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What a magical kiss it was... I sighed as Jesse gripped me towards him. This kiss surpassed all others I'd had, including that damn Paul Slater's. I mean, Let's face it, no one's a better kisser than Jesse. No kiss had ever affected me in such a way, as though I felt I would die from the bliss of being in the arms of the one that I'd loved with all my heart, soul, and strength. My eyelashes were fluttering gently, as Jesse let go of me. It was disappointing, to be let go, as his embrace had given me the most loved, protected feeling in the world. He gasped, slid a strong by gentle hand down the side of my face, and dematerialized.

I couldn't believe it! He always did that! Got me to 'fess up that I loved him, (or very close to it,) and then scarpered. Coward... But I was too ecstatic to care about his spinelessness. I stared at where Jesse's spectral form had been, moments ago, and fingered the air. Fog was collecting on my skin, and I was beginning to feel cold. I shivered, and wished that Jesse would come back, and make me feel... not so cold. But no go. This was one time he wasn't coming when I called.

A question lingered in my mind... Yeah, so he'd admitted it wasn't his idea to move out... but... Did he love me?

Did Jesse return my ardour? Or was I on a wild goose chase? My sunny horizon began to dim with doubt. Could that have been another spur of the moment thing? Oh, God...


'Jesse, I need you,' I thought intensely. Well, technically, I didn't need him, but I really wanted to see him. See those gorgeous dark eyes that cleansed my soul, soothed my mind, pacified my emotions... Those gorgeous, hypnotic eyes... And don't get me started on his body. I mean, wow. You've never seen anything like it. All those muscles rippling along his back, across his broad, robust chest, and down his arms... Well, that's all I've seen of him. Unfortunately.

I was sitting on my bed. Spike was all hypo. He hissed at me, and clawed at my desk.

'Spike, stop it!' I snapped. 'You're going to wreck my whole room! Last week, you demolished the curtains, and now, you're at my furniture! You stupid cat. I miss Jesse too, but I'm not defacing perfectly good property, am I?'

Spike stared for a moment.

Then continued to claw the desk.

I groaned, and lay back on my bed. Why did Jesse have to move to the rectory? Well, yeah, I know why, but... why? It's not like anything steamy is going to happen around here. That's laughable! Jesse wouldn't dream of it. But I would... and have been. Dreaming of it, I mean. And don't even ask what 'it' is, you know...

There was suddenly a shimmer.

'Jesse, it's about time you showed your ghostly butt here...' I trailed off... 'Who the hell are you?' Oh, Geez, my politeness is to be applauded.

The ghost in front of me was a girl, of about... I dunno, eighteen? Dammit, she was beautiful. At first, I was forcefully reminded of Maria De Silva Diego, but then I realized that this girl wasn't that ice bitch, and couldn't be, as her clothes were more modern... but not by much. She had a pretty dress on, nothing quite as fancy as Maria's, but still rather elaborate, with a sensibly high frilly bodice, a high waist, and a skirt that swayed gently by her long legs. Her hair was curly black, another reason why I thought it was Maria, but this girl's was much longer, and wavier rather than in ringlets. Her eyes... They were so blue! Almost as blue as Father Dom's! They looked forlornly at me. Such desperation made me want to cry. Which is saying something. I do not shed tears easily, unless, usually, Jesse is involved.

'Susannah Simon? The Mediator?' she asked timidly, with a low, womanly voice. I guess she was older than she looked.

'Um, yeah, I... I guess,' I answered. Wow, I'm so professional, hey? 'Oh, thank God. I need your help so badly. You're the only other Mediator I know of in the area. I've already tried Paul Slater...'

My ears perked up. 'You went to Paul?' I gagged. She nodded ruefully.

'Yes. He didn't take to kindly to me. He tried to exorcise me on the spot. It's already happened once.'

'What? Paul's already exorcised you?'

'No, not Paul.'

'Well, if you've been exorcised, how can you come back?' I asked with amazement.

'I said tried, Susannah. My name is Bessie. I am a ghost.'

'No kidding...' I said, eyeing her ethereal glow.

Okay, I don't know why I was being so rude. I mean, I was gawking like crazy at the poor girl, making her feel really nervous.

'Listen, I already told you, I need you to tell him something... Tell him, despite the letter, I was not having an affair! I loved him!' she practically shouted.

The words 'who's "him,"' barely escaped my mouth when she dematerialized. God, I HATE those cryptic mediating messages that ghosts give you. They just expect you to know who everyone is. Okay, process of elimination. My clues? "He"... Okay, that cut of... oh, just half the world's population. Helpful.

'Um, hey, Beth, was it? No, Bessie? I need to know who you mean, or I can't exactly do anything,' I called to the roof. Somewhere in the astral plane, she had to hear me, right?


But someone else did.


'Well, well, well...We meet again, Suze,' said that all too familiar voice, the one that made my skin tingle with a deadly combination of fear, hatred, and yearning. I spun around wildly.


This was the same guy who had left me for dead in purgatory, had helped to try and exorcise my Jesse, who had sexually harassed me, and had tried to kill Jesse last time I saw him. Stuff like that doesn't make one warm for another, if you know what I mean. And judging by what Paul's grandpappy had told me, I was looking into the eyes of the devil. Those icy blue eyes leered at me. His evil face was topped with a head of neat curly brown hair. Suze, stop with the virtues! He's dangerous!

