Everyone had always known Jesse James as the biggest outlaw in the west. He could pull his gun from the hoister and shoot before someone even had the chance to blink. With not doubt, he had become the most well known outlaw ever but no one knew the secret he held from the world that had come to love him. It was that secret that would destroy his son, Benjamin Jesse James, from leading a typical life as much as possible.

About two years ago, Jesse and his wife Zee had their second child, named Cole after Jesse's dear friend. After the James-Younger gang returned the house deeds to the citizens of Liberty Missouri they split up to enjoy their lives. Cole currently was dating a girl he had met at the saloon, Bob was happily married with a woman named Patricia, and Jesse's brother Frank was living with Zee and Jesse. His last relationship had ended on a sour note, and all he's been doing is sitting on his butt, smoking his pipe and life away.

Meanwhile, Thaddeus Rains had disappeared far off the radar of the crew as they kept a close watch off. But, after a few years things quieted down and everyone got used to the small life, tending to their ranches and protecting their land. Now, every now and then there was a disturbance with a drunk, but there weren't much of a problem anymore.

Well, there wasn't much of a problem until eight-year-old Benjamin discovered the very infamous secret of his father, causing some unwanted trouble with some of the locals. But, no one in Liberty, Missouri was prepared for the fracas that was about to happen. It had seemed that Thaddeus Rains grandson wanted to keep up the tradition of the Rock Island Railroad. Leaving the future of Liberty to Benjamin James as an eighteen- year-old teen. It had been found out that a new railroad line was going to be built, forcing Benjamin to step up to the plate and defend everything right .... but with a new war brewing, Benjamin realized that he might have to form his own outlaw group with his closest friends.

Knowing of the difficult task he was about to face, Benjamin and Cole began starting their gang off at a young age, thinking that the whole thing was a game, when in reality it was a lot more serious than a game. It was up to the new generation of James's to protect the citizens of Liberty from loosing their homes again.


I'm sure you think this is really short and pointless but I wanted to give a bit of background information. The future chapters will probably be very long as I work hard to make this story one of my best works here. If you read, please review and give me any advice, opinions, or make some guesses as to what you think will happen.

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