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Chapter Two: Lee Jordan

Tired blue eyes winced at the dim light from the crystal and finally focused on a blob of straw in front of them. It took only a moment for her to realize it wasn't straw but hair, and it was attached to the boy that led her here. The boy that had his lips pressed against hers. Horrified she pushed him off of her and onto the ground. What had happened? Why hadn't her wish been granted? Was she still.? She pulled her robes down to search and stared horrified at her flawless skin. No "No." the word spilled from her lips like a bubbling mantra as she shook her head in denial. This couldn't be happening.

Her eyes were glazed as she rocked back and forth repeating the word. With each repetition her voice got louder and as it did so it caused the boy to groan softly. Instantly she was snapped out of her trance and she stared at the boy for a long moment. He didn't move again and she let her head fall back against the wall as she stared beseechingly up at the ceiling. Why was she fated to live forever? She really didn't want to. She could have sworn that this time she was dying But no, her wonderful 'gift' had kicked in and she was once again untainted and unmarred.

Coming to a decision she got to her feet without sparing the boy on the ground a glance. She wasn't sure why he had been kissing her while she was out cold but she wasn't pleased about it. The nerve of him She forced the thought from her mind and pushed on the trap door. It gave away with ease and she shimmied through it and left the boy down in the dark. Maybe her first observation wasn't entirely right, but the boy was at least a pervert Kissing a girl while she was asleep

The thought caused her to pause and glance backwards as a dim smile tugged at her lips. Ah, that was right. Didn't all of her favorite fairytales have a prince waking the maiden with a kiss? Perhaps that was what he was trying to do? It was a rather silly thought but seemed to make more sense since she couldn't believe the boy was entirely rotten to the core.

By the time she managed to get her mind off these odd thoughts she realized that she was in some sort of library. How she ended up here she had no idea but somehow dimly recalled a few flights of stairs.

As she got a good look at the place she was nearly bowled over by just how many books this weird school had. That wasn't the only thing The titles of some of these books were just crazy. "Life of a Magic User," she read as she stroked one of the old books by its spine and it let out a startling giggle. Being much more cautious this time she continued her survey. "Shape Shifters Shift Shaping," her tongue tripped over the foreign words and a faint scowl marred her brow. "Honestly Were they trying to make it a tongue twister when they thought that up?" She rolled her eyes and tapped on 'Mages Through the Ages' and was startled when the book seemed to shrink back from her touch and it actually hid from her behind the rest of its companions.

A giggle escaped her as she turned round and round in the huge labyrinth of knowledge. It was amazing just how many books there were. Books of all shapes and sizes, and even personalities Ami would have enjoyed this place Usagi paused just a moment to truly imagine her friend browsing through this giant library. The thought hurt deeply like a knife cutting into her soul, but she endured the pain for the tiny glimpse of her friend. It was like for a moment her ghost was really there, gracefully touching the books and poring through them.

She really should have left sooner. The memories almost seemed to overwhelm her. Every memory she had of the shy genius was rushing back and she could almost hear her soft voice scolding her for skipping classes. The pain was too great and tears were starting to cloud her vision. Feeling herself start to crack she turned and ran out of the library ignoring the deep glare the librarian shot at her. She couldn't stay there another minute! Her quick walk turned into a jog then an all out run as she struggled to outrun her memories.

He had nearly been knocked over by the blonde and he scowled in retaliation. "Hey, you!" he demanded his voice as strict as ever. As she recovered from nearly tripping over the sudden halt to her run, he stomped towards her. "What do you think you're doing?" he demanded. He noticed the tears glistening in her eyes but ignored them. He had seen the same trick played out many times before. He wasn't going to be fooled that easily.

Usagi rubbed at her sore palms that had crashed into the floor when she had tripped on her robes and fallen to the ground. "Doing?" she repeated puzzled as she studied the one who had stopped her. He had fiery red hair much like Ron's, a pair of horn-rimmed glasses he was glaring at her through, and his freckles dotted his annoyed face. Why was he so mad at her? What had she done now?

