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Ah well, enough with the explaining. Here's the 10th chapter of "What Magic Can Do To You" !!


"Oh god, it's way to early for this." Misty mumled as she saw the three familiar figures throwing plates into the swimming pool.

Psyduck (Ash) looked at the them, he knew that he had seen them before but he couldn't remember when.

Misty went into the swim rink followed by Psyduck (Ash). "Do you ever knock?" she asked tiredly as the three figures looked up.

Psyduck (Ash) was finally able to remember the three young men, they were the same guys he and Brock had battled the day Misty had to return to Cerulean. It felt weird to think like that. The past days here had made him think that they had never been apart.

"The doors were open." Said the guy who seemed to be the leader of the gang, San.

"What? Psyduck, you left the doors open?" Misty asked, looking down at Psyduck (Ash).

"(Wa? If I left the doors open? Is it my job to make sure the doors are closed?)"

"Yeah, you know the rules. The one who stay up last has to make sure that the doors are closed!"

"(Oh, was that a rule you just made up? Because I've never heard of it.)" Psyduck (Ash) said nonchalantly.

"I have told you a dussin of times that the doors has to be closed before the last one goes to sleep!" Misty said frustrated.

"(Wait, let me see if I get this straight. You are telling me, that it's my fault that they came in, because I didn't close the doors that I by the way, don't reach up to? Is there anything else you'd like to blame me for right after this brutal awakening?)" Psyduck (Ash) said, slightly insulted.

"Would you stop playing. . ." Misty began but got interrupted.

"Hel-lo!" said the tall guy, Rin.

"We are here to re-revenge the match we had here the last time!" said the third guy, Chan.

"And we will not take no for an answer! You are going to battle whether you want to or not!" said San as he threw a Pokéball and released his Tentacruel.

"Water canon!"

Tentacruel send a blast of water towards Misty and Psyduck (Ash).

Psyduck (Ash) got a grip of Misty's leg as an attempt to hide from the water canon but all of a sudden they weren't standing in the way of the water canon, they were standing on one of the floating madrasses, still dry.

"Psyduck, did you just use teleport?"

"(I. . . I dunno.)"

"Choose your Pokémon." Said San unpatiently.

"Can a girl change clothes before the first battle?" Misty asked, looking down at her nightgown which was covered by her morning dress.

"We will not wait!"

"Hmph. . . ah well, I guess I can wait another five minutes." Misty said teasingly,

"Psyduck, go!"


"What do you mean 'what'? Go and battle his Pokémon." Misty said annoyed, pushing him so that he flew by two madresses, only standing a couple of meters from the huge Tentacruel.

"Poison sting, Tentacruel!" said San, shooting menacing looks towards Misty. Sending out her Psyduck was the most insulting she could've done in his opinion.

Psyduck (Ash) wrapped his arms around his head, screaming like a little girl as the Tentacruel began to attack him.


"Psyduck! Stop running and fight like the male Pokémon you are! Sheesh, you're supposed to be braver not get even more coward than before." Misty said.

"If your Pokémon doesn't battle, I guess we'll have to make you battle." Said San evily,

"Tentacruel, attack the gymleader!"

Tentacruel stopped shooting poison stings at Psyduck (Ash) and shot five poison stings in Misty's direction.

In a mix of fear and shock Psyduck (Ash) got up and released a blast of psycic power. The water flew out of the pool sending everyone around it into the wall.

The poison stings were drowned in the water and the Tentacruel fainted as it hit the wall. The psycic powers slowly faded and the water fell back down into the pool. Psyduck (Ash) felt increidbly tired but he looked around and saw Misty lay by the entrance from the living room.

He swam to the edge of the pool and got out of it and ran the last the rest of the way to Misty. Psyduck (Ash) shook her,

"(Misty? Are you okey? Misty?)"

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Psyduck! Stop shaking me dammit!" she said, sitting up and slowly rubbing her head.

"(Sorry. You're not hurt or anything? Any broken bones? Scratches?)"

