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Chapter 15: Sayounara... Inu-san

Miroku, Sango and Shippo stared at the bright soul that was held captive by the soul snatcher.

"Kagome's soul..." started saying Sango. "That means..."

She was cut off by Inuyasha's nodding. "Hai... that's the part of her that has all the memories of her life here... and her own time..."

"No way..." Shippo stated once again, his little eyes getting watery as he stared at Kagome.

"Are you done?..." asked Tsubaki in a mocking tone of voice which made Inuyasha's blood boil. Damn was he angry at her, and fed up with this whole thing. All he was sure of was that he was going to destroy that miko forever, that he was sure of.

"Feh!! Get ready Tsubaki!!!" he started running towards her, holding Tessaiga next to him. " 'I'll have to make this quick if I don't want Kagome to get injured... I'll jumped and land behind her... wont give her the time to react... yeah that's it! I'll make it!!'" he thought to himself as he rushed towards her.

Tsubaki narrowed her eyes and an evil smirk appeared on her face. "Wake up..." she whispered to Kagome's ear, then she pushed her; Inuyasha stopped suddenly when he noticed this. Kagome had taken a step forward and he noticed how her eyes got back to normal little by little...


She started blinking slowly as her vision was focused on the face of the worried looking hanyou. " 'Inu-san?...'" she thought faintly to herself. She could see Inuyasha's lips moving, like he was yelling something. She clenched her eyes tightly and when she slowly opened them again, she met his soft and worried gaze. Her eyes suddenly wide opened.


"Kagome!! Are ou ok??" the hanyou asked. She wondered why he looked so concerned. Then it hit her; she turned her head a little to the side and looked from the corner of her eye. There she was, an evil smirking Kikyo. As she stared at her, Kagome's body started to tremble.

"Kikyo...?" she asked softly.

"No! Kagome!!" she quickly turned her face towards Inuyasha. "She's not the real Kikyo!!"

"Not... the real Kikyo?..." Kagome asked. She was so confused, everything was so blurry in the back of her mind. " 'What does he mean not the real Kikyo?? I don't understand this!...'" she thought to herself.

"Well does that matter really?..." Tsubaki interrupted. "I still have your soul..." she whispered again to her ear. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes, Kagome gasped. Then, Tsubaki grabbed her chin and lifted her face towards the sky. Kagome widened her eyes when she noticed the soul snatcher and the bright soul it was holding.

"That's my..."

"That's right..." stated Tsubaki as she took her hand off Kagome's chin and her head dropped. "That... is the part of you that remembers everything... but don't worry... I'll give it back if Inuyasha is able to defeat..."

"It's trap!! Sango yelled from behind. "I wont let you get away with yours!!! Kirara!!" Kirara started running and Sango jumped on top of her before she took off. They were headed towards the soul snatcher.

"Don't Sango!!!" Miroku yelled, but it was too late. The taijiya held an angry expression on her head as she held her Hiraikotsu up. "Hiraikotsu!!!" she yelled before throwing her boomerang at the snatcher. But her surprise came after her Hiraikotsu bounced; there was a barrier protecting it. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw her boomerang coming right back at her.

"KAZAANA!!!" Miroku yelled from the ground. The strong sucking wind coming from his hand managed to deflect Sango's Hiraikotsu away from her.

"Houshi-sama!" Sango yelled in surprise as she stared back at the monk. He quickly put the beads around his hand again and looked up at her with a smirk. His Kazaana was hurting, but at least Sango was all right.

"Sango!!" Kagome yelled; she tried to move but it was useless.

"See all the problems you've caused?..." Tsubaki told her with an evil smirk on her face.Kagome lowered her head.

"SHUT UP!!" Inuyasha yelled at the top of his lungs. Kagome quickly lifted her face and stared at him. "You are the one causing all of this!!! Not her!! Kagome's not done anything!!"

"Well... she surely will..." Inuyasha widened his eyes as he saw Kagome was staring to walk towards him. She looked around not knowing what was happening; her body was moving by itself. Her stepd were short and it seemed as she was trying to hold back, but still, she was walking towards him with an arrow in her hand.

"What's happening!!!" Kagome yelled in desperation. "Kagome!!" Inuyasha yelled.

Tsubaki started laughing again. "If you want to get her soul back you'll have to defeat me... but first... let's see how you get through my personal guard..."