"Yes, doing," he snapped his eyes narrowed. He had been told to keep a close eye on both this girl and her mother. Neither were to be trusted and he wasn't about to start. The nerve of this overgrown first year, "you're supposed to be in the Great Hall with the others," he explained with a scowl.

Usagi brushed the tears from her eyes and eyed the furious stranger carefully. Just what had she done to him to make him so mad at her? What was wrong with her that she was ticking off everyone she met? She didn't belong here "II don't know the way," she softly admitted as she glanced away. The one person that might have led her to the Hall was still probably asleep.

He frowned deeply at her. "It isn't right to lie you know," he scolded his eyes narrowed as far as they would go. "I don't believe that no one from your house would fail to give you instructions. If you get lost you find a prefect." At the word he seemed to brighten a bit and he smirked smugly. "Prefects are there for any student to help guide them on their journey" he seemed lost in his own world as a smile played across his lips and he was lost in a sea of memories.

"Hey!" demanded an outraged voice. Draco was livid as he made his way to the two. He all but ignored the one talking to her and roughly grabbed Usagi's arm as he pulled her after him; he wasn't about to have his plans ruined quite that easily. "You have some explaining to do," he hissed as he pulled her out of the still rambling young man's range.

Usagi tried to yank her arm free but Draco had too good of a grip. "Ouch Let go," she demanded as she pulled again. "If you mean why I left you there" she started to color as she remembered what position she woke in and glanced away. "You're a pervert," she answered.

Draco's face contorted into a mask of fury as his grasp strengthened and he heard her gasp with pain. He didn't care if her wrist was smashed in the process; he only cared about setting the record straight. No one called him a pervert. "Listen," he growled his voice low and rippling with fury, "I never touched you. I only saved your life because of that stupid wand of yours." Despite his fury he wasn't about to let the wand's secret slip just yet. He wanted another chance at it. He wanted to channel its powers for his own needs and wants.

"How dare you leave when someone's talking to you!" snapped a voice from behind them. The red-head from before stormed towards them his robes fluttering with every step; he wasn't happy at all. He had never been so humiliated in his life. A pack of students had caught him talking about his days as a prefect and had made fun of him. He had of course taken 25 points from each offender, but not even that had calmed his anger! That girl was going to pay. It hadn't taken long for him to find her either. She seemed to be in the clutches of a seething Draco Malfoy.

"Percy Weasely," sneered Draco as he glared at the older boy. "What are you doing here? Flunk out in real life?" He chuckled as he saw the patch of red appear across the bridge of the older boy's nose. They were all alike, easily goaded. "Or did you just want to come back to mope over the loss of your girlfriend. I heard she's going out with Marcus Flint now."

Usagi stared at Draco shocked. She couldn't believe the mean vile things he was doing to this stranger! Sure the guy had yelled at her And he hadn't treated her all that nice But still! It wasn't right for him to be made fun of like that. "Stop that," she demanded as she finally managed to yank her sore arm out of his grasp. "Leave him alone, you're acting like Chibiusa!" as the name fell from her lips she felt pain sting her like a red hot knife.

Draco's fury knew no bounds. Who was she to argue with him like that? She was a first year! "How dare you," he growled as he turned away from the stunned Weasely and turned his focus on her. His plans had vanished from his mind as he was filled with utter burning rage. She was not going to get away with talking to him like that. Before she could yell at him again he had grabbed her roughly by the robes and slammed her back first into the castle walls. She was scared; that was good. He wanted her to be scared. This first year was not going to order him around like some queen. "Never order me around again," he demanded.

Percy only stood staring for a moment before he went into action. He had never seen an older student manhandle another student in such a fashion! "50 points from Slytherin," he growled as he grabbed the boy and physically yanked him away from the wide-eyed girl. Percy wasn't one for dramatics but the fear in the girl's eyes... No student at Hogwarts should ever look like that.

"You don't have the right to take points from me," Draco retorted as he turned to grab the shivering Usagi again. "I am a prefect," he informed with a smirk as he flashed his badge.