Mist laughed slightly, "I'm fine, Psyduck." She said when realizing something, "You used a psycic attack! Just because they were going to attack me! God, that's so cute!" she burst out, picking him up and embracing him tightly.

"(Ugh. Misty. . . you're. . .suffocating me.)" Psyduck (Ash) said, trying to wriggle his way out of her embrace.

"This is not over yet!" they heard San, Rin and Chan say from the other side of the swim rink.

Misty got up, with Psyduck (Ash) still in her embrace. She seemed kinda mad and Psyduck (Ash) could swear that if they didn't leave quickly she'd rip them into pieces and feed her Gyarados with them.

"You better leave now or I'll report you to the Pokémon League and the police."

They hesistated for a while but decided it was best to run when Psyduck (Ash) jumped from Misty's embrace and began to run towards them.


He opened his eyes slightly and discovered that he was lying on the couch in the living room again.

The psycic blast he had created had taken all the energy he possesed and those three guys hadn't even given him the chance to eat breakfast before attacking him. While looking around in the living room, Psyduck (Ash) heard something and assumed that it was the television that was on.

"(Whatcha doin'?)" asked Togetic as he entered the living room.

"(I dunno, I thought that I was watching some program on the TV but it turned out to be my reflection.)" Psyduck (Ash) replied tiredly as he saw himself on the screen.

An evil grin spread over Togetic's otherwise innocent face.

"(What do you want?)" Psyduck (Ash) mumled, sensing something weird.

"(If you have nothing to do would you like to go for a good game of "Go fish"?)"

"(What's that?)"

"(A cardgame.)" said Togetic, smiling even wider, "(It'll be fun. Let's go!)" he added while taking one of Psyduck's paws and dragging him off the couch, making him drop down to the floor with a dunce.


Togetic dragged him all the way from the living room into the kitchen.

"(Welcome to my "Go fish" place!)" Togetic said proudly.

"(It looks like we're going to play russian roulette.)" Psyduck (Ash) commented, while getting up from the floor and scratching his head.

He watched Togetic walk to the little table where the light of the low lamp lit the kitchen slightly.

"(We're not gonna play russian roulette, right?)"


"Oy, it's dark in here." Said Misty as she entered the kitchen and tried to find the switch.

"(All your queens.)"

"(Go fish.)"

"(All your fours.)"

"(Go fish.)"

Misty looked at her two Pokémon, raising her eyebrows while walking closer. Psyduck (Ash) was leading with three pairs while Togetic only had two. They seemed to be so into the game that they hadn't noticed that she was in there.

"What are you doing?"

"(Don't interrupt the game, woman. Can't you see that I'm on the verge of winning?)" Psyduck (Ash) said while chewing a salt stick, "(All your kings.)"

Togetic sighed deeply while giving Psyduck (Ash) his two kings and sighing even deeper when seeing that Psyduck (Ash) had another pair.

"Say what?" Misty said in a throaty voice.

"(I-I mean. . . Hi, Misty! Um, you look um. . . beautiful today?)" Psyduck (Ash) said sweatdropping when looking up to Misty.

"(Someone is in trouble. . . )" Togetic said in singsong, looking down at his cards. Misty didn't say anything, she just glared down at Psyduck (Ash) who slowly turned his attention back to his cards.

"(All your fives.)"

"(Go fish.)" Togetic said while taking another salt stick, "(Um, all your knights.)" Psyduck (Ash) sighed frustrated and gave Togetic his three knights.



"(He taught me!)" Togetic said in his defence while pointing at Psyduck (Ash).

"(Wa?)" Psyduck (Ash) said in shock.

"Hm, I don't want any foul mouths in my gym, understood?" Misty said, glaring at both of them, "Good." She said when they both nodded quickly.

"(Would you stop getting me in trouble?)" Psyduck (Ash) hissed. Togetic didn't reply, he simply smiled widely and stuck his tongue out.

