Friends Never Say Goodbye

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Aragorn looked around him contently. Festively colored trees were in back and to the side of him and several were dotted here and there up ahead, the sky was a bright periwinkle blue, and the wind carried just a nip of autumn chill. He was coming back from a trip to Mirkwood with his elf friend Legolas, who also happened to be a prince of the Woodland Realm. They were now heading to Rivendell, to catch up with Gandalf the Grey, a powerful Istar, or wizard, and see how the hunt for Gollum was going. The vile creature knew where the Ring was and Gandalf needed that information for a reason unknown to the two travelers.

"What do you think Gandalf wants to tell us?" Legolas said, breaking into Aragorn's thoughts. Gandalf had called them away hurriedly and without any explanation. The wizard's message had said that it was about Gollum, but had not included why he desired to talk to them about his hunt. "He seemed very insistent that this was important enough to cut our visit short."

"I'm sure it's very important." Aragorn replied, not sure whether to laugh or frown at the expression on his friend's face. Legolas was very grumpy at having to cut the time with his family short. He always loved being with his brothers, Calanar and Belegnaur. The three were incredible close, as close as the four Peredhils, and they did not get to see each other often, or for long. Belegnaur was the crown prince, and Calanar and Legolas were on the Mirkwood Guard, along with being messengers to other realms on diplomatic business. King Thranduil, their father, understood how this hurt them, but at times, he had to be a king instead of a father. As it was, he got Legolas and Calanar more time off than they should have. But it was never really enough.

"He could have come to Mirkwood." Legolas grumbled. At this, Aragorn burst out laughing.

"And travel two more days? You know how he hates riding!"

"So he would rather inconvenience us?" Legolas grumbled.

"Apparently," Aragorn grinned.

Legolas huffed. "So much for the courtesy of the Wizards!"

Suddenly he stopped and cocked his head to the side as though listening for something. Aragorn paused as well. He heard nothing. This was what put him on edge. Usually you could hear animals chirping and elves laughing in the distance. But now there was nothing, not even a squirrel disturbing fallen leaves, or the screeching cry of a hawk as he spotted his prey. Aragorn looked at his friend worriedly, waiting for him to say something. When he did, it chilled the human and made him wish they were somewhere else.


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