This was apparently the wrong thing to say to a furious Percy. "Prefect?" Percy's voice trembled with the word. What was Dumbledore thinking giving this boy such a high office? It didn't make sense at all! "No prefect would ever hurt their first year class mates like you're doing. That's another 50 points from Slytherin," he paused until the furious boy started to open his mouth, "and I have authority from Professor Umbridge."

A streak of pink started to spread over Draco's cheeks while the tips of his ears turned a deep throbbing red. He had heard that name before. If Weasely was working with Umbridge then they were on the same side. Not something he would be proud to acknowledge. Gathering his shattered pride around him he narrowed his eyes at the stock still Usagi, "we'll finish this talk later," he promised as bells chimed the start of another set of classes.

Usagi nervously ran her hands over the spots where Draco had grabbed her as if they were burning. He scared her. How could anyone be capable of so much anger? And the hatred... She had seen so much hatred in his eyes for the older boy. But she had seen a gentle side of him earlier, she had to have. She just couldn't bring herself to believe that someone was completely evil. She wasn't going to be so shallow in her judging like she had in the past. Everyone had a chance for good, and she was going to prove it with Draco Malfoy.

Percy was as shocked as Usagi. He knew Draco wasn't exactly a model student, but he had no idea the boy would be so cruel to someone younger than him. He had been extensively briefed on Usagi's history. Finally he seemed to regain control of his surroundings and turned to the girl. "Follow me, I'll take you to your next class if you need." It was obvious he couldn't trust such a person to attend to their duties as a prefect.

It took her a moment but finally she nodded. She did need the help and she doubted she could find it from anyone else. The only people who were decent to her were her mother and Sir Cadogan. She doubted she could find either of them in time for her next class. "Thank you," she whispered as she followed closely behind him.

Percy merely nodded and led the way. He knew her schedule so it wasn't a problem navigating the constantly changing stairs and making their way outside. "I have important duties to attend to so you'll have to find your way to the rest of your classes on your own," he informed her with a superior air before leaving the clueless blonde behind.


Usagi was not meant to fly. That was the only thought that could surmise the sheer torture she had gone through for this class that never seemed to end. Wasn't flying supposed to be fun? When she thought of flying she had always imagined a giant space ship or maybe even a magical pony... She hadn't imagined a stupid broom she'd have to mount. She was sure that wherever they were, her friends were laughing at her.

It wasn't enough that the thing didn't jump to her hand when she had asked. No, it had to one up her by jumping so forcefully it smacked her hand and fell uselessly to the ground as she tended the injury. All of her classmates snickered; Slytherins and Ravenclaws alike chuckled at her situation. The girl from before was openly laughing; it seemed she only cowered when in Snape's potion class. The other blonde went so far as to set a spell on Usagi's broom that actually glued it to her. No, Usagi hated flying lessons. Was it any wonder she got a failing grade and advised to come back later for personal lessons?

Usagi sighed as she pulled out her class schedule. Magic was supposed to be fun. It was supposed to be one of those things you dreamed about doing when you were a kid. This wasn't fun at all... She was going to have bruises where the broom had smacked her, and she swore she had heard her teacher muttering about having to regrow skin if she had been stuck much longer.

"It's dinner time, Musume." Serenity had found her lost daughter and felt her heart crack at the depressed expression. She remembered her own flying classes. It was a shame that Usagi had inherited her luck in that class. "You've had a long day, haven't you?"

Usagi only nodded in reply. She didn't trust herself to speak around her Mother. Something about the woman seemed surreal; besides she was her only ally in this crazy school, if she lost her support she'd be even worse off than she currently was.


By the end of the day; Usagi had been kept so busy that she hadn't had time to mourn her loved ones. But as she lied in that soft warm bed she couldn't help but remember them all. She tried to forget and get some sleep but their voices seemed to echo throughout her mind and she was forced to roll over and bury her face in her pillows. Why couldn't it have worked? Why was everyone against her? She never wanted a second chance at life; she wanted to be with everyone else. She wanted her Mamo-chan! A strange mix of fury and grieving swept through her and she buried her angered and sorrowful cries in her luxurious pillow. The last thing she needed was for her roommates to have another reason to despise her.

