Epilog: Part Two

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Elladan and Belegnaur sat around the feeble fire that the Fellowship had created on Caradharas. While the rest of the group was struggling to keep warm, they were lost in memory, totally oblivious to the cold. Both were thinking of their departure from Rivendell. It hadn't been a pleasant one in any sense of the word.


"How could you?" Elrohir screamed angrily as his twin continued packing, "How could you agree to go and leave me behind?"

"Elrohir," Elladan said soothingly, reaching for his brother, but Elrohir pushed him away.

"Don't you dare try and calm me." he said in a dangerously soft voice. The older twin was in shock. That tone had never been used on him before.

"I was trying to protect you." Elladan said helplessly.

"Protect me!" Elrohir hissed, "You deliberately denied me my rightful place by your side. Estel died trying to find the Ring and destroy it. I have as much reason to go on this journey as you." Elrohir turned and walked toward the exit, stopping in the doorway. "Should you return, do not expect a warm welcome."

"With that he left, leaving the elder twin stunned into silence.

In another part of Elrond's palace

"Calanar, please, be reasonable!" Belegnaur said frantically, trying to calm his furious younger brother.

"Reasonable? REASONABLE? How DARE you keep me from going? I deserve as much a chance to avenge Legolas as you do. He was my brother as well." Calanar was anything but calm. He was raging with a fury that needed to get out. "Father will be furious when he learns what has happened. He will ask why I didn't go with you. And do you expect me to protect you? Think again, dear brother. IF you return, which I doubt highly, he will make you wish you had never been born!"

He turned to leave, but Belegnaur caught his arm, "Calanar, only one of us can go. I cannot lose both my younger brothers and Greenwood cannot lose all her princes!"

If he thought this would calm his sibling, he was sorely mistaken. Calanar looked at him with the coldest eyes the Crown Prince had ever seen.

"Should you return, do not expect to be welcomed with open arms." With that said, the younger prince turned on his heel, not knowing how much he sounded like Elrohir.

Belegnaur stood, frozen in his wake.

"The Ringbearer sets out on a quest for Mount Doom. Those who travel with him, no oath nor bound is laid upon you to go further than you will. May the blessings of Elves, Men, and Freefolk go with you."

The Fellowship bowed before Elrond as the elf lord finished speaking. As the rest of the company walked out of Rivendell's gates, Elladan and Belegnaur turned back to the gathered elves. Elrond was standing by Arwen, who cradled the six-month old Eldarion in her arms. The two of them nodded to the princes and smiled sadly at them. The two departing elves then turned their attention to their younger siblings. Elrohir and Calanar seemed to have traded in the ice chips they'd had for eyes yesterday for great pools of emotion. In them, they could find fear, hurt, and regret. Seeing this, the older two elves smiled softly. Elladan raised his hand and mouthed 'We'll be back.' His brother could only nod.

Then, their resolution firm, Cyro and Elladan turned away and followed after the others, not looking back.

End Flashback

Quietly, Frodo walked over. Both elves noticed him, yet only Belegnaur acknowledged his presence. He had seen the hobbit talk to Gandalf and then begin to make his way towards them, but had ignored him till now. The Ringbearer looked at them nervously, then said in a small voice, "If it is not too bold to ask, will you come join us by the fire?" The elves had neither spoke nor been spoken to the entire trip so far, offering their help silently when needed. Belegnaur gave a small smile.

"Thank you Master Hobbit, but we do not need the heat. We prefer to have our memories."

"Are the memories what make you sad?" Pippin asked suddenly. Elladan brought his head up sharply, then glanced at Gandalf. The old Istari looked at him for a moment, then nodded as if to say 'It is time.' The warrior elf sighed.

"Would you like to hear a story, young ones?" he asked the hobbits, who responded eagerly. "Belegnaur, you can help me on this, there are parts that are hazy to me." Belegnaur paused, uncertain, then he smiled and nodded. Elladan smiled back.

"Well you see, it begins like this: a year or two ago, there were two friends, an elf and a man. Their names were Aragorn and Legolas. Now these two had met on a hunting trip, when..."

And so the story was told, and the memory of the deceased friends' sacrifice lived on. If you listen hard enough, you can still hear their voices on the wind, calling to each other.


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