"What??..." He stared at Kagome and noticed the tears in her eyes. She looked around in despair, trying to hold herself back, trying to find a way to stop. But nothing seemed to work. Even when she was trying hard to stop herself from moving, she couldn't.

"It's useless..." Tsubaki stated from behind her. " Until the Shikon shard that I placed in your neck stays there... you wont be able to do a thing..."

"Shikon shard?... 'There's a Shikon shard placed in my neck... is that how she's controlling me??'" she thought to herself.

"This is gonna be so much fun... you'll be able to witness everything... you'll kil each one of them and you wont be able to do a thing..."

"Why are you doing this Tsubaki!!?" yelled Miroku with a serious expression. Tsubaki's face turned serious as she stared back at the monk.

"Because... I will never rest until I see you all dead... you all interfered... and after I'm done with you... I'll go after Kikyo and send her back to hell..." she turned her gaze towards Inuyasha. "Don't worry... as I said before, you'll join her..."

"KISAMA!!..." Inuyasha yelled at the top of his lungs.

"You can yell all you want... but that's not gonna make any difference..." Tsubaki stated; then she narrowed her eyes.

Inuyasha stared at her with angry eyes. "Inu-san!!" Kagome's voice made him look her way. He widened his eyes when suddenly Kagome disappeared. "What??!" He looked up and found her ready to attack him. She'd jumped just as fast as he did and was now holding the arrow up above her head as she aimed for him.

"Kagome!!" yelled Shippo. He was about to run towards them when suddenly a demon stepped in front of him out of nowhere. "Eh??"

"Look out Shippo!!" Miroku yelled as he threw himself towards the kitsune youkai. "Argh!!!" Thin blood lines flew in the air as the monk held his arm. The demon had managed to get to him and now he was injured, unable to use his Kazaana.

"Miroku!!" Yelled Shippo as he crawled next to the injured monk.

"Daijoubu Shippo... I'm... argh!!"

"Miroku you're injured!! We've got to..." Both of them suddenly lifted their gazes when they felt a strong shouki approaching fast towards them. In front of them, a huge demon with sharp blades as arms was standing.

"Miroku!!" yelled Shippo as he clenched his eyes tightly and held onto the monk's clothes.


A loud crashing sound was heard. Dust surrounded the spot where Miroku and Shippo were standing as thin blood lines flew around in the air.

" 'Oh my God I'm dead!!'" Shippo thought to himself as he still had his eyes clenched tightly. " 'I can feel the breeze blowing! I'm flying towards Kitsune's Heaven!!' Waaa!!! I'm so young to die!!"

"You're not dead Shippo..." Miroku stated.

"What?? I don't believe this!! Miroku's also going to Kitsune's Heaven!! Waaaaaa!!! It's all my fault!!!!" The little kitsune youkai started crying.

"Shippo... open your eyes..." stated a calmed Miroku. Shippo slowly opened his huge teary eyes and noticed they were riding on Kirara, Sango in front of them.

"Eh?? Sango!!"

Sango turned her head towards him with a smirk. "Hai..."

"Waaaaaa!!!! We're all going to Kitsune's Heaven!!!"


Miroku sat behind Sango with funny upset expression as Shippo rubbed the huge bump on his head. " Calm down Shippo! We're not dead!..." he lifted his gaze and smiled at Sango. "We were rescued by a beautiful angel..."

"Eh??..." Sango blushed.


Now it was Miroku the one rubbing the bump on his head.

"Baka!! This is not the time for your perverted manners!!!" Shippo yelled in anger.

Suddenly, they all turned around when they heard a loud crashing sound. They widened their eyes when they saw Tessaiga back on it's former shape, encrusted on the ground. But what shocked them the most was to see Inuyasha laying on the ground, with Kagome kneeling on top og him; one of her hands tightly clenched around Inuyasha's neck, the other one holding the arrow above her head, ready to stab him.

"Masaka!!" yelled Shippo.

Inuyasha was struggling agaisnt Kagome. She had gained so much strength due to the Shikon shard that it was almost impossible for him to move. Both his hands were around the arm holding his neck.

"Inu-san!!!" Kagome yelled. "Please stop me!!! I don't want to do this!! Please!!! Do something!!!"

"Ka... Kagome..."

"It's useless girl... when are you gonna get that..." Tsubaki stated from behind.