Crash; Bang; Boom!

The resulting rumble from the accident threw Usagi out of bed. She stared wide-eyed around her for a moment as she tried to figure out where she was. It all came back in a rush as she saw a girl tending to a dropped potion that had shattered by Usagi's bed. The stuff seemed to have imploded on impact instead of exploding. Usagi only paused briefly to desperately hope that the potion was meant to do that before she turned her attention to donning fresh robes.

She was still light-headed when she managed to find her way to the breakfast room. It wasn't often she was early to school. After silently debating with herself for awhile she decided to use the extra time to memorize her class schedule so she wouldn't be late for any other class. Her eyes widened as she realized her schedule was almost entirely different than it was before. What kind of school changed their schedules that much? Sure she hated her school she went to so long ago, but at least it kept a decent schedule!

Frustrated that she wouldn't find an easy way to memorize all of her classes she gave up and focused on her first class. 'History of Magic' The second part of the title had promise even if the first part reminded her of days spent slumbering through boring lessons. But magic had to be a lot more fun to study than the history she was forced to learn, right?


As she sat staring bleary eyed at her ghost teacher Usagi yawned hugely and wished that she had been right. This was even worse than normal history despite the fact that her teacher, Mr. Binns was a ghost. As her eyelids started to droop she pinched her skin in an attempt to stay awake. As she chanced a glance around the room she was startled to find that she wasn't the only one starting to nod off. Three-fourths of the class seemed to be asleep with only a few students awake and actually taking notes. Usagi couldn't help but feel admiration for those valiant souls.

After a brief nap and the knowledge that she had missed more than half the class, Usagi woke to see the class filing out and quickly joined their ranks. There was no reason to spend more time with her ghostly teacher than necessary, and besides according to her schedule she had Potions next, the last thing she wanted to do was make Snape angry at her. He was the type of teacher who you didn't want to get on his bad side.

Usagi made it to Potions class with record timing and managed to not get lost. As she took a seat she was full of pride and relief, at least one goal she had set for herself had been fulfilled for the day. She tried to pay attention but the strange looks her teacher was giving her was sending a chill down her spine. His black eyes seemed to bore through her when their gaze met and a flicker of curiosity seemed to rest in their depths. What could be making him look at her like that?

"Miss Tsukino, it would be wise of you to pay attention instead of sitting there and gawking," Snape rudely informed the girl as he passed by her desk. "What is the color of a proper shrinking solution?" he watched as she turned pale and started to fidget in her seat. She didn't have a clue, typical.

"Shrinking solution?" Usagi questioned as she racked her mind for the books she had read the day before in an attempt to try to catch up to everyone. "Isn't that acid green?" she ventured her guess but had a sinking feeling that she had guessed wrong as soon as the words left her mouth. Hadn't she read that the shrinking solution was a vivid orange?

"That is correct," Snape agreed. "Class dismissed, but Miss Tsukino I want you to stay after class. I have something I need to discuss with you." He ignored both her startled look and the shock of the other students. It was well known that he didn't have many private talks with students. "That will be all, class," he asserted in a low growl as he noticed the class at their desks all but spell bound and waiting to see what he'd do to the girl.

As if a wave had been triggered the class pushed each other as they rushed out the door leaving Snape alone with an apprehensive Usagi. He waited until he was positive that all the students had retreated before he opened his mouth. "The translation spell that was used won't last forever. Your Mother has requested that I help teach you. Because of this you'll be taking the majority of your lunches in here with me and if you fall behind you'll be on your own. I won't pamper a student who slacks off, so do actually try for your Mother's sake." As she remained in her seat staring at him he resisted the urge to roll his eyes, "That is all, Miss Tsukino, please go join the rest of your classmates and get to your next class."

