They smiled at each other as they ate their pancakes. Although it was way outside Ororo's norm, the trip to Vermont did her a lot of good. Her life was changing for the better it seemed and this was the perfect to christen it: good food, good weather, and a new boyfriend to share it with – possibly for a lifetime.

"These pancakes are absolutely delicious." she said to him between bites.

"Told ya – nothin' beats Vermont when it comes ta pancakes and syrup." he said as he polished off his second stack and ordered a third.

The restaurant started filling up with regulars looking for good grub - an all to popular weekend event in that area. They all noticed the "newcomers" or more specifically, Storm as they entered. Perhaps it was her stunning beauty; or maybe her serene disposition. It may have also been her charming smile or all around classy style. Logan was convinced it was that "I can't believe how good this food is" expression on her face. They all giggled and gave her approving smiles as she ordered another batch of pancakes. Logan just grinned. The waitress rang a loud bell just before delivering her order. Everyone in the restaurant cheered as she delivered them to the very perplexed Storm.

"What was that for?" she asked.

"It's a tradition – every time a first-timer orders their second helping, we ring the bell. It's our way of announcing the passing of your 'pancake virginity.'" Storm laughed and promptly thanked everybody in the restaurant as she held up a small pitcher of maple syrup in cheers of her new achievement.

"This place is so perfect! I cannot believe you have kept it a secret all these years."

"It wasn't a secret. All ya had ta do was ask."

"We have to bring the rest of the team up here. They will love it!"

**Sniff Sniff**

"I don't think that'll be a problem."

"What do you mean?"

"If I'm not mistaken, that's the scent of a stiff personality I smell. It's gotta be Scott." he said with a grin as he looked around the restaurant.

"What would Scott be doing up…"

"Hey Cyke!" he yelled as a waitress escorted him and Jean to their table. "Didn't expect ta see you two here…pull up a chair and have a sitdown."

The waitress brought two more chairs to their table and made a place for the two newcomers.

"Is this why you wanted to come to this restaurant Jean?" Scott asked, turning to his wife with a look of surprise.

"Yes honey, I heard the "grub" here was pretty good." Logan laughed, knowing there was a lot more to it than that. He was glad to see her, and she was definitely glad to see him. For years they talked about him finding someone to share his life with and it only seemed fitting that she was present at the start of what was sure to be a promising relationship. She was also very happy to see two friends that - in her mind - seemed perfect together give each other what they both needed.

"I can't believe you rode all the way here on the back of his motorcycle Ro. It doesn't seem your style." Scott said, now focusing on Storm.

"I have ridden on motorcycles before – just not very often. It was an exhilarating experience."

"I'll bet" Scott replied sarcastically.

"You should speak One-eye…If I'm not mistaken, that's "helmet hair" you two are sportin', right?"

By then, the waitress had already returned and was ready to take their order. Logan recommended the special – a combination of eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, and a mess of pancakes. They ordered and continued conversing amongst themselves. When the food came, the two new X-Men became a great source of amusement for the restaurant regulars – especially when the waitress announced the passing of their pancake virginity. Much to the surprise of the restaurant staff, Jean downed 3 stacks of pancakes before retiring her fork – beating Scott's 2½ stacks.

"So, do I detect a hint of romance in the air?" Jean asked Logan and Ororo.

"I think so." Storm replied - the noticeable twinkle in her eye was directed at Logan. He smiled and gave her a confirming wink.

*Good – now maybe he'll leave you alone* Scott said to Jean psionically.

*Stop it* she replied. *Be nice – you should be happy for them.* She knew he was. Their friendship had at times been rough but that didn't stop him from wishing Logan all the happiness he could find. He wasn't sure if Logan was the best man for Ororo; but he definitely knew she was the perfect woman for him. Very few people had the skills or patience to deal with him and his unique "personality."

"I don't know where this is headin'" Logan said. "But I like it. I have a feeling we're in store for somethin' really good!"

They all finished their meals and bought a couple jars of maple syrup (each) to take back to the mansion. Logan requested a separate order to go consisting of sandwiches, salad and soda. They then walked out to their motorcycles.

"Are you two headed back to the mansion?" Jean asked as Logan tucked everything into his saddlebags.

"Not just yet." Logan replied.

"Oh?" Ororo asked with an air of curiousity.

"Unless you really need ta get back…?"

"No – I just didn't know we were going anywhere else."

"I thought I'd show ya some of the scenery around here – I think you'll like it. You game?"

"Sure – on one condition."


"You teach me how to ride your motorcycle."

"Sure thing Ro" he said – with a smile. Riding a motorcycle was contagious and he could tell she was already hooked.

Scott and Jean looked at her in complete astonishment.

"Did…did I hear you correctly Storm…?" Jean asked, still not convinced she heard what she thought she heard. "Did you just ask him to teach you how to ride that thing?"

"Lighten up Jean" she replied with a Loganesque-type smile. "Have a little fun! Why not get Scott to teach you how to ride his?" she said as she climbed on the back of Logan's scoot.

They couldn't believe what they were hearing. How could it be that Storm – the classiest one of the entire group – was asking Logan – the bawdiest of the group – to teach her how to ride his motorcycle.

"Let's hit the road!" Logan said as he cranked it up. "You two are welcome to come…if you can keep up." He smirked as he popped it in gear and roared onto the road.

"I knew this would happen" Scott said as he climbed on his motorcycle and cranked it up. "He's already having a bad influence on her. Watch – before long she'll be calling me "One-Eye" and telling me to can it." Jean laughed as she donned her helmet.

"So how about it?" she asked

"How about what?"

"You gonna teach me to ride this thing?

He smiled at her. "As you wish…" he said as he popped his bike into gear and took off after Logan and Ororo.

A new day - possibly a new era - had begun…

**The End**