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'Quiet, you fool!' snapped Ramsis.

Paul's smile vanished. I'm glad to say that this croaky voice wasn't turning him on in the slightest.

'Suze? What the hell is up with your voice? You want a throat lolly or something, because that's one hell of a rasp-'

'Silence! Of course I'm not Susannah! Your Susannah has been possessed,' Ramsis snarled. From what I could gather, he wasn't to fond of Paul.

Paul looked momentarily pleased because Ramsis had said "Your Susannah," but then looked startled. 'Suze is . . . possessed?'

I felt my eyes roll. 'Aren't we slow on the uptake?' Ramsis drawled.

Paul stood up rapidly. 'Who the hell are you then?' he demanded fiercely, glaring at me. I felt so hollow and scared . . . What was going to happen? Why was Mr Mummy getting Paul involved?

'I,' I felt myself straightening up importantly, 'I am Ramsis, the most powerful shifter of all time, and you are my descendant.'

Paul looked at me cynically.

Then he snorted.

I felt Ramsis' outrage brewing within me. 'Do not mock me, young Slaski!'

Paul raised an eyebrow. 'I'm Paul Slater, remember? Suze, stop joking around, this is getting really boring, really fast.'

My eyes were glaring at Paul. 'You are not convinced. There is no time for that now, I need your help. There are four ghosts that are keeping me on this earth, and have been for a long time. I'm sure that you are familiar with your Susannah's cat, Spike? Well, I have been trapped in his feline form since approximately 1600 BC. It has been a tortured life, and I am in no mood to be delayed by some punk shifter.'

Paul's smile again, vanished. 'Whoa. Okay, slow down, dude. You are a guy, right? Ramsis? Yeah, anyway, how'' you get free?' Now I even felt like rolling my eyes. Paul was wasting time. Well, at least he wasn't going to try and get all hot and heavy with me this time. That was about the only good thing. I still felt panicky, but it wasn't so bad now. I was in no immediate danger, and I just had to be careful, or this Egyptian ass would hurt my Jesse. There was a lot at stake . . .

'Susannah freed me, unintentionally. She is regretting her mistake sorely, now, because I have frozen her friend . . . I forget his name-'

'Hector? Rico Suave? Cowboy? Jesse?' Paul offered, grinning horribly.

'Jesse, that's the one,' Ramsis nodded curtly. Paul is suck a dick, I swear . . . 'Oh, Susannah is calling you a "dick," by the way, if that helps.'

Paul laughed with glee.

'So,' he continued, 'You want me to help you exorcise some ghosts? My pleasure. Who are they? Are . . .' He stopped dead. 'Oh, do they have anything to do with that Sighting that Suze had at school earlier?

'Yes,' Ramsis revealed. 'About the scribes?'

'Yeah,' Paul nodded, looking very sinister, all of a sudden. 'Why do you need Suze for this?' he asked with a frown.

Ramsis made my eyebrows raise. 'Well it would look rather strange Is a decomposing mummy is walking around. Your Susannah got quite a shock on our first encounter.'

Paul smiled. 'Fair point. But why can't you use someone else? Jesse, for instance? He is a very, very powerful ghost . . .'

Oh, no you don't . . . Don't you dare, Paul . . .

Ramsis thought about that . . . 'That may actually be a better idea, just as long as you are sure you can do all of the work on your own. If you have my blood, I'm sure you can,' he smiled.

Paul looked pretty smug at that. 'And then, as a favour to me, could we exorcise the cowboy as well?'

No! No, not Jesse! I don't care if he loves me just as a sister, he's not getting his hands on Jesse!

'That seems fair,' Ramsis said.


'Susannah isn't too happy about this,' he smirked. 'She's screaming.'

Paul's smug grin widened. 'I bet she is.' Then, in a totally Doctor Evil way, they burst into laughter. This wasn't happening . . . They were going to exorcise Jesse! NO!