"C-Coward!!" Inuyasha managed to say. Little by little he could feel all his body going numb. He still had little strength left inside him to fight, but it seemed it was useless just like Tsubaki said.

Then he widened his eyes as he felt Kagome's wam tears on his face. She looked so sad, so tired. She was struggling too, he could feel it; she never had stopped fighting agsit Tsubaki's control anyway. She could be so strong, so determined when she set her mind into something; she could be so stubbron sometimes too...

Inuyasha couldn't help but to smile a little at the thought of this. Kagome was sure a strong girl, that's why he'd been able to keep up all this time, because Kagome gave him all the strength he needed.

Suddenly, Kagome's eyes widened; Inuyasha had stopped grabbing her arm. "Inu-san!! What are you doing!!??"

"Ka... Kagome... I'm sorry... I think all my senses are going numb... I can barely see clearly now..." Inuyasha staed in soft tone of voice.

"What?? NO!!! Please don't give up Inu-san!! Please!!!!..." she lowered her head and closed her eyes tightly trying to stop.

"Kagome... it's... not your fault..." he stated. Kagome's eyes wide opened quickly as she head him. "Non of this is your fault... I just wanted you to know that..."

"Don't say that... DON'T SAY THAT!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

" I know it is probably to late... and I know I'm stupid for saying this now... but I've just realized it..." Kagome stared at him with widened eyes and tears falling down her cheek. "I love you..."

Kagome was both socked and saddened. Tears started falling once again as she stared at the soft caring expression the hanyou held. "Inu-san..."

"... I guess I'm a real idiot for not realizing about this sooner huh... argh!!..."


"I'm sorry I didn't tell you this sooner..." His sweet smile broke her heart. After hearing those words she'd long for such long time to hear, she could only feel her heart breaking. Now that she finaly knew how he felt about her, she was about to end his life. Why is destiny so cruel to some people sometime?

"Do it..." came Tsubaki's cold command from behind.

Kagome widened her eyes as she felt her arm raising high. Inuyasha felt more tears hitting his face. He was so upset for this whole thing had to happen before he realized his true feelings. But then again, he was glad he told her after all.

"Inu-san!!!! Please!!... Don't give up on me!!... Please!!" her voice cracking as she tried to convinve her hanyou to stop her. "Please Inuyasha!!" Inuyasha widened his eyes at the sound of this name. "You're my boat!..." she started crying softly. "You're my boat, remember?... please don't give up on me... please..."

"Kagome..." he whispered softly.

"Do it!" Tsubaki's angry tone of voice was heard once again.

"INU-SAN!!!" Kagome yelled. Inuyasha closed his eyes with a slight smile on his face.

Gasps were heard, coming from Miroku, Sango and Shippo's direction.

Inuyasha suddenly opened his eyes when he felt Kagome's hand, the one grabbing him by the neck, slowly loosened her tight grasp. He also noticed the arrow's tip had stopped right in front of his heart.

"Kagome?..." His eyes widened when he noticed her sweet smile, it seemed as she was trying hard to smile for him, since she used all her strength to stop before she did something to him.

"Inu-san..." she stated softly as she managed to turn the arrow back. "You make a lousy boat... ne?..." she stated with a sweet smile as she slowly drew the arrow towards the back of her neck.

Inuyasha widened his eyes even more at the sight of this. "What are you doing?!!"

"I will not... allow her to take control over me again..."

"What??!!" Tsubaki's angry stare showed all the hatred she had inside.

"Argh!..." Inuyasha was shocked. Thin lines of blood flew in the air as the Shikon shard placed inside Kagome's neck came out flying as well.

"Kagome!!" he quickly caught her before she hit the ground. He held her close to him as she stared at him with a sweet smile on her face. "Why did you do that for!! You're so stupid Kagome!! You're so stupid!!" he yelled as he tightened his embrace.

For so long he had wanted to do this... for so long.

"Finally..." Kagome stated softly. "I'm free... arent I Inu-san?..."

"Hai..." he replied with a smile on his face. "You're back... you're safe now..."

"I don't think so!!" yelled Tsubaki as she quickly went for the shard.

Inuyasha lifted his gaze with angry eyes. "Tsubaki!!!"

But before he could do anything, a strong wind blew and Kagura appeared in front of them.

"Kagura!" Inuyasha shouted.

Kagura picked up the Shikon shard and stared at Tsubaki, who still held Kikyo's image. "You failed again..."

