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Poseidon's blessing By McKenzie

The soft wind breezed over the docs of Port Royal, rustling sails in its wake. Men and women where doing business, orders where yelled and carried out, greetings where heard everywhere. People where running past each other, bumping in to each other, occasionally hugging each other. In the middle of all this movement stood one lone man, his hands where behind his back and he was gently swaying to and fro, staring out over the ocean. His dark and curly hair was pulled back into a ponytail, but some locks escaped its binding and gently waved around his handsome face. His brown eyes never once moved from the water before him, not even when someone accidentally bummed into his back and he stumbled a little before finding his balance again.

A woman approached him from behind, gently touching his shoulder.


Will Turner startled out of his musings and his eyes moved from the ocean to the woman now standing beside him.

"Elizabeth." He smiled, a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.

Elizabeth Swan looked sadly at her fiancé. She took a deep breath, she came here to say something and no matter how much it hurt her, and would hurt him, it needed to be said. Her heart was screaming at her not to do this, that there was no reason to do this. Will loved her, he would never leave her. She could just go on as she was and live her life happily with the man she loved by her side.

But in her head, she knew this was the right thing to do. Yes Will loved her, has always loved her and would always love her, but now there was another love in his heart. A love she knew she could not compete with. A love she knew was in his blood. It had been suppressed for a long time, but now that it had been brought out, there was no fighting with it. Oh, Will would try; he would fight this love all his live and would always try to keep her happy. But he wouldn't be happy and Elizabeth wanted Will happy more then anything. So she would give up her love so he could have his.

"This can't go on, Will. I can not marry a man who is already in love."

"Elizabeth, I love you, I would never love another!" Will cried out.

Where this come from, Will wondered, he loved Elizabeth with all his being. He loved her with his heart, head and soul. There never had been another for him, just like he knew there never would be another for him. What was Elizabeth seeing that he was not?

"I know you don't love another lady, Will," Elizabeth smiled sadly, "But you love her." She pointed to the water before them. "You have heard Poseidon's call and now you can't get it out of your head. The love for the ocean has awakened in you and you can not fight it."

"But" Will interrupted, but Elizabeth stopped him by laying one finger on his lips.

"You'd try, I know that, love." She said with tears in her eyes. "You'd try and fight this all of your life. You'd live your life by my side, work as a blacksmith and never set foot on another boat. But you wouldn't be happy, my love. You're a pirate. It's in your blood. You need to feel the deck move bellow your feet, feel the wind in your hair and taste the salt on your lips. You can not live on land, sooner or later you would waste away. And I can not stand by and watch that happen. So," Elizabeth drew in a deep and shuddering breath, "I'm setting you free, my love. Go out and find a boat. Sail the ocean and be happy."

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