Crimson Shadows





Buffy and Crimson are owned by other people.  None of which are me.


In New York Xander becomes what he hates the most.  A vampire.  Now he learns the truth behind the legends and the difference between the vampires he knows and the kind he has become.  He is the Chosen One.  The only problem is nobody will tell him what he's chosen for.

Author's Note

I just read the Crimson trade paperbacks so this idea just kind of plowed its way into my head.  I swear one day I'll finish a fic before starting another one.  For those who don't know Crimson I'm not surprised.  I'll try my best to make it enjoyable for people who have never hear of the series before.


"This is going to be so great!"  Willow exclaimed as she put up a Dingo's poster in the dorm room.

"Yah."  Buffy said smiling.  "Definitely glad to be roomies with my best friend."

"Yep, no more evil demon roommates for Buffy."

"Don't mak…"  The sarcastic reply Buffy had coming was cut short with the ringing of Willow's cell phone.  The Wicca cleared the distance to the desk where the cell lay so quickly Buffy had to stifle a laugh.  Obviously she was expecting a call from Oz.


[Hey Wills.]

If it was possible the redheads face light up even more at the unexpected voice.  "Xander!"

That caught Buffy's attention.  They hadn't heard from Xander since he left on his road trip after graduation, determined to drive through every state.  The girls didn't have the heart to tell him Hawaii was an island.  Of course, they also thought he would have come back already.

Getting up from her perch on her bed Buffy moved next to Willow.  Turning the cell, Willow motion Buffy in so they could both listen.

[Who else?  Were you expecting Dracula?]  They could almost hear his smirk on the other end and couldn't help but grin at the terrible joke themselves.

[So, how's my favourite woman in the whole wide world?]

Buffy say an opportunity and jumped at it.  Her smile remained despite the indignant tone she took.  "What I am then, a slimy demon?"

[Buffster… hey… What I meant to say was that Willow's my favourite Wicca, computer genius, hacker in the whole wide world.  You are my favourite Slayer of course.]

"I should hope so since the other one did try to kill us!"  She could hear him squirming on the other end and she had to admit that she loved being able to do that to him.  Admit it to herself at least.  After a few 'ums' and 'ahs' she couldn't hold back anymore and burst out laughing.  That was all it took for Willow to break and join her.

[Well,]  Xander said after the laughter calmed down.  [What's the what with you guys?]

Seeing Willow about to enter super babble mode Buffy quickly cut in before she had a chance to speak.  "Oh nothing much to speak of.  Had the summer lull in the night activities and got ready for college life.  Went through a bit of a rough patch but everything's fine now."

[Rough patch?]  Xander asked, worry clear in his voice.

"Nothing to worry about."  Buffy added quickly.

"She was real depressed when classes started."  Willow stated while pointedly ignoring Buffy's glare.  "But she had the best friends in the world to help her though it."


Something in his voice told her the conversation just took a depressing turn.  Than she realized what it was.  He wasn't here when Buffy needed friends.  Quickly she decided to change the subject and asked excitedly.  "How many states have you been to?"

[Not many.  My car broke down in Oxnard.  I only made enough cash to fix it a few weeks ago.]

"If you needed help you could have asked us."  Willow said a little dejected that her oldest friend wouldn't come to her for help.

[It's something I needed to do for myself Wills.  If I was ever in serous trouble you can be certain you would be my first call.  Besides, everything's back on track now.]

Willow smiled.  He always knew what to say to make her feel better.

"So where are you now?"  Buffy asked seeing a chance to get back into the conversation.

[New York City.  My cousin has an apartment here that he shares with a couple of his university buddies.  I'm crashing on the couch.  Free room, go me!]

The girls could only laugh and shake their heads before Xander continued.  [It's been pretty cool actually.  I checked out some of the sites yesterday and today.  You know, the normal tourist stuff.  Tonight the guys are taking me for a night on the town.  Paint the town red has been mentioned even.]

Buffy smiled at his enthusiasm.  "Then we won't keep you.  I'm glad you called."

"And call more!  I got the resolve face on.  It works over the phone too you know."  Willow added.

[Alright, anything for my two favourite girls.]

"Bye Xand, be careful."

[Always am.]

"I serious Xander."  Buffy told him.

[Take the fun out of life why don't cha?]


"Bye Xand."

[Tell everyone I said hi.  Talk to you later.]