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What Magic Can Do To You

Ash, Pikachu, Brock, Tracey and May were sitting in the living room of the Ketchum

residence, just hanging out.

In the latest weeks May had suddenly got interested in supernatural things and was now

sitting with a thick book on her lap.

"Hey, did you guys know that there's a potion that can turn a human into a Pokémon?" May asked.

"Yeah, we met a magican for a few years ago, she turned me into a Pikachu." Ash said.

Tracey and May looked surprised and shocked, "You've been a Pikachu?!"

"Yup.that was alot of fun." Ash said with a sigh at the rememberance of that experience.

"Hey, could you let me try to do transform you into a Pokémon?" May asked excited.

"Do you have formulas in that book?" Brock asked as he went up from where he was seated and went to May to sit next to her.

"Yeah, right there." She said and pointed out a part from the book. Brock looked at the formula for a while,

"May, I don't think that this is a real formula." He said as he finished reading. Ash and Tracey went behind the couch so that they could get a good view over the book and to be able to read the formula.

"What makes you think that?" May asked.

"Two spoons of sugar?" Brock said as he pointed at that sentence.

"Brock's right." Ash and Tracey agreed. May eyes lit up as she turned around to face Ash and Tracey,

"Well, in that case I guess you don't mind to try it?" she asked.

Ash thought for a second, "Um.probably not." He said as he scratched the back of his head.

"Great! Can I use your kitchen?" she asked as she went up from the couch, holding the book in her embrace.

"Go ahead." Ash said.


May had picked up a ton of different stuff in small bottles and was now mixing it in a pot. Brock and Tracey popped up behind her.

"Are you sure that you're making that transforming potion and not some love potion?" Brock asked teasingly. May blushed fiercly, "Of course that I'm sure! Why would I be doing a love potion?!" May asked.

"Gee, I dunno. To make Ash notice you in another way perhaps." Brock suggested nonchalantly.

"Is all this smoke suppose to come out of the pot?" Tracey asked as he waved some of the smoke away.

"Yes, it's suppose to come out. It makes it look cooler then." May said.

"Hey!" Ash said as he appeared from nowhere, "Is this potion done yet?" he asked.

"Just a few more ingridients." May said as she continued having stuff in the pot.

"Is Pikachu supposed to attack this potion or something?" Ash asked.

"Um, why would she have to do that?" May asked confused.

"Well, that was what the other magician needed to make the potion complete." Ash said and bent over the pot to feel what it smelled like, "Do you have all this smoke so I won't have to see all the eyes and stuff floating around in there?" Ash asked. May smacked him on his head

"I do not have eyes and stuff in there!" she said, "You watch to much tv." She blend it with a spoon and poured it up in a medium large glass, "Here." She said and gave Ash the glass.

He was just about to drink it up, when May took the glass from him, "What are you doing?! You're not supposed to drink this! I just gave it to you so you could hold it for me!" she said and put the glass on the table instead.

"Torchic, come out!" she said and released her little fire Pokémon, "Use your ember, Torchic." May ordered. Torchic focused its ember into the glass where the potion was for about ten seconds, "Okey, Torchic. That's enough." May said, "Ash, stand here." Ash did as he was told and stood by the table next to the glass. May threw one last ingridient and went rapidly away from there as smoke started to fly around Ash.

"This smoke is making me feel very dizzy." Ash said as he rubbed his eyes. The smoke started to slowly gather itself and suddenly exploded, making the whole kitchen smokey. Coughing, Brock, Tracey and May got up from the floor.

"Pikapi!" they heard Pikachu yell from the living room and soon after that, Pikachu appeared in the kitchen.

"Ash! Where are you?" they yelled into the smoke. Tracey went to the closest window and opened it. A few seconds later they were able to see the kitchen again.

They ran to the spot where Ash had been standing on, right before the explosion.

"Ash! If this is some kinda sick joke, I'm gonna strangle you!" May looked under the table, nothing there.

"What did you put in that potion? Dynamite?" Brock asked, dusting some of the black stuff on his clothes.

"No!" May replied frustrated, "What if I killed him?!" she said horrorfied.

"Psy!" they heard from behind the open door. All four turned around and ran to the door,

"Pikapi?" Pikachu asked as she closed the door to get a descent look at the new creature.

"( *cough*, yes, it's me!)"

"Oh my god, Ash! You're a Psyduck!" May said, now even more horrorfied. Brock and Tracey burst out in laughter at the sight of the new Ash. Pikachu knocked on Ash's head, which seemed more like some kind of attack to Ash,

"(Ow! What did you do that for?!" Ash asked as he rubbed his Psyduck-head.

"(I just checked your reaction ability, Pikapi.)" Pikachu said innocently.

"(May, what's this suppose to mean?!" Ash asked hysterical.

"That you're a Pokémon?" May replied carefully.

"(I'm a Psyduck!!) Ash yelled.

Now it was May's turn to burst out in laughter, seeing a little Psyduck covered with black dust, yelling in psyduckish at her, wasn't something that happened everyday. Ash sighed deeply, trying to calm down.


A few minutes later, when they had stopped laughing, calmed down and were able to talk, they sat around the table in the kitchen. Except for Ash and Pikachu, they sat on the table, so they could get eye contact with whoever they talked to.

"(May, how long will this potion work?)" Ash asked. May looked in her huge book and read it a little while, "Well, it says that this potion will go off once you've learn how to master the psycic abilities a Psyduck should have learned on level 45." May said.

"On which level is he on now?" Brock asked.

"According to this book, he should be on level ten now." May said nervously.

"So do we have to train him?" Tracey asked.

"Guess so." May replied and scanned the pages fastly and suddenly stopped,

"Okey.um.there's one important thing here." May said slowly.

"(How important?)" Ash asked worried.

"The person who trains the transformed human may not know that this Pokémon is a human and.!.listen, carefully now, this Pokémon may not think of any other place than on the place its already on." May said.

"(Why not?)" Ash asked, scratching his head.

"Because if you do, you'll disappear to that other place." May replied and closed her book.

"(So let's say I think of C.)" Ash began when suddenly, in a cloud of smoke, he disappeared.

"Ash!" they all yelled as they saw him vanish right before their eyes.


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