Beauty is in the Red Eye of the Beholder

By: Black Enchantress

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*conscience talking* "talking" 'Thoughts' other mutant thoughts in these brackets are what is happening in Rogue's mind (reading silently)

'when a telepath sends a message to a large group of people'

In this chapter Rogue and Remy find some quality alone time...

Chapter 50 – Oh, Sugah

"Gah! What the hell!" Rogue shrieked and nearly leapt back into the bathroom.

She had just walked out ofthe bathroom after her shower, clutching the towel together in one hand and her personal affects in the other. Remy had been lying in wait til she had left the bathroom and opened the door. He had skillfully put his face two inches from the door where he knew Rogue's face would appear when it opened. Remy was silently shaking with mirth.

"Think thats funny do ya?" Rogue threw him her death glare.

"Oui, chere. Remy is amused."

"Whatcha want, Swamp Rat?" Remy got his humor under control and turned the heat on in his gaze as he looked at her. Rogue felt herself gulp.



"Remy was hopin' t' spen' some quality time wit' yo', chere. Maybe some dinna an a movie?" Rogue felt a thrill of excitement.

*A break from the drama an' crowded X mansion with the hottest Cajun Ah've evah met? Uhm, yes please!*

"Ah suppose we could sneak outta here foh a nahght on the town. "

"An' perhaps afta'war's we could go fo' a walk on de beach?"

*He just gets ya, ya know?*

'No one but Wolvie even comes close.' Rogue agreed.

"Sounds great, Sugah." Rogue grinned at him.

"Remy will meet yo' on de balcony in 30 minutes, chere...ready o' not." Rogue felt a shiver go down her spine.

"Ah will see ya then." Rogue purred as she closed the distance between them, lifting her chin to meet his eyes. Remy's eyes became red hot as he started to reach down.

"Hey!" Remy laughed as Rogue's telekinesis pinched his butt. Rogue laughed and walked back to her room to get ready for their date.

"Remy loves when de fille plays along." Gambit said softly to himself as he turned and walked to his own room to prepare for their date night. It had been too long in his opinion.

Rogue closed the door behind her to hers and Kitty's room. Went to the closet they shared and pulled out a beautiful royal purple corset and a pair of tight black jeans and walked behind the modesty screen in their room. Kitty phased through the door and collapsed on her bed with a yawn. Noticing Rogue's sexy outfit she sat up.

"Hey, Rogue. You, like, going out tonight?"

"Yea, Remy and Ah are havin' a date night." She finished dressing and headed to her dresser and began blow drying her hair. It was starting to finally get some length to it, reaching well past her shoulders.

"Oh, that's so totally awesome. You are so like, lucky to have such a lady's man for a fiance. Lance doesn't even like have a clue."

"No man has a clue, Kitty. Some just think they do more then othahs." Finished drying her hair, Rogue grabbed a black zip up hoodie off the back of a chair and slipped on black socks and her converse. With impeccable timing, there was a tapping on the door before it swung open.

"Yo' ready, chere?" Remy's deep southern accent floated into the room. Rogue couldn't keep the smile off her lips if her life depended on it.

"Ah'm comin', Rems." With a wave to Kitty, Rogue headed out to their balcony were a certain handsome cajun leaned against the railing. His gaze slowly traveled from her kicks to her eyes and back down again, whistling his appreciation of her outfit and the way she filled it out. He extended his hand to her with a 'cat ate the canary' smile.

"Remy t'ought we could go an see Movie 43. I's supposed t' be real funny an' Remy think's we coul' bot' use a laugh."

"Sounds great. Ah like a lot of the people in that movie." Gambit tugged her over the edge of the railing, both landing softly on the ground below. Remy led her over to the garage where his motorcycle was parked.

"Remy knows yo' love yo' bike, chere, but he was hopin' he could drive dis night since we goin' de same place... An' Remy gets de benefit of his chere cuddled up behind him." Remy looked back at her and wagged his eyebrows at her. Rogue couldn't stifle the giggle that bubbled up.

"Consider mahself persuaded, Swamp Rat." Remy started the bike and pulled her behind him. In seconds they were leaving the mansion's grounds and onto the open road into town.

The wind blew their hair about and both the mutants felt a stiffness leave their bodies as freedom surrounded and stretched out before them. Rogue inhaled deeply, letting the wind whip her hair about as she pressed her cheek against Gambit's back. Lord, she loved the way he smelled, all smoke and spice. All too soon they arrived at the movies, parked, paid for the tickets and went into the darkened theater room. The theater was pretty empty since it was the middle of the week and Rogue and Remy were able to pick a spot with no one around them.