'Paul?' I choked, 'What are you doing here?' I asked. I mean, "We meet again, Suze?" that was a little formal, don't you think? This guy had issues.

A grin played across those lips that had kissed me once before with such passion... I was pulled back into that oddly nice memory of what had happened in his bedroom... right up to where I'd run away, only to have my escape delayed by a three hundred-pound bikie. The memory didn't seem that nice then.

'Paul, get out of my bedroom,' I said blandly. 'I'll call Jesse, and judging by his hospitality his showed you last time, I don't think he'll die of pleasure at seeing you.' Or so to speak. Jesse couldn't die again. I glanced over at Spike, who looked as if he was going to launch himself at Paul any minute now. I say, "Go, Spike, go!"

'Oh, I just wanted to tell you,' said Paul smilingly, holding up his hands in a "down, girl," position. 'You really need to give up the charity cases. You can do so much more than that. Ignore the ghosts for once Suze, God. Oh and my little shifter lessons with you are starting tomorrow. I'll pick you up from school,' he said.

I opened my mouth to object blatantly, but he grinned, and went, 'hey, my lessons, my conditions, or our little deal is up, Suze.' He came right up to me, sitting on the bed. My neck was straining to look up at him.

I stood up, and moved from my bed, you know? Over to the window seat, which looked much more appealing, as I had the wrathful, hissing Spike for protection. Lucky me. Unfortunately, he followed; slowly and menacingly. His dark curls caught the dusk light, and his face flashed with an evil grin.

'Get out, Paul,' I spat.

That trademark smirk widened horribly. 'I'm going.' With that, quick as a flash, he swooped down, grabbed my face my both sides, and attempted to practically smash my mouth against his, but I kneed him in the stomach. He didn't seem to notice, however. He must have built up immunity or something down there, damn him. I mean, it happens so often, you can understand...

So, as he did what he thought was kissing, (nothing was kissing, not after Jesse had blown my mind with his kiss... everything was just swept off the board after that,) I was thinking, "Jesse, Paulie's here. I'm so glad you haven't decided to show up. I mean, I know you're scared of him, but..."

Jesse must have been mad. Because, I had barely thought this, and he was there, his lip curling, and his eyes blazing. 'If you think that I'm scared of that sniveling, back-stabbing mongrel, you-' He realized that Paul was kissing me. I was flailing my arms, to show that I wasn't liking this at all, and so Jesse grabbed Paul's shoulder, and hauled him back. Of course, I went with him. I was smashed against Paul roughly.

'Um, OW!' I snapped, but I didn't have much longer to talk to Jesse. As I saw and knew exactly what Paul was doing.

Closing his eyes, and visualizing...


'Hey!' I yelled, as I reappeared in the hallway corridor, lined with those endless doors. Ever moving fog breezed on slowly and steadily, thick and colourless. Everything else was black. Tendrils of smoke were swirling around my legs, wrapping them in ice cold blankets. I mean, come on, I was wearing my really short jeans, you'd be cold too. I saw his dark face shadowed horribly.

'Paul, was this necessary?!' I asked madly, my hands on my hips. 'I really don't appreciate being dragged into hell, even if you do, and to mention, the headaches you get afterward? Post-shifting? Yeah, not my cuppa tea-'

'Suze, you won't be backing out of this deal, will you,' he asked, glowering. How can someone still look so hot even when they are furious? Damn him!

'What do you care?' I queried suspiciously. 'Because, if you hurt Jesse, I'll just kill you-'

'Ah, and you said that you weren't going to let him kill me because you didn't want a murder on your hands,' he said dreamily. 'You can't kill me, Suze. I'm much to powerful for you.'

Geez, with a head that big, I am flabbergasted he can make it through a doorway.

'Yes, these lessons, okay,' I said, shaking my head. Because, of course, I was dying to find out about shifting. I had been dying to all my life, and a little thing like learning at his house wasn't going to stop me. I told him so. 'But Geez,' I wheezed, did you have to bring me here? Jesse wouldn't have-'

I suddenly remembered why Jesse had shown up.

'And no more kissing!' I yelled furiously.

He laughed. 'I was wondering when you were going to bring that up,' he said. I narrowed my eyes.

'Paul, get it through that thick skull. I do not like you in the tiniest measure. Don't even try anything, because I never will. Now, you are already so in my bad books, so lay off!' Accompanying this command was a shove in his chest. He stumbled back, and fell into the mist. Not waiting, I shifted back to my room.

Once there, I woke up with an overwhelming headache. I opened my eyes, and Jesse's face swam into view.

'Querida, can you hear me?'

'Jesse, yes... Oh, Jesus!' I groaned, as my head pounded in full swing. I hate shifting.

I saw Paul's motionless body lying on the floor. It would be moments till he returned.

'Help me, will you?' I asked. Jesse assisted me in lifting up Paul, and positioning him carefully on the window ledge outside. I closed the window, and locked it. Jesse and I sat and waited...

With a start, Paul woke up too, and was horrified to find himself on a window ledge. He looked back inside, and banged irately on the glass, but I giggled and smiled, wiggling my fingers at him. With a roar, he fell, and landed but first in the rose bushes that Andy had planted just recently. There was a howl of pain. Jesse and I roared with laughter.

'Excellent, querida,' he commented, his eyes twinkling. I blushed. We stood there staring at each other, when he remembered that he was avoiding me.

'Goodbye, Father Dominic needs me,' he said quickly.

'No, wait!' I called, but he'd gone...