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"You never know what you've got until you lose it."

It was a normal day on the feudal era. The wind blew calmly, making some of the fallen tree leaves dance around in the air, making it a rather interesting scene to watch. Some chirping birds stood on one of the branches of a tree not far from where Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kagome were sitting having lunch. As usual, Kagome had brought all kinds of different things from her house, from cans of soda to small candy bars for Shippo. They all seemed to be having a good time when suddenly, Kagome turned her head towards the nearby lake, watching Inuyasha sitting in front of it, not doing anything but staring at it; she got a concerned look on her face as she turned to the others.

"I'm worried about him, he's been acting like that since he.. well, you know.." said a concerned Kagome while lowering her face. The rest of the guys looked at her with concern too.

"Come on Kagome!! You know how Inuyasha is!! He's always in a cranky mood!" stated Shippo while sitting on Kagome's lap.

"He's right Kagome-chan.. you shouldn't worry about him. he'll be ok.. he just needs some time, he's always gotten back to normal after a few hours.." said Sango while holding a soda can between her hands.

"Both Sango and Shippo are right" stated Miroku, Kagome looked at him. "Inuyasha is known for being a loner.. he just needs some time alone.. he'll be ok.."

"Hai!!!! We shouldn't worry about him, he's always been this way after running into Kik.." he stopped and covered his mouth as he saw Sango and Miroku's expressions, realizing what he had just done. When he turned towards Kagome, he noticed her sadened expression and he as well got one too. "Gomen." he whispered while lowering his face.

Kagome quickly changed her saddened face for a smiling one, then she turned towards the little fox who sat next to her with an apologetic expression. "Uun!! Daijoubu Shippo!.." Miroku, Sango and the little fox stared back at her with a surprised expression at the now smiling Kagome. "You don't have to feel bad for me, really" Kagome said while standing up. Tough Sango wasn't able to see her expression, she knew Kagome's smile had gone. "After all.. he is our friend.. and he cares about Kikyo deeply.. so there's nothing to be sad about" she mumbled in a soft tone of voice.

Then she turned towards them faking a smile. "Ja, I better go check on him anyway". Then she turned around and started to walk away. Unconciously, Sango had clenched her hands around the soda can, squeezing it hard enough to make some of the soda spill.

"I hate the way he always acts when he's seen Kikyo.. he's always so depressed it makes me want to go and whack him on the head.. plus, he does that even knowing Kagome's feelings for him. argh! How can he be so selfish!" stated Sango in her angry tone of voice, placing the can down and drying her hands.

"We cant judge him, after all we don't know what he's going through. sure he gets depressed everytime he sees Kiyko, but then again, wouldn't you be?.." Miroku stated as Sango and Shippo stared at him. "If the person you loved tried to kill you everytime you see him, wouldn't you feel just as down as he seems to be?"

"Are you taking his side Miroku! How could you be! What about Kagome!" snapped an angry looking Shippo.

"I'm not taking his side, I'm just trying to make you see his situation. after all he did say he chose her instead of Kagome.." Sango and Shippo turned their faces way looking upset. "Though I do think he shouldn't do this in front of her. wether you're hurt or not, it doesn't mean you hurt other people.. and on this case, Kagome.. I'm sure Inuyasha's not doing this on purpose.. I just guess he doesn't really notice what he's doing." then he glared at Kagome walking up to him.

Sitting by the lake, inuyasha's eyes reflected sadness and concern. He was staring at the lake not actually staring at it. He was lost in his own thoughts in a hypnotized way.


Running through the woods, Inuyasha found himself running after a wolf demon.

"KISAMA!!!!!!!! You wont run away from me this time!!!!" he yelled with a grin on his face.

As he finished his sentence, he quickly pulled Tessaiga out, and swinging it really fast, he yelled. "KAZE NO KIZU!!!!!" after a few seconds, the demon was cut in half and dissolved in front of his eyes, leaving Inuyasha smirking in satisfaction and stepping forward to pick up the Shikon Shard. As he leaned to pick the shard, he sensed a familiar smell, and lifting his face with widened eyes he stammered.

"K-Kikyo??.." was the only words that came out of his mouth. In front of him, Kiyko stood surrounded by her soul snatchers, staring at him with her usual cold expression.

"Why are you so surprised to see me. don't you know these woods are like home to me now." she said in a cold tone of voice while walking towards him. Inuyasha stood frozen looking at her. Even though he knew she was dead and that she wanted to take him to hell with her, he still couldn't help but to feel like he wanted to go running towards her and hug her tightly, so she wouldn't go away from him anymore. But he knew he couldn't, deep down his heart he knew that she wasn't the same Kikyo he used to know, not now, not ever.

"I." Inuyasha was interrupted by Kikyo.

"I know what you're here for. you came after the Shikon shard as well. I could feel it coming towards this direction.."

