Picture the Music

'Picture the most sensual, slow, soothing song you've ever heard, or perhaps one you've yet to discover.

Picture one woman, standing in her living room at the time of the setting sun.

Picture one man, watching by the door.

Now hear the music.

Now see her move with the slow melody.

Now watch as he smiles warmly.'

"Come dance with me Grissom." She held out her hand to him.

He looked down in embarrassment. "You know I can't dance Sara."

She laughed and flexed her fingers out to him. "I love you and I won't laugh."

"Yeah, like last time." He chuckled, taking her hand.

She smiled lovingly. "It was the first time I danced with you."

He sighed and wrapped his arms around her. "And the last time."

"Nope. You danced with me at Nicky's wedding." She reminded.

He snickered and briefly buried his face in her hair. "That was a shambles."

She held him tighter as they swayed to the music. "You trod on my toe once."

"Twice and it was our first kiss." He said softly, pulling back some more.

She nodded and traced his face with her fingers. "You're better now though."

He narrowed his eyes playfully. "The kissing? Yeah, I think so."

"No, you dope." She burst out laughing, tilting her head back.

He leaned her upper body back slightly. "And the dancing."

She smiled and hummed as he kissed her breastbone. "Mmm."

"I'm a quick learner." He murmured, pulling her back up.

She leaned forward and kissed his lips lightly. "It's been four months."

He grinned and grasped her hand to let her swing out and then back in. "I think I learned a few things."

"You think they were shocked when you kissed me in front of over 30 people?" She asked, grinning.

He shrugged and spun them round a few times. "From the clapping, I'd say.no."

She started giggling and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Griss?"

"Yes?" He moved slowly with her to the gently music playing within their minds.

She placed a hand on his chest and played with a button on his shirt. "Stay with me tonight?"

He looked into her eyes as she looked up. "You sure?"

"Yeah." She smiled and pulled the button free.

He matched her smile and pulled her tightly to him. "Let's go make our music somewhere more comfortable."

She brushed her fingers through his curls. "Will you dance with me a few minutes longer?"

"I will dance with you, to music on the CD player or in our heads." He smiled.

She smiled widely and leaned her head on his chest. "Just because you can't hear it, doesn't mean it's not there."

He watched her and smiled. "Just because I can't hear it, doesn't mean it's not there."

"Right." She giggled and kissed the revealed flesh of his chest, making him shiver slightly.

'Its fading, but only slightly.

Its volume has been dipped to low.

Its sound still heard faintly.

Picture the music in the air.

Picture the sound waves floating through them.

Picture its notes and think of what it sounds like.

Now watch him slowly guide her to a stop.

Now witness their love.

Now leave them to continue to make their own music and you make yours.'