Usagi didn't need to be told twice. Before Snape had even finished his sentence she was out the door and fighting oncoming panic. She had to learn English during lunch? It was a crime! Her precious lunch time was going to be sullied with actual learning. It just wasn't right! She paused in her flight to glance around. Somehow she had arrived right at her mother's door. The class of Gryffindor seventh years craned their necks to get a glimpse at her.

"But I thought I had Defense Against the Dark Arts?" Usagi mumbled as she studied her schedule. Confused she glanced around the class with a wince. She didn't know any of these people! Though the two red-heads that were talking to each other kind of reminded her of that Ron boy... Maybe they were related? But in any case, this was *not* her class. "Sorry for intruding."

"You're in the right class, Musume," Serenity smiled at the confused girl. "I need your help with this class and I'll help you make up the Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson. I assure you that you didn't miss much." It was rare for scorn to be in Serenity's voice but as she mentioned the class it was easily evident that she didn't approve of it. With a shake of her head at the thought her smile came back full force. "Let's start our lesson shall we?" she turned to the class and smiled serenely at them. "My name is Professor Serenity."

Usagi didn't listen to the rest of her mother's speech as she timidly found a spare seat and sat down. She couldn't help but wince at the stares everyone was giving her and swallowed nervously. It wasn't her fault that she knew how to fight youmas! She caught a flash of red at the door and turned startled as she realized Percy was back. What was he doing there?

Percy ignored the shocked and suddenly angry faces on his brothers as he noticed Usagi. "What are you doing here?" he demanded as his eyes narrowed on her. "You're supposed to be in class. Professor Umbridge doesn't have time to track down her tardy students. You'll be lucky if she decides to just give you detention for ignoring your schedule."

"Excuse me," Serenity muttered to her class as she whirled on the young man. Her lavender eyes were narrowed in distaste as she sized him up. "My daughter has permission to help lead this class. Professor Dumbledore and I both feel all students need to at least try to learn what I can teach. Usagi can easily read the first two chapters of her textbook by herself tonight. She doesn't need to waste her time in a classroom doing that when she could be here helping teach."

Percy scowled as his eyes remained on Usagi. He had been sent to retrieve the troublemaker and was failing. It wasn't a side he wanted to show to Dolores Umbridge. If she thought him incompetent he could be demoted. "We'll see about that," he answered as he turned on his heel and strode away. This nonsense couldn't be allowed to continue. The blonde had to get back to her schedule and stop receiving special treatment. Surely Professor Umbridge would have an idea to stop the preferential treatment.

Usagi let out a pent out breath she wasn't aware she was holding. Already her Mother was summoning a youma. With a soft sigh she picked up her wand and summoned the energy for her spell. "Moon Tiara Action," she chanted and watched as the hideous woman turned into dust. She hadn't given the creature a chance to attack her this time. She all but ignored her Mother's speech since she had heard it all before. It seemed that she'd be hearing it for quite a while longer as well.


Usagi quickly found herself in a circle with five of the class's students. Her Mother had split the class into two groups and she was in charge of this one. Only one of the students; Katie Bell, seemed to give her a smile. The others were clearly glaring at her and she was pretty sure that the house name of Slytherin was responsible; it seemed that Gryffindors didn't like Slytherin. "Ah..." she stood like a fish as her mouth opened and closed as she tried to figure out what she should do. This was her punishment for not thinking up lesson plans. She'd have to suffer through this again in the future, she just knew it. "You heard the spells my mother mentioned?" she queried softly. At their nods she felt relief. "I'd like each of you to focus and pick the spell that seems right to you. Once picked, try pointing your wand at me and attacking."

Fred didn't hesitate as he stepped forward. He didn't trust this Slytherin. He had too much experience with them to know that the whole lot of them were little more than a pack of vipers and that they were never to be trusted. "Fire Soul!" reddish sparks danced at the end of his wand but didn't seem to have the strength to go past it.

"Well shoot... that's the spell I was going to try," George remarked as he saw his twin's failure. "Guess I'll have to pick something else... though nothing else really seemed to speak to me like that one did." With a shrug and a grin he pointed at the patient Usagi. "Fire Soul!"