"And why did you come! I know you're not after the shards anymore!" he yelled as he syepped forward towards her. "Did you know I was coming here too?? Do you want me to help you! Just say so Kikyo!" snapped Inuyasha.

" Did I come." she started and then begun laughing. "why did you think I'd come here in search for your help! .. what.. cant a girl just come to see her long lost love?" Kikyo had an evil grin on her face as she saw Inuyasha's shocked expression.

"Kikyo I.." he said while stepping forward, but then stopping suddenly as he watched Kikyo pointing at him with an arrow and bow.

"You stay right there. I don't want you anywhere near me.. stupis Inuyasha.. what were you going to say.. 'I care about you Kikyo'?.. 'I love you' perhaps?" Inuyasha just stared at her firmly. "I want you to know I don't care about your stupid feelings.. I loath you" she said with anger. "I'm stuck in this world because of you. I wont rest until I.."

"Until you take me to hell with you.. I know" Kikyo just stared at him. " I know Kikyo, and I said I'd go with you. so shoot"

Kikyo's eyes widened as she heard him say that. Her hands begun to shake lightly as her eyes narrowed in anger.

"Go ahead! Isnt that what you want! I'm not gonna fight you Kikyo! Shoot! I'll go to hell with you!!.. I'll go anywhere with you!!" he yelled as he stepped forward and noticed Kikyo's shaking hands.

"You stay right there I tell you!!!!" snapped an angry Kikyo. Inuyasha kept walking towards her with a softened expression now.

"You cant shoot Kikyo. I know because I couldn't do it either if it was you.." he said while taking one step closer to her. Kikyo narrowed her eyes in anger as Inuyasha stood in shock at the sight of her expression. Angry narrowed eyes and an evil smirk. After a while, he felt a sharp pain coming from his right arm as he fell to the ground. He stared at the arrow encrusted on his arm as he glanced at Kikyo.

"The hell I cant.. " she said in a cold tone of voice while lowering her bow. A cold breeze blew, making some of the leaves that were on the ground fly between them. "I said I'd take you to hell with me.. but I wont do it under this circumstances.. I want you to suffer the way I did. I want you to hate the person that kills you.. the person that you love" Inuyasha widened his eyes as he heard her say this. "That way you'll feel what I felt 50 years ago. then you'll understand all the hate I've got for you. That's right.. all the hate and hate only.. don't think just because you're seeing me now I'm the same person.. the Kikyo that once shared feelings for you is gone"

Inuyasha's face showed pain now. He didn't want to hear those words anymore, how could she hate him so much when all he did was care about her. how could she hate him so much even knowing the truth now. that he wasn't the one that betrayed her. that it was Naraku's fault. But he did anyway. He'd heard her say those words many times before, but it felt like a stab in the heart this time.

" I hate you Inuyasha, all this hate is the only thing that keeps me alive here. so don't you think I could ever go back to caring about you. ever" as she finished she turned around and started to walk away.

Inuyasha struggled to get back on his feet, and when he did, with his face lowered he called out for her one more time. "I swore I'd protect you.. and I'll keep my word.."

Kikyo half turned towards him and glared at him with narrowed angry eyes. " Next time you see me you wont." she stated coldly. " 'You'll probably have to keep that promise for someone else.. that is why I hate you Inuyasha. you found somebody else while I'm still holding to this hate for you..'" she thought as she walked away and disappeared on the dark woods.

Inuyasha stayed still, unable to move and staring at the ground with sad eyes.


As he stared at the lake looking like he had been hypnotized, he didn't notice Kagome was now kneeling behind him.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked as she placed one of her hands on his shoulder. This made Inuyasha jump in surprise, sending Kagome to the floor.

"What are you trying to do huh????!!! You wanna scare me to death!!!!!???" asked Inuyasha with a funny angry expression. Kagome got to her feet and stared at him with funny angry eyes.

"What???!!!!!! I care about you enough to come here and see what's wrong and you act like this!!!!???" she snapped at him.

"Of course I did!!!!! After all, with that ugly face who wouldn't!!!!??" he smirked but quickly got a funny scared expression as he saw Kagome was now really angry.

"Inuyasha. OSUWARI!!!!!!!!"

*POOF* all the smoke surrounded Inuyasha who was on the floor now. As he got up, they started to argue.

Miroku, Sango and Shippo stared at them with blinking eyes.

"I guess everything's back to normal now." stated Sango while Shippo and Miroku nodded in agreement.

Inuyasha and Kagome were arguing when suddenly Kagome noticed a bright spot on the water of the lake, behind Inuyasha.

"Masaka!!!!!!!" Kagome yelled when suddenly a huge moster came out of the water, making a huge splash, not giving them time to react. It pulled out one of it's arms and from it, a thin wodden stick was shot at Inuyasha's direction. He barely had time to turn around when he saw the stick coming at him and he widened his eyes.

