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Authors note: I'm a big Greek mythology freak, and maybe I should have pointed this out in the first chapter, since he's in the title and all. Poseidon is the Greek God of sea's, oceans and other watery stuff. The Romans later referred to him as Neptune. He will play no part in this story, don't worry about Gods popping up all of a sudden, but in all the stories I write, somehow Greek mythology sneaks in, even if, like in this case, it's just a mention here and there. I have no clue if Will, Jack and the rest of out beloved characters would know about him, but in this story, they do.

Chapter 2:

Water. Water as far as the eye could see. The dark blue of the ocean melting smoothly with the light blue of the sky, no land came between the two. It was as it's supposed to be in Will's opinion, just him, his boat, the sky and the ocean. Yes, his boat. It belonged to him, every splinter was his. Granted, his boat was not a large one, just big enough for one man to handle without to much trouble and just big enough that it didn't get swapped away by the ocean. It didn't take away the face that it was his boat, the ocean was his home and Poseidon was his only king.

Yes, all was as it's supposed to be. Except… Except it was just him. As much as he loved the feeling of the sun on his face, the soft bouncing of his boat on the waves, the taste of salt on his lips, it was still just him. Nobody was there to enjoy it with him. The love for the ocean in his heart didn't take away the loneliness in his soul. Each day he saw or experienced something amazing. He loved seeing the sun sinking in the water; setting the water in fire or dolphins swimming alongside his boat. The feeling of the wind sweeping up and knowing he'd have to work hard to keep his boat above water and the satisfaction afterwards that he managed to, was amazing, something he never had before.

But there was nobody there to share the feeling with.

Will heaved a big sigh and let his gaze wonder and his thoughts turn to Elizabeth. He missed her, he loved her. He loved everything about her, her big brown eyes, her full lips, the fire she had in her soul. Only his Elizabeth would have enough guts to come between a pirate and his rum. Will laughed softly thinking about how Jack angrily told him how Elizabeth, his 'bonny lass', burned the rum to send out a signal to get of the island. There also where not many ladies who would stand against their father and fiancé as she had. He could still feel her coming to stand beside him after he declared that his place was between Norrington and Jack. 'As is mine' she said and his heart swelled up knowing that she choice to be with him after all. He couldn't believe his luck. For a while all was right with the world. He had his love by his side, what more could he ask for? But then, slowly but surly, the longing slit in his heart. He could no longer work hour after hour. Every few hours he went for a walk down the docks. Every day the walks got longer. Only when he was with Elizabeth could he take his mind of the ocean. But in the end, not even Elizabeth could completely let the call of Poseidon fade in his heart. And she noticed, of course she noticed. Elizabeth was one of the smartest people he knew. She noticed how his heart was not whole, added the clues and came to the right conclusion.

He could no longer life his entire life on dry land.

So she did the only thing she could. She let him go. She gave him some money to buy a boat, helped him stock it up and waved him goodbye. He still felt a painful sting when he thought back on their goodbye. She refused to say it, she refused to say goodbye. She said 'I love you, don't forget me' and send him on his way. He could never forget her, he could never forget her beautiful face, even with tears streaming down from her eyes.

Will turned his thought away from the past, and towards the future. All his musings let him to one conclusion. He needed a friend. He needed someone to share the splendor of the ocean with. He knew only one person who could appreciate her wonder like he did.

With that in mind Will set sail towards Tortuga. The only place he could think of where he could find out where Jack Sparrow was these days.


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