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In a large room, on the first floor of a manor house in Scotland, two people could be seen waltzing gracefully on one of the famed tunes of a Strauss Waltz.

The walls of the room were covered with posters in various languages announcing the performances of the Potter Ballet Company all over the world: New York City, Paris, Roma, Bonn, Berlin, Hamburg, Sydney, Moscow, Washington, London, Madrid, Los Angeles, Vienna, Boston, Tokyo, Beijing, Chicago, Stockholm… and many others.

The start of the company had been a bit rocky as everyone tried to find his place. In the end, Cedric and Oliver both refused to join to accept offers from other companies. The others however agreed to join Harry in his project. Lavender and Parvati had been a bit miffed at not having been asked to join, but quickly consoled themselves as they were offered second dancers spot in well known company, Parvati gaining the first dancer spot a few years later.

The newly formed Potter Ballet company worked for a year on an original ballet using the number 7. The premiere took place in London and was the start of a series of sold out performances and the beginning of its success.

The music came to an end and both dancers twirled one last time before stopping and waiting for the next track to start waltzing again.

Both were still fit and only the wrinkles on their face and the grey in their hair attested to their sixty years of age. They passed before a table where pictures of friends and family were laid out.

Despite a break up, they had gotten back together and married. Sebastian was their first son and followed in their footsteps. He took over the company when his parents decided to retire. Hermione's second pregnancy was difficult and Jade's birth even more. The doctors strongly advised against another one. Jade quickly showed an affinity for the cello and joined the London Symphony Orchestra.

Draco and Ginny had married and had three children: a girl Deborah that had joined Sebastian's company, Lucian who had much to his grandfather followed the latter's footsteps and was a member of the Parliament. Their last son, Nathan had just finished his residency and was setting his practice as a paediatrician.

Ron had never settled down, to his mother's disappointment and Padma had married a French dancer she met during Charity Gala.

As they waltz, Harry let Hermione's hand go to push a strand of her hair that had fallen from her bun back. Taking her hand once more, he twirled her around before falling back into the soothing 1-2-3 pattern of the waltz.

"Ready for the school year to start again?" he asked.

Hermione rolled her eyes.

"You ask me the question every year, Harry, or should I say Headmaster?"

Harry looked down.

"I do not know what Remus was thinking when he gave me the job."

"Harry, you were one of the most popular teachers in Hogwarts. It was only logical to hand you the job when he decided to retire."

"That and I get to boss you around."

"Really Mr Potter."

"Really Mrs Potter." He said, twirling her again to block her against his chest and leaning to kiss her lightly on her lips.

"You really want to sleep on the couch, I see."

"You wouldn't do that to this old man's body."

"I thought you could boss me around…"

Harry laughed, letting her go and leading her through the last minute of the music.

As the last second of music died, they bowed and curtsied to the other before Harry went to switch off the disc player. Hermione walked to the large window overlooking the garden.

She turned her head as she felt Harry's arms snake around her waist.

"We've had a good life, haven't we? Great friends, a wonderful family which might get bigger if the hints Jade has been throwing around are to believe."

"I'll need to talk to Pierre…"

"Shush, I want grandchildren while I can enjoy them."

"We've still got many years, Mione. But you forgot something essential."


He smiled at her. "Dancing."