Tsubaki widened her eyes in shock. "What??!!"

"Don't you think you fooled Naraku with your little trick... he knew from the start you werent Kikyo... he just decided to play along and see what you could do... but again... you failed..." Kagura stated and then took a feather and threw it in the air. Soon, she was gone.

Tsubaki stared at her with angry eyes as she disappeared in the sky. Then her gaze turned towards Inuyasha. "I wont let you get away!!"

"Like heññ you wont!! Hiraikotsu!!!" Sango yelled as she threw her boomerang at her, throwing her against the trees that were behind her.

"You'll pay Tsubaki!!" The angry kitsune youkai yelled. "Kitsune bi!!!" (*fox fire*)

Tsubaki avoided the little kistune's fire by a hair.

"Inuyasha! How is Kagome?!" Miroku asked him as they all approached her.

"I'm ok..." she stated with a faint smile on her face.

"Yokatta!" Sango stated with small tears in her eyes.

Then they turned towards Shippo, who had been sniffing for a while now. "Waaaa!!! Kagome!!!" he yelled as he threw himself at her arms.

"This is not over yet!!!" Tsubaki yelled as a large crowd of demons started coming their way.

Inuyasha quickly stood up and left Kagome with Sango and the rest. He grabbed Tessaiga and it quickly transformed. "Get out of my way!!!... BAKURYUUHA!!!"

Tsubaki's shocked expression was seen by everyone as all the demons vanished quickly in front of her eyes. Boy was Inuyasha angry now.

"This is not over yet..." She stated once again, but this time, having a hard time believing it.

"That's where you're wrong..."

"Wait Inuyasha..." miroku stated from behind.


"She's using a barrier again... we need Kikyo's purifying arrows if we want to break it..."

Inuyasha turned towards her and noticed it was true. "Damn it!!"


Inuyasha quickly turned around when he heard her soft voice. She saw her standing being help by Sango.

"What are you doing! You shouldn't..."

"I want to do this..." she stated with a determined look in her eyes. "I may not have Kikyo's powers... but I want to try..."

The hanyou noticed she was already holding her bow and arrow in one hand. All he had to do was nod. Sango helped her stand next to Inuyasha as Kagome placed the bow in front of her and the arrow on it.

"Are you ready?..." the hanyou asked, not taking his angry eyes off Tsubaki.

"Hai" Kagome pulled the arrow back and aimed for the barrier.

"Ha!And you think you're gonna break it just like Kikyo did?" Tsubaki stated with a smirk on her face.

"I don't know..." Kagome stated; Inuyasha looked at her from the corner of his eyes. "But that wont stop me from trying!..."

The hanyou smirked and then turned his gaze towards the black miko once again.


"Hai!!... Go!!!" Kagome shot the arrow and it quickly turned into a bright purifying one, just like Kikyo's.

"What??" Tsubaki widened her eyes in shock.

Inuyasha ran towards her with an angry expression. "BAKURYUUHA!!!"

The arrow shot by Kagome broke the barrier, leaving again, sparks floating in the air. And right after that, Tessaiga's Bakuryuuha hit the miko.

A scream was heard before everything went blank. The light coming from both Kagome's purifying arrow and Inuyasha's ultimate attack was so bright it almost blinded them.

When they finaly oppened their eyes, they noticed Tsubaki was gone. She was finally gone. Miroku quickly ran up to the spot she was was standing before and sealed what was left of her soul with one of the sheets he carried to purify lost souls. After he did, he sighed and made a praying signal as he closed his eyes.

"Now let your soul be free Tsubaki..." he stated softly.

After that, he got to his feet and joined the others. They all had relieved smiles on their faces as they stared at each other.

Suddenly, they all turned towards the sky, were the soul snatcher was holding Kagome's soul. The barrier protecting it had vanished and left sparkled floating all around them. Then, the soul snatcher disappeared and Kagome's soul slowly started to fall.

Kagome smiled sweetly and went walking towards it. Inuyasha stared at her and then followed; Shippo was about to run after then, but was stopped by Miroku, who shook his head with a smile on his face. Shippo understood and turned his smiling face towards the couple.

Kagome stood under the falling soul, surrounded by colorful and brigh sparkles. Inuyasha stood behind her, now this was a pretty moment.

"Ne... Inu-san..." Kagome stated, still with her back to him.