"LOOK OUT!!!!!!!" yelled Kagome as she pushed Inuyasha out of the way; As he fell on his back he saw Kagome's expression full of pain as the thin stick encrusted on her left shoulder, making thin lines of blood fly on the air.

"Kagome!" Shippo yelled from a far distance as he and the rest approached the lake.

"KAGOME!!!!!!!!!" yelled Inuyasha as he saw Kagome fell on her back. "KISAMA!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled again as he quickly turned around and unsheathed Tessaiga , slashing the demon in half and catching the shikon shard it had encrusted.

When he turned around, the scene he saw paralized him. In shock and fear he saw blood around Kagome's body. "K-Kagome.?"

As the others approached them, Inuyasha reacted and went running towards the now unconcious Kagome.

"Kagome!!!!!! Don't DIE please!!!!!!!!" cried Shippo. Miroku and Sango were sitting next to her as Inuyasha stood in front, not knowing what to do.

"Kagome!! Kagome!!" yelled Sango while kneeling next to her and putting Kagome's head on her lap. "She's not answering..!"

"This.. is all my fault.." managed to say a scared and shocked Inuyasha.

"This is not the time to blame yorself Inuyasha!!! Let's take her to the closest village before she dies!!" yelled Miroku, getting Inuyasha out of his trance.

Inuyasha kneeled and carried her on his arms, she felt as light as a feather which worried Inuyasha. "Quick! Let's get.." he was cut off by Sango, who had widened eyes while staring at her hand.

"Blood.Blood!!" They looked at Sango and saw she was right. Her skirt was tainted in blood and so was her hand.

"She must have hit her head when she fell.." stated Miroku. When they all turned to the spot where she was laying before, they noticed a small rock covered in blood.

"Let's go now before she dies!!!" cryied Shippo while jumping into Miroku's shoulder.

"Shut up you little brat! She's not gonna die!!!!! Snapped an angry Inuyasha.

"Just quit yelling now, that is not gonna make things better" stated Miroku in a serious tone of voice.

"Let's use Kirara.."said Sango as the others nodded. "Kirara!!"

As the little cat-demon heard her name, she went running towards them while transforming into her tiger-demon form. Inuyasha jumped on top of her, still holding Kagome carefully.

Miroku turned to Sango. "You better go with them, Shippo and I will get there as soon as we can"

"Hai!" said Sango while jumping on Kirara's back. "We'll see you there" And with that, they took off.

"Do you think she'll be all right??" asked an impatient Shippo.

"I don't know Shippo. I don't know."

It was now dark outside and Inuyasha and Sango sat next to a sleeping Kagome who had bandages on her shoulder and her head. Luckily they had gotten to the closest village on time. And the villagers were kind enough to give them a place to stay and some food for them to eat. But Inuyasha's only concern was Kagome; she looked so fragile laying there, " 'Like a sleeping angel'" he thought to himself as he watched her with concerned and angry eyes at the same time.

"She'll be ok.." stated a calmed Sango.

"Yeah well no thanks to me." stated Inuyasha in a soft tone of voice.

"It wasn't your fault. even if it was you the one looking at the lake you wouldn't have been able to see it.. only she is.."

Inuyasha turned his face away. "Where are Miroku and Shippo anyway."

"I think they went to get some more water. and then they were going to talk to the head of this village to see if he'd agree to let us stay for some time." Sango answered not taking her eyes from Kagome.

"Well they better.." started saying Inuyasha, but he quickly turned around when he heard Kagome groan. "Kagome??.. Kagome??" He watched her groan in pain, then he got sad/concerned eyes.

"Kagome??." asked Sango as they saw Kagome was slowly opening her eyes.

Her vision was flurry, the room was rather dark but it seemed to be lighted by a candle. Kagome felt nothing but a stinging pain thorugh all her body. She could her some people talking, though she wasn't sure who they were. When her vision focused, she saw a girl about her age sitting next to a handsome boy in a red kimono, with dog ears popping out of his head; she slightly smiled at him.

Inuyasha drew a smile on his face as he saw her awake. "Kagome??!! Daijoubu ka??!"

Kagome just stared at him not saying anything, which worried Inuyasha.

"Are you ok??!" he asked.

"Shh!!!! She's just woken up you baka!" Sango whispered in an annoyed tone of voice.

"Ka.Kagome. who. who is she. who are you.." Kagome asked while looking at them. Both Inuyasha and Sango held surprised, concerened and saddened expressions.

"You mean.. you don't remember us?.. you don't remember who you are?.." asked Sango in a softly tone of voice, just so she wouldn't scare Kagome. Inuyasha was shocked as he saw Kagome shook her head slowly.

"Kagome.." He whispered. He looked at Kagome who was staring at him motionless and with sad eyes.

"She doesn't. she doesn't remember." said Sango while looking at a shocked and concerned Inuyasha. A cold breeze entered the room putting out the candle light.

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