Usagi eyed the sparks for a moment in deep concentration. Both were trying Rei's spell? That seemed a bit odd... But what she was about to suggest was equally as unorthodox. "Could you two try it at the same time? If you're both using the same power you might have more of a result."

Identical grins spread across their two faces and they snapped their wands into position so that they were pointing at Usagi's heart. "Fire Soul!" their voices seemed to merge and the sparks intensified before finally becoming a roaring fireball that seemed anchored to their wands. "Is it supposed to do this?" they echoed with a confused frown. At Usagi's insistence they turned the flaming ball towards her and repeated the words. This time the flame seemed to have enough energy to leave and it rushed at Usagi only to be instantly absorbed by her wand.

"Very good," Usagi congratulated with a warm smile. She turned to one of the girls and once again managed a smile. "It's your turn next, Alicia."

Alicia waited a long time as she pondered. More than one of the phrases seemed right to her. "I'm not sure which to pick," she finally admitted as she chanced a glance at Usagi. "Both the 'Crescent Beam' and the 'Shabon Spray' seem to echo in my mind..."

Usagi was confused. She had never heard of such a thing. Could this girl harness the powers of two senshi? "Try one and then the other," she suggested as she tried to rid herself of her wide-eyed expression. Her heart was starting to thump erratically as she waited for the results. Why was she so excited over a simple test?

"Crescent Beam!" the shard of light flashed out towards Usagi but didn't seem to quite make it to her. "Wow," Alicia murmured as she realized she had managed a feat that had taken both the twins. "Let me try the other one... Shabon Spray!" nickel sized bubbles spilled from the wand like a fountain and surrounded Usagi as if she were in the center of a tornado. As the bubbles were sucked away Alicia eyed the younger girl in worry. "Are you okay?"

Usagi nodded and genuinely smiled. Someone was worried about her? That was a first. "I'm fine... I've never seen someone able to use two senshi powers at once." She paused for a moment if unsure if she should comment or not but couldn't see a way past it. "You even did better than Hermione Granger with that spell."

A boy with his hair worn in dreadlocks was next. He attempted 'Supreme Thunder' but not even a spark escaped his wand. "Am I holding it right?" he queried his odd teacher. He didn't have quite the same hate as his two best friends did for Slytherin. He didn't trust them of course, but he doubted this first year was from the same ilk. He had a sharp eye due to his commentary on Quidditch matches; he knew that the girl was practically an outcast in her own house. Any enemy of Slytherin was a friend to him.

"I... think so?" Usagi responded as she stared at his wand confused. Why wasn't it working for him? Not even a flicker of light had happened to show that he had attempted the spell. "Why don't you try again and just focus on the power?" she weakly suggested.

Lee flashed the hesitant girl a grin as he nodded in good will. "Sure thing," he responded as he lost his playful side to focus. The words echoed through his head again and with them he could almost feel the air around him crackling with energy. "Supreme Thunder!"

For a long moment nothing happened. No bright light from his wand, no flash of magic or anything. But in another second a dark cloud seemed to darken the classroom and peal of thunder was heard at the same time the lights flickered out. A moment later everything was back to normal and Lee was staring at his wand in shock. "Bloody brilliant," he observed with a grin.


Usagi was relieved as the bell ending the class rang. The last two students didn't seem to have any power at all no matter how many times they tried. Usagi had felt bad for them, she knew what it was like to try your hardest and still fail. How could she forget? She rubbed a finger over her wrist and sighed.

"Need an escort to the Great Hall?" Lee was sitting on the edge of her temporary desk and still grinning. The twins had told him he was crazy to pay attention to a Slytherin but he had responded by calling the two jealous. That hadn't gone over too well, but he knew they'd get over it by the end of dinner.

Usagi stared up at him too shocked to speak. Was he really talking to her? She twisted around in her seat to glance behind her and realized that she did seem to be alone. "Me?" she squeaked. She was aware she sounded like a child but she couldn't help it. Being shunned for an entire day was something foreign and hurtful to her. She had never been so hated before without any friends.