"Do you think I'll remember all of this?" "I... I don't know..." Inuyasha lowered his face a little, he showed a liitle sadness on his expression as well. Maybe once Kagome got her soul back, all these memories would go away. It wasn't a bad thing, but he couldn't help feeling a little sad, Kagome had shown him a side of her he didn't know she had. She showed her her sweet side, her love. Not that she didn't do that when she remembered everything, but it felt as if this time was special; flashbacks started popping on his mind.


(*when she first woke up*)


"Kagome! Daijoubu ka?!" he asked with a concerned face.

"There's a little fox on my lap talking to me.. hehhe" she said still with that funny expression on her face.

"Are you ok Kagome?" asked Sango while sitting next to her.

"Haaaiii.. Oh boy." she said in a funny way right before she felt herself drifting off.

"KAGOME!!!" all four of them yelled at the same time with funny shcoked expressions.


(*inside the hut*)


"Are you ok?. Inu-san..?" asked a now concerning Kagome. Everyone got silly funny expressions as they heard her calling Inuyasha 'Inu-san'.

"INU-SAN JANAI!!" snapped Inuyasha while getting to his feet with a funny upset face. "Just call me Inuyasha!" he finally said after watching Kagome's blinking eyes.


"YASHA!" he finished for her.


(*when they were in search for the village*)


"Hai!" said a now smiling Kagome while getting up and handing him his kimono.

"What's with that expression on your face?" he asked getting a silly intrigued expression.

"Eh?.. It's nothing! That's the face I was born with Inu-san!"

Inuyasha's expression changed quickly to an upset one as he snapped. "INU- SAN!! How many times.. feh.. fine, call me whatever you want.. you wench.." he finally stated as he turned around and started to walk away.

"..Wench?.. hehe.. Inu-san?" asked a smiling Kagome as she saw Inuyasha turning around and then getting a silly face. "Osuwari!" she stated calmly.


*End of Flashbacks*

These were just some of the memories he'd forever save in his heart. He couldn't help but to smile sweetly as he remembered them, but was quickly brought back when Kagome started talking.

"Daijoubu!" stated a happy Kagome. Inuyasha lifted his face with a cute surprised look. "It's ok Inu-san!" Kagome turned to him smiling. "Even if I don't remember right away... you can be sure this would not just go away..."

Inuyasha smiled and then looked up. The bright souls was coming down and the moment were Kagome would recover her memory was about to come.

"Inu-san... Will you tell me what you said to me earlier?..."

Inuyasha was flushing deeply. "Eh??... What??... Erm... sure... sure..."

Kagome giggled at the sight of the blushing hanyou. Her hanyou. "You promise?"

"Hai..." he stated shyly.

Kagome was so happy now, this moment was all worth it. She didn't care if she couldn't remember all this when she woke up. This was her moment, and she'd treasure it forever, no matter what.

Inuyasha stared at her with expecting eyes as he saw her lifting her arms, reaching for her soul. As soon as the tip of her finger touched it, a bright aura surrounded her. He widened his eyes at this.

Kagome turned her gaze towards him with the sweetest smile ever. "Inu- san... arigatou..."

Inuyasha smiled at her. "You're welcome..."

Soon after, the brightness disappeared and Kagome lost her balance. Inuyasha quickly caught her.

"Kagome?? Kagome are you ok??"

Kagome slowly opened her eyes and at the sight of him she smiled. "Inuyasha..."

The hanyou's eye grew wide as he heard his name. Then she slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep. He smiled at her sleeping form. "I promise..." he whispered softly as the rest approached them.

Three days had passed since the day Kagome got her memory back. As expected, she couldn't remember everything that had happened, probably because this was all so shocking that she pushed the memories away unconciously. Of course there were not all bad memories, but still she couldn't remember all the details.

Inuyasha sat on top of his favorite tree branch, back in Kaede's vilage. A careless and bored expression reflected on his face. Everything was so calmed and nothing seemed to be able to destroy that peaceful atmosphere he liked so much.


Kagome's loud voice startled him and made him lose his balance, but he quickly grabbed the tree branch and avoided hitting the ground. He got back his previous position with a funny angry look on his eyes.

"What do you want now??!"

"I need you to go to the woods and pick up some branches! I wanna have lunch before I go back!" she stated with a smirk.

"Feh! Why don't you tell Shippo to do it!"

