it on the line

I could rest my head just knowin' that you are mine

All mine

So if you want to love me then darlin' don't refrain

Or I'll just end up walkin' in the cold November rain

"Before you say anything, Seras, I want you to understand something." The No Life King's face held a serious yet tender expression as he spoke to the young vampire, and she found herself becoming lost in the deep blood red of his eyes and nodded. "I want you to realize that you are important to me and not some plaything for my amusement," he said as his right hand found its way back to her face and began to slowly run his fingers through her strawberry blonde locks as he stared into her ruby orbs. "I don't know how, but you have awakened something that has lain dormant for centuries… my heart."

Do you need some time... on your own

Do you need some time... all alone

Everybody needs some time... on their own

Don't you know you need some time... all alone

Alucard raised her right hand to his face and held it there so her open palm rested on his cheek. He closed his eyes as he felt the warmth of her flesh, reveling in her touch. The master vampire turned his head and kissed the soft skin of her palm.

I know it's hard to keep an open heart

When even friends seem out to harm you

But if you could heal a broken heart

Wouldn't time be out to charm you

"You are a beacon of light against the dark emptiness of my own soul, Seras, and I will do everything in my power to prevent that light from ever being extinguished." His eyes opened when he felt warm tears fall on his right hand and saw the astonishment on her features.

Sometimes I need some time... on your own

Sometimes I need some time... all alone

Everybody needs some time... on their own

Don't you know you need some time... all alone

Seras Victoria's mind swam at his words, her throat constricted. "I... I always thought... thought you l-loved Integra," she said quietly. "How could you possibly care for someone like me?" The young vampire's voice trembled as her failings passed through her mind. "Someone so weak," Seras whispered as she turned her face down toward the sheets.

The master vampire placed both of his hands on her cheeks and gently turned her face towards his. "Seras, Integra is my master, and I will care for her well being until the day she dies. But I see her more as," he paused, trying to find the correct words to describe his relationship with his master, "the bossy child… or sibling… that released me ten years ago and helped raise. And continue to watch out for in the event she makes a mistake." Alucard smiled when Seras giggled softly at his choice of terms regarding Integra.

"You have an inner strength that has allowed you to keep your humanity yet allow you to accept what you have become. A strength that has even enabled you to awaken my own, letting me remember what it is to be a man once more. Integra has grown hard and cold over the years, almost losing touch with what she has been trying to protect. Until the battle at the Tower, she almost forgotten it within herself," he said in a soft voice as he caressed Seras' face. "She may command the Hellsing Organization, but you, Seras Victoria, are to one that possesses sole control over my heart."

And when your fear subside

And shadows still remain

I know that you can love me

When there's no one left to blame

So never mind the darkness

We still can find a way

Cause nothin' lasts forever

Even cold November rain

"Master," Seras whispered, overwhelmed by Alucard's words as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

"Why the tears," he asked softly as he wiped the salty fluid away with his thumb across her cheek.

Seras looked up into his eyes with a warm smile. "Nothing's wrong," she said as she moved towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck, holding the No Life King in a firm hug. "For once in my life, something's right," she whispered into his ear.

Alucard encircled his arms around her thin waist, feeling her soft body pressed closely to his. Her fragrant vanilla bodywash filled his nostrils along with a faint scent of gunpowder from her constant association with firearms. He bowed his head towards her shoulder and brushed his lips across her skin before kissing her at the base of her neck.

"I love you, master," the young woman whispered as she tightened her hold around his neck.

"Alucard," he said softly.

"What did you say?"

"Not Master, the hunter," the elder vampire said as he pulled away to see her face. "Alucard, the man inside who loves you."

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