"Of course," he responded with a chuckle. Sure the girl was a first year but she didn't look like one, and despite her confusion she didn't seem to act like one either. "I usually go with Alicia, but she's all keyed up over the lesson she ran out of here and forgot me. You've been getting lost quite a bit, right? I can give you some pointers on how to get to each class easier."

Serenity watched from her desk with an amused smile. She wouldn't call what the boy was doing flirting quite yet, but it wasn't that far off. Perhaps Usagi would heal sooner with friends like him. "You're both going to be late," she reprimanded softly.

"Okay," Usagi used the response to answer both her mother and the young man. She wasn't romantically interested in him at all. But he could be a friend... The thought almost had her in tears. She had no idea she wanted friendship so badly. "Are you sure you want to walk with me?" she questioned as the two left the classroom. "I'm probably not as good company as the rest of your friends."

Lee shrugged as he eyed the girl closer. His first instinct seemed to be right. "So tell me, what in the world is a girl like you doing in Slytherin? Considering that you didn't try to hex any of us I doubt you fit in very well with any of them."

"That's true," Usagi nodded in response. "The only one I talk to is this boy named Draco... I'm still not sure if he's nice or not though," she added as almost an afterthought. She didn't see the relief that spread over Lee's face at this admission. "But he can't be entirely evil..."

Lee snorted. "If you're talking about Draco Malfoy he is entirely evil. Best to watch yourself around him and his goons, seems kind of off that the old hat sent you to Slytherin." He paused in his trek and waited for the girl to turn around. "You know you're welcome to come hang out with me and my friends during free times. We won't bite you or anything... well Fred and George might bite but if they try it just smack them with your wand. They're kind of wary of Slytherin as a rule."

Usagi remembered the fire that seemed to blaze in the twins' eyes. "This probably isn't any of my business... but are they related to Ronald Weasely?" she paused. "Wait Ron related to Percy?"

"You don't know?" Lee laughed at her confusion. "Percy graduated a year back. I have no bloody clue why he's back here again... but he had a row with his parents. Fred and George are the older brothers of Ron but younger than Percy. Because of Percy's betrayal there's been some bad blood. They also have a little sister named Ginny, I'm sure you'll meet her soon enough."

"Wow..." Usagi giggled. "What a huge family; all I had was an annoying little brother." She frowned at the thought of Shingo and tried to wipe her mind. He had died long ago. There wasn't any point in thinking of him.

"Actually there are two more of them." He wisely didn't comment on her past tense use of a brother. Losing a family member could be hard on anyone. "Fred and George might take awhile to warm up to you. Especially now that Percy is here... they don't trust your house much, not like I can blame them. Slytherin lives to cheat when it comes to Quidditch. You guys take so many cheap shots it's unbelievable."

"Quidditch? What's that?" what in the world could it be? It didn't sound like any sort of class on her schedule, and she wasn't entirely sure that it was even a word. Maybe she had misheard?

"You've never heard of Quidditch?" Lee repressed a snort of laughter. "That's rich! You're lucky Oliver isn't around. He'd likely die from a heart attack if he heard of someone who didn't know his blessed sport. I'll take you to the Quidditch fields later if you like. It's easier to demonstrate than to tell about it." He seemed to notice they had made it the Great Hall and frowned faintly. He had been having fun chatting with the first year. "Come find me after dinner, okay?" he suggested as he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and turned to find his friends in the mass of people.

Usagi held a hand to her cheek as she turned red with a mixture of shame and shock. Just what was he doing? She rubbed at the spot unconsciously as she woodenly found a seat as far away from Draco as she could. She could of swore the shock on her face and the reason it was there probably shined clearly for all to read.

A startled pair of green eyes that had watched the whole spectacle, stayed trained on the girl as they tried to sort out what had just happened. Why was the Slytherin first year receiving attention from a Gryffindor seventh year?