"Shippo's gone with Sango to get some fruits! And don't even think about me telling Miroku because he's gone too!!"

"So?? Why don't you go look for them yourself!!"

"What?? Inuyasha you know I'm still recovering from all the events that have happened!!" she stated with a funny angry look on her face as she placed her hands on her hips.

The hanyou smirked. "Feh! Oh really? Then why were you running around with Shippo yesterday huh?? And let's not forget about all the food you ate !! Sick people don't eat that much!! If you keep eating like that you'll look like a cow!!... eh??"

Inuyasha's expression turned from a mocking one to a scared one as he felt Kagome's strong and angry aura. He blinked a couple of times before he noticed how angry she was. He could've sworn he saw huge flames coming from her. Boy was he going to be sorry..."

"Inuyasha..." Kagome stated softly; but then she turned her gaze towards the hanyou, a deadly glare that is. "OSUWARI!!!"


Poor Inuyasha's face was burried deep in the ground. His funny angry and moody face lifted up only to find Kagome walking back to the hut, mummbling something about how inconsiderate he was.

"Feh!... you wench..." he whispered softly.



Once again, the hanyou found himself kissing the ground.

Later that day, Inuyasha stood by the nearby pond, staring at how the wind the blew by startled the water in the surface. His ears started twitching as he heard footsteps coming his way.

"What is it now... ?"

"Nothing much... Kagome wanted me to tell you that she'll be leaving soon... she said she'd be back in four or five days..." stated Miroku as he stood next to the hanyou.

"Hn... fine..."

"We were all surprised when you didn't object... you usually get all cranky when she says she has to leave..." the monk stated with a smirk on his face.

"Feh! Fool... after all she's been through she deserves it..."

Miroku turned his gaze towards the lake as well and always holding a smile on his face. They stayed in silence for a while before the monk broke the ice. " There's something I've been meaning to ask you since we got back..."

"What is it..."

"What did you mean when you said 'Something's different', when you were staring as Kikyo disappeared..." Miroku looked at the hanyou from the corner of his eye waiting for an answer.

" That's what I meant... something is different now..."

"Are you talking about how you feel about Kikyo?..."

There was a brief silence before he answered.

"Hai... I understood then... when I stared at her and... I felt... I mean, I didn't feel the same way... I used to feel so guilty for what happened, the feelings I shared for Kikyo were still there... as if not a second had passed since the day she sealed me with her arrow..."

"You mean your love for her..." Miroku stated, getting a nod in response. "And now?..."

Inuyasha smirked as he looked at the surface of the pond. "Now... I couldn't feel it... I just found this great need to protect her, not because I love her... but because... I made a promise to her... just because I made a promise..."

Miroku smirked and then turned around. He looked up at the sky and took a deep breath. "Well finally you came to your senses..."

"Eh?" Inuyasha raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Oh, nothing... this was just something that had to happen... sooner or later... but tell me something Inuyasha... we all heard her saying that your life belongs to her... what do you think of that..."

The hanyou turned around and they both started walking towards the hut. "I don't know... Kikyo still has many things to figure out... but one thing I've figured out is... no one owns no one's life... Kikyo sacrificed everything for me... so in a way I guess..."

Miroku let out a funny sigh. "Are you trying to say you still think you owe her your life?... I cane believe how stupid one can be sometimes..."

Inuyasha got a funny angry look on his face. "What does that mean??"

"You can be such a fool sometimes Inuyasha... no wonder Kagome's always 'sitting' you..."

Inuyasha stayed behind with a funny angry expression on his face as his fists shook in anger. "Oh yeah!! And who are you to call me stupid!!? At least I'm not a hentai!! And who gave you permition to ask those things huh??"

Miroku's careless expression as he continued walking was reflected on both his face and tone of voice. "You did... if you didn't want to say anythingm then you should've just keep that to yourself..."

Inuyasha's jaw fell wide open as a huge red vein popped out on his head. "Miroku!!!"

"Come on Inuyasha! Kagome's waiting..."

"Feh!" The hanyou stated as he started walking again, still with that annoyed expression of his. But after a few steps, his funny angry face changed into a smiling one. " 'Kikyo may own my life... but my heart already has an owner...'" he thought to himself as he made his way towards the hut.

After saying her good byes to Miroku, Sango and Kaede, and explaing she'd be back in a few days to the huge teary eyed Shippo, she made her way towards the well with Inuyasha next to her. Once again, Shippo had to be held back from running up to them and ruining their moment.

