Ta Touch is Bliss
By: Black Enchantress

Disclaimer: As if you people would actually think that I own Marvel's characters. Why I bother to put this is beyond me.

Prologue ~ A gift from a friend

In this chapter Rogue is four and has been just given to Irene from Mystique. This is where Rogue first meets Irene. Rogue's POV. This will be the only chapter written the way she talks.

Ah walked up to ta the pretty whahte(white) house with nothin' but mah backpack o' mah things. Ah was scared and have been on the run since bahfore Ah can remembah. Then one day Ah met this pretty lady wit' red hair an' blue skin, she was real nahce ta me and said she would take good cahre o' meh. She took meh to get ahcecream(icecream) and everythan' tellin' meh Ah was goin ta live with a friend o' hers. She tol' meh to always listen ta her friend bahcause(because) this lady was reahl nahce. Soon Ah fahnd mahself knockin on the door, bahfoh'(before) Ah could knock a second tahme the door opened up.

"Hello, Marie. My name is Irene. Won't you come inside?" she sounded really nahce lahke the first one did. Ah looked ovah my shoulder one last tahme at the blue lady sittin in the car with the windows all pulled down.

"Nahce ta meet ya Irene." Mah voice was a little shakey but hey Ah'm meetin' all these new people at once. Ah walked inside the pretty home, 'Soon ta be mah home' Ah thought ta mahself. Irene wore glasses an' had a walkin stick with her when she walked. She had short brown hair with a nahce smile. She sat meh down on her couch an' asked if Ah wanted a drink.

"No thank ya, Ah'm fahne." Ah looked down at the coffe table in front o' meh an' Ah noticed a small black jewelery box. "If ya don mind meh askin why do ya wear sunglasses insahde?" Ah looked up at her with as much as a straight face as Ah could mustah at the thought. Irene sat down in the chair next ta me an' leaned toward meh with her hands resting on her stick an' her head restin' on her hands.

"I wear sunglasses inside, Marie, because I'm blind and I want people to feal to uncomfortable when eye face them. It doesn't bother me to talk about it at all, and if it's ok with you, I would like you to be comfortable here and stay as long as you like. Here, I have a gift for you. See the jewelry box on the table in front of you. Open it, it's for you. I had it made especially for you." her voice was nahce an' calmin', almost lahke a momma would say to her chil'. Ah felt kinda stupid foh askin' a stupid question like that but it seemed to go away with the sound of her voice. Ah reached down an' picked up the velvety soft box an' opened it with cahre. Inside was a beautiful silver bracelet where two sahdes(sides) came tagether in a point. Ah gasped at the beautiful quicksilvah as mah hands shook to put it on. "It's made of silver and steal so it'll never break or loose it's shine. It's meant to remind you of good times when you need it. It's to help you even in the future." Even though her voice was lahke honey an' milk, as soon as it was bent around mah wrist a shadow o' doubt began ta set off an' alarm in mah head.

"Why are ya'll bein so nahce ta meh? Why are ya givin meh a home, food an' bein' nahce to meh? Ah mean Ah don' want ta be rude o' nothin' but what's the catch?" Ah have ta admit Ah was gettin' little suspicious...Alrahght Ah was really suspicious an' Ah went an' blurt it all out. But aftah havin ya own parents throw ya out at 4 ya begin ta get suspicious with people who are actin' all nahce lahke.

A single tear fell down her face but she quickly wahped(wiped) it away with the back o' her hand. If Ah felt bad befohre foh sayin' somethin' Ah now felt lahke Ah'd been squashed bah(by) a car. 'Gosh, Marie, can ya do anythan' else wrong?' Ah thought ta mahself. Ah wanted ta go bury mahself alahve(alive), 'Stupid, Stupid, Stupid' ah mentally slapped mahself.

"Marie..." first of all mah head snapped up to her voice, second she called mah name, an' third ah wanted ta see if mah suspicions were rahght an' she'd kick meh out foh hurtin' her too. When mah momma kicked meh out Ah couldn' look her in the Ahye(eye) an' Ah always regreted not doin it. Ah wasn't about ta let this lady, who Ah don' know, know that she was gettin undah mah skin and not hold mah head up foh bein thrown out foh who Ah am. "Marie," 'Again with with the nahcey nahce voice. She ain't gonna make this easah(easy) foh meh is she?' "I am sorry for all the things that were done to you that would not let you trust me. But I want to try and be your friend and give you a warm place to sleep and hot food. What happened in your past is in your past and I'll never pry into it. I just want to help you through life and take care o' you." the first thought that popped inta mah mind was 'Wow, an' foh a change in pace Ah'm wrong again. Tha's 0 foh 3.' now Ah was feelin' the lowest of the low.

"Ah'm sorry, Irene. Ah want us ta be friends. Its real nahce of ya'll ta let meh live here with ya...and Irene?" Ah raised and auburn eyebrow at her.


"The name's Rogue. Marie is in mah past an' that ain't meh no more. Just forget about it an' Ah will too, okay?"

"Okay, Rogue, your right. But, hey, you want me to show you your new room?" she gave meh a smile that would help meh throw the beginin' o' hardest tahmes of mah lahfe.

"Sure, Irene. Thanks a lot" Ah gave her a rare smile.

But little did Ah know that mah past was not goin' ta die but just be burried an' filed away foh future bitterness. Every now and then Ah still had a dream where Ah could actually have a normal chil'hood with mah real parents. But when the mornin' came an' Ah wake up Ah would fahnd that tha's all they were an' evah will be...Dreams.