My Teddy Bear

by WSJ

WSJ: ^o^ So kawaii!! ^__^ This sort of goes along with Child's Song. I don't own YGO.

Jii-san means grandfather (informally).



Yugi looked up from his picture book as his mother walked in the door. "Mama!" Getting up, the five-year-old toddled over to his mother on unsteady legs, holding up his arms to be hugged. Dropping her grocery bags, Mrs Moto kneeled down to hug him. "Were you a good boy for jii-san?"

"Uh huh." Yugi said, nodding happily. "He let me see his ar'fats!"

Mrs Moto frowned as her father-in-law came into the room. "Soloman! I told you not to be filling his head with anymore stories of Egypt. It'll warp him."

"Nonsence." the retired archaeologist huffed, crossing his arms indignantly. "He'll grow up to be a fine archaeologist someday."

"Yah!" Yugi piped up before his mother could say more. "Just like tou-san and jii-san!"

Mrs Moto froze as Yugi mentioned his father, and her frown deepened. "Never mind that now Yugi. Come here, I brought you something."

"A pwesent?" Yugi asked, his eyes rounder then they already were. His okaasan chuckled and nodded, pawing through the bags of groceries that had been set in the entrieway of the Game Shop when she came in. "Aha, here it is." She pulled out a teddy bear with fluffy white fur and a dark purple bow tied around its neck. "For you Yugi."

"Ohhh!" Yugi breathed, taking the bear almost revrently from her. Then he sat down and proceeded to look it over, turning it this way and that. His mother and grandfather exchanged puzzled glances, wondering what he was doing. After the little boy had scrutanized every inch of the bear he sat it on his lap, wrapped his arms around it, and proclaimed with a big smile, "Yami!"

"Yami?" Mrs Moto ventured after a moment. "Is that it's name?" Yugi nodded, and she blinked in surprise. "But dear, yami means dark. Your bear is white."

Yugi shook his head emphaticly and stood up, holding his bear out to his mom like he expected her to see something in it. "No mama! He told me to call him Yami!"

Mrs Moto looked at him strangely. "The bear told you?"

Yugi nodded, seemingly happy. "Uh huh. I wooked in his eyes, an' he tol' me his name. And he said he'd be my friend forever!"

Mrs Moto looked at the bear, at it's white fur and purple bow, and its mesmerizing golden eyes. Really, now that she thought about it, the fur really did look more of gray, and if you looked into the eyes for too long they seemed to pull you in...

She was awakened when Soloman brought a hand down sharply on her shoulder, and she jerked. Shuddering she grabbed the bear away from Yugi, wondering what had possessed her to buy it for him in the first place. It had just seemed to call for her from the shelf at the store...

Striding to the back door and out it, ignoring Yugi's protested cries as Soloman tried to distract him, Mrs Moto raised the lid on the dumpster behind the Game Shop and tossed the bear in. She shuddered convulsively and rubbed her hands up and down her pant legs, as if to clean them of touching the bear. Then she turned on a heel and went back inside. Over the next hour she and Soloman had their hands full calming down a hysterical Yugi, who kept claiming that they'd thrown away his best friend. But after all, he was only five, and neither of them thought anything of it.

But in the dumpster behind the Game Shop, where a small bear sat among garbage and rats in the dark, there was a brief flash of light. If you'd been there, you may have seen a strangely stylized eye symbol glowing on a certain teddy's forehead, and one tear slide out of it's golden eyes.

And then the light faded away.


God bless minna-san!