"MOU!!!" an annoyed kitsune youkai yelled at the top of his lungs.

While walking towards the well, Inuyasha looked at Kagome's smiling face from the corner of his eye. She was happy she was going back, of course she was, she missed her family and they surely were worried about her not coming back in such a long time.

He shifted his gaze towards the sky and a slight shade of red appeared on his cheeks. "'Should I tell her??... I made her a promise... but she doesn't remember...'" he thought to himself.


(*Kagome stood in front of Inuyasha; colorful sparks floating around them*) ...

"Inu-san... Will you tell me what you said to me earlier?..."

Inuyasha was flushing deeply. "Eh??... What??... Erm... sure... sure..."

Kagome giggled at the sight of the blushing hanyou. Her hanyou. "You promise?"

"Hai..." he stated shyly.


*End of flashback*

Kagome stared at him from the corner of her eye. " 'Why is he so tense?'" she asked herself. "What are you thinking?..."

The hanyou was brought back from his dream land and found himself blushing as he met her chocolaty eyes. "Eh??... nothing! What would I be thinking about??" he snapped at her.

"Ook... just asking..." she smiled.

They walked for a few minutes before they reached the well. Kagome walked towards it as Inuyasha stared at her back.

" 'Damn it!! She's leaving!! You fool you've got to tell her! You made a promise!'" he scolded himself; his face getting even more blushed and his fist shaking, from being nervous that is.

"Ok!" Kagome stated in a cheerful tone of voice, but what quickly cut off by Inuyasha.


Kagome turned towards her and found his reddened cheeks, which she thought were very cute. "What is it? Do you want to tell me something?..." she asked innocently.

"Well... I... I..." Inuyasha stammered ashe stared at the puzzled Kagome. "I..."

"Hai?... you what?..."

"I!!..." He held his breath for a few seconds and then turned his face away, with that annoyed expression he always got when things didn't turn out his way. "Feh! Never mind... just make sure to get back soon you wench!..."

Kagome smirked and nodded, then she leaned on the edge of the well and loked up at Inuyasha, who was still annoyed for some reason. He couldn't help but to giggle at the sight of him.

"What?? You better get back, your family's probably worried about you..."

"Hai..." she answered cheerfully. Then her eyes sofetened as she stared back at the hanyou."You really don't know how to keep a promise, do you?... Inu-san..."

Inuyasha widened his eyes and turned towards Kagome only to find her sweetest smile ever, the same smile she'd given him before she got all her memories back. "What?..."

"Ja, I'll come back in four days... I hope you find the courage to tell me what you wanted to say... bye-bye..." With that and another smile on her face, Kagome disappeared and went back to her own time.

Inuyasha stood frozen by what he'd just heard. Frozen and deeply blushed as he blinked in disbelief. "Did... did she just call me... 'Inu-san'?? she... she remembers??" After the few moments it took him to analize the situation, he found himself smirking once again."'Feh!... you wench... we sure are gonna have a long talk when you get back...'" he thought to himself as he leaned on the well and stared up at the bright sky.

From behind some bushes, Miroku, Sango and Shippo stuck their heads out, spying on the hanyou.

"Do you think he told her??" asked an intrigued Shippo.

"Who knows... but that smile on his face tell me he did..." Sango answered.

"So he finally got the courage to express his feelings..." Miroku stated with a determined face, Sango looked at him from the corner of her eye, a sweat drop fell from the side of her head. " 'If Inuyasha was able to confess his feelings, then why not me?? I am certainly not wasting this opportunity!!'" he thought to himself.

Miroku turned to Sango and she stared back at him in surprise. "Sango!!..." a brief moment of silence fell between them as the taijiya got blushed. "Will you bear my child??"

"Houshi-sama!..." Sango turned her gaze away from his and blushed even more. "I will..."

Miroku eyes opened widely as he heard her say this. She agreed!! "Well Sango I am so glad you agreed to..."

He stopped suddenly and a sweat drop fell from his head as he felt a furry tail when groping Sango's behind.

"Houshi-sama that tickles!!"


Shippo turned back to his kitsune form with a huge bump on his head and huge teary eyes as Miroku made his way back to the hut with his eyes closed.

"Waaaa!! I am not helping anyone again!! Too many bumps on my head!!Waaaa!!"

The end.

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