Settling into their seats, Rogue wrapped her arm around Remy's arm, cuddling close to his shoulder. Gambit smiled and kissed the top of her head before placing his hand on her thigh. The movie began and in no time they were laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes. Rogue couldn't remember the last time she felt so lighthearted and giddy.

Remy would occasionally whisper sweet endearments, tickling her ear and sending shivers down her spine. Well aware of what his whispers were doing to her, his hand would start inching up her thigh, teasing her till she would gasp and grip his hand before he could make her spontaneously combust. Wrinkling her nose at him she tapped his nose as he stared intently at her, a grin splitting his face and his eyes practically on fire with need for her. Rogue's tongue darted out to lick her lips, Remy's eyes following her movements.

"Rem-" Remy's lips closed over hers in a searing kiss. He was so fast it took her by surprise and she had to act fast to keep her powers from kicking in automatically. Swept up in his passion, she moaned against his lips and opened her mouth for his probing tongue. His tongue darted in and tangled with hers so gently it set her on fire. He reached up and cupped her cheek in his palm as he continued his exploration of her mouth, his grip on her thigh tightening almost painfully. Rogue didn't even feel the bruising intensity but returned his energy with her own. Slowly, ever so slowly, Remy pulled back from the kiss and put his lips to her ear.

"Watch de movie, chere." Rogue's jaw dropped having totally forgotten that they were in a movie theater with other people who could have just witnessed their little make out session. With the heat still simmering in her below, Rogue tried her best to focus back on the movie, and might have succeeded and understanding at least every other word were it not for the Cajun drawing little seductive circles on her thigh and continuing to whisper in her ear.

*He keeps this up an' Ah'm goin' tah have some horizontal refreshment rahght here an' now. Don' mess with us, fruit cake!*

'Well, Ah guess we could always teleport somewhere if he keeps it up.'

Rogue looked at Remy's face, he turned and met her gaze a grin splitting his face and his eyes dancing.

*Son of a -! He is doin' this on purpose!*

'Two can play this game, sugah!'

Rogue crossed her legs causing Remy to drop his hand from her leg, rested her head on his shoulder and placed her hand on his own thigh. At the first lull in the movie, she snuggled close to his neck and sent a gentle breath by his ear and gently squeezed his thigh. Remy immediately stiffened, a low groan barely leaving his lips. He glanced down at her with molten eyes, his nostrils flared.

*Ha! That'll teach ya!*

"Touche, Chere."

Finally the movie ended and the lights came back on. Rogue and Remy stood and stretched. With a hand at the small of her back, Remy guided her out of the theater and back to the bike. A short while later they had wined and dined at a small italian restaurant and hopped back on his bike, headed for the beach.

When they parked the bike, Rogue took a deep breath, pulling the salty air deep into her lungs. Remy watched her, his eyes straying on her puffed out chest. Rogue felt the tension between them, they had been teasing each other all night and both were now wound up tight. Remy took her hand in his and guided her on the walkway and between the dunes. The sky was lit brightly from the moon and made the ocean shimmer with the silvery light. He placed his arm around her shoulders as they companionably watched the waves crash for a few minutes.

The wind whipped her bangs into her face, drawing a frustrated huff from Rogue. Remy sank his fingers in her hair in either side of her face and held her against him.

"Remy help tame dat hair of yo's, chere." Rogue smiled up at him. They gazes locking, she felt him draw her face to his for a kiss. It was so gentle it tugged at her heart and she melted against him. All too soon he pulled back from her.

"Remy doesn't know if he gon' make it t'rough de battle but...I would walk t'rough fire jus' t' be wit' yo'. I don' wan' t' wait til after de battle t' make yo' my wife, chere. Will yo' marry dis Cajun before den?" Remy traced his thumb along her cheek bone.

"Oh, Rems. Ah want ta but how-where-when?"

"I' don' matter, chere. Yo' an' me find a chapel an' i' can be just us. Yo' my home no matter where we go, yo' my ever after." Rogue felt tears prick her eyes and launched herself at Remy, knocking them both to the sand. Her kiss seared his lips, his grip tightening till she was molded to him. Remy rolled on top of her, running one hand through her hair, the other gripping her thigh and wrapping it around his waist.

"Ok, Remy. Let's get married."

Remy groaned his approval and showered her face in kisses and pulled her to him, burying his face into her shoulder. Rogue wrapped her arms around his neck, closed her eyes and inhaled deeply his scent.

'God Ah love him.'

*We're about ta be Mrs. Fruit Cake.*

'Ah like the sound of that.'

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