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Bilbo opened up the door

And gasped at who he saw.

"My dear Gandalf!" he cried out

As he munched a carrot, raw.

"If it isn't Bilbo Baggins!"

With a twinkle in his eye

Gandalf kneeled down and gave a hug

To the little guy.

Then the wizard peered at him

And grumbled to himself,

"You're really old, but you look younger,

Kind of like an elf."

Bilbo just grinned at his friend

And led him through the door.

He took his staff and hat away

Then down the hall he tore.

"Do you want some food or alcohol?"

The little hobbit cried.

"I've got eggs and tea and stuff

in my pantry, inside!"

"I'll just have some tea, thank you,"

The old gray wizard said.

Then he tried to turn around

And smacked his old gray head

On the ceiling. And he groaned in pain

And rubbed his sore head where

He hit the wood, but since he's nice,

He didn't curse or swear.

"Do you mind if I stuff my face?"

Bilbo muttered through his food.

"Looks like you're eating anyway,"

Gandalf grumbled, in a mood.

Suddenly there was a knocking

On the hobbit's door

"I know you're in there!" someone screamed

and Bilbo softly swore.

"It is those Sackville-Bagginses!

They always give me crap!

They're all upset I haven't died

And interrupt my naps!

I have to get away from them!

I'm going on a trip.

I'll go off to where I won't

Have to deal with this ship!"

"Frodo knows you're up to stuff,"

Gandalf pointed out.

"You know he's very fond of you;

if you run off, he'll pout,

and then I'll have to listen to him whine

till I'm about to scream!"

"He'd come with if I asked him,

but to me that doesn't seem

to be the best idea,"

Bilbo said with a shrug.

"I think Frodo still likes it here.

He'd hate it if I drug

Him off." "It's dragged,"

Gandalf muttered with a frown.

"At least use proper tenses,

You vocabulary clown!"

"Well, the point is that I'm out of here,"

Bilbo said, in a huff.

"I'm leaving and I won't come back!

There, is that enough?"

"No need to get pissed off,"

Gandalf said, and passed the kettle.

"There's nothing going on here

that Old Toby wouldn't settle."

So they went and sat outside,

Smoking pipe-weed if I may

Interrupt the flow just briefly

I would only like to say

That doing drugs is very wrong

And weed I don't condone!

So if you DO pick up the habit,

You'd better leave me alone

Because I will not take the blame for it!

And now, that being said,

Let's return to our two old friends

Blowing smoke rings 'round their heads.

Bilbo blew a smoke ring

And it grew as it did float

Then Gandalf thought he would show off

So HE blew a smoke BOAT.

"That was pretty neat,"

Bilbo said. "And you can bet

That my birthday party will become

A night few will forget!"


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