After they'd quite finished, Ramsis materialized back to my room.


Okay, now I was scared. Jesse was going to be exorcised! No! I wouldn't let them! I -

'You can't do a blasted thing, Susannah,' Ramsis said in my head, and went to stand directly in front of the frozen form Jesse, whose eyes were wide in shock. Then, he placed a hand on Jesse's arm, and instantly, I felt all the pressure that was swimming around my body vanish completely. I collapsed to the floor, breathing heavily. When I looked up, I saw that now it was Jesse who was possessed by Ramsis. He grabbed me by the hair, and hauled me up. I was like, 'Ow! Ow, ow, no touching the hair! Ow!' but did he listen? Nooo, he's too badass to care that pulling a girl's hair is NOT very nice. I mean, how rude is he?

'Silence, Susannah,' Ramsis barked in that Spanish voice of scorching hotness. I looked pitifully into Jesse's eyes, and saw that they were now Ramsis' eyes. Of the deepest brown . . .

This was NOT good.

'Say goodbye to your friend, Susannah. I imagine that this is the last time you will see him,' Ramsis sneered, shoving me to the ground. I scrambled up straight away, but not fast enough . . .

He'd dematerialized . . .



I threw myself back on my bed, cursing my luck. This was horrible! This was even worse than when I thought that Jesse had moved on after we dug up his body. I felt so hopeless, I mean, seriously, what could I do? Nothing! I couldn't stop "the most powerful shifter of all time, could I now? Not bloody likely . . .

I stared into space. Why were my eyes so wet, geez . . . Oh, fabulous, I was CRYING now! This was officially screwed up, okay, not good. I'm done for . . .


Jesse wouldn't give up if I was in trouble. He'd do anything to ensure my safety, and by God, I wasn't going to let the bloke down. I was going to get him back, because no one hurts the guy . . .

. . . Who loves me like a sister.

Oh yeah, that. Grrrrr . . .

But still! I owed it to him to save him from Ramsis' possession. He'd do it for me.

So, fired with a new determination, I bolted out of my room, and jumped down the stairs, ready to burst out the front door when . . .

The phone rang.

That kind of pissed me off . . .

I ran back inside, seized the receiver, and yelled, 'What? Can't it wait?!'

There was a shocked silence on the other end, then -

'Suze, um, it's just me, CeeCee . . .'

I instantly felt bad.

'Look, Cee, I'm . . . I'm really sorry, it's just that, well, . . . you're better off not knowing, actually.'

That was when CeeCee got annoyed. 'Suze? What's up? You'd better tell me.'

I gripped the phone handle very hard then. Should I tell her?

Whatever I decided, it just came gushing out.

'It's just that Jesse's going to be exorcised! Paul and this evil Egyptian dude, who happens to be his great, great, great, great, great, whatever grand dad, are out to exorcise Jesse, and they are going to exorcise these four ghosts that I've been trying to mediate for ages now, and I'm really worried, because I don't know what to do, or where to go!' I gasped, and hiccuped, trying not to cry so hard.


'Suze, er, do you wanna say that a little slower, babe?'

Now I was pretty miffed. I repeated most of it, not crying so hard now.

Again, CeeCee was quiet. Then after a while, she spoke up. 'Look Suze, I know that you're not going to let me, but I don't care what you say. I'm going to help you. It doesn't matter if I can't see ghosts like you can, I'm sticking with you on this one. Otherwise, I know it, you're going to get yourself killed. Stay where you are, I'll be right over with Adam-'

'Cee! Not Adam, don't bring him! He can't know about this, CeeCee! You-'

'Cool it, Simon! He's not coming, he's just a taxi driver. I'm at his place now, so yeah, okay?' I jammed my eyes shut. What was I doing? If I let CeeCee come, I would be putting her in danger too.

I guess I'm just a selfish bitch.

'Hurry, CeeCee!' I whimpered into the phone quietly.

**************************************************************************** *******

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