"(All you threes.)" Psyduck (Ash) said.

"(Here.)" Togetic said, giving Psyduck (Ash) two of his cards.

"(Super bra!)"

Next thing he knew, he had his face marked in the table as salt stick went half way down his throat.

"What's the matter with you?!" Misty yelled, blushing slightly.

"(Except that I need glue to get my beak back together, you mean?!)" Psyduck (Ash) asked, making sure that his beak really hadn't gone off his face.

"Have you been searching through my underwear, you perverted duck?!" Misty asked, ignoring Psyduck's (Ash's) question.

"(What are you talking about?)" Psyduck (Ash) burst out embarrassed.

"(You look like a tomatoe.)" Togetic commented, referring to Psyduck (Ash). Psyduck (Ash) glared at Togetic quickly before turning back to Misty.

"(I didn't mean that kind of 'bra'! It's swedish and it means 'good'.)" Psyduck (Ash) explained.

Misty raised her eyebrows, "Swedish? Are you kidding me? Is that even a language?"

"(Yes, it is. They we're going through some useable frases on a channel I was watching yesterday.)"

"What time was it?"

"(I dunno. It was late.)" Psyduck (Ash) said shrugging.

"You, mister, are not going to watch any program after nine o'clock." Misty said determinated. She sat down on her knees by the table and looked at both Togetic and Psyduck (Ash).

"I'll sit here and make sure that you don't use any words under the belt. . . " Misty began.

"(A bra isn't under the - please continue.)" Psyduck (Ash) said almost swallowing his tongue at the sudden turn in the sentence.

"As I was saying, I'll make sure that you don't use any bad words and if you do, you'll have to swim five turns in the swiming pool, okey?"

"(You think you can handle that, Psyduck?)" Togetic asked teasingly.

"(I can handle that and more.)" Psyduck (Ash) said confidently.

As the two Pokémon returned to the game, Misty looked at Psyduck. She couldn't stop wonder why he had changed so much.

The thing that creeped her out the most was the fact that Psyduck wasn't only changing, he was becoming Ash.

Was it because Psyduck could feel how much she missed him? Or was it because her Pokémon had begun to miss Ash too?

Misty decided that she would go to Pallet Town tomorrow, there was no reason to not go and then maybe her Psyduck would turn into himself again.


Later that day Togetic and Psyduck (Ash) went down to the aquarium for a walk. They had been talking alot but now they were just walking in silince.

Psyduck (Ash) was thinking about a few things they'd been talking about. He never thought that he, Ash that is, had such an important role in the lives of Misty's Pokémon.

The thought of him being so important was quite flattering and it slowly began to form a chain of thoughts.

Togetic suddenly stopped with surprised and shocked expression on his face.

"(You?!)" he said while he jumped around Psyduck (Ash) and pointed at him.

"(What?)" Psyduck (Ash) asked calmly.

"(You - you. . . !)" Togetic stammered, still jumping around.


"(You're inlove with my mommy! I heard you!)"


"(I heard you! I saw that you were thinking and I wanted to know what it was so I read your mind. . . YOU ARE INLOVE WITH MY MOMMY!)" Togetic yelled in shock.


"(Do I speak russian with turkish accent? What's the matter with you? You. Are. Inlove. With. My. Mommy!)" Togetic said, "(You say 'what' again and I swear I'll tell Horsea 'bout this and you know how big mouth she has.)" he added when he saw Psyduck (Ash) open his beak.

Togetic took a deep breath before looking back at Psyduck (Ash). A big grin spread over his face when he saw that Psyduck (Ash) was blushing.

"(Hey, it'll be a pretty sad love story for you. Mommy loves daddy.)" Togetic said confidently. The comment made Psyduck (Ash) blush even more.

"(Um, Togetic, I'm not Psyduck.)"

Togetic raised his eyebrows, putting his paw over Psyduck's (Ash's) forehead.

"(I'm not sick. Listen, May wanted to try out some formula that turned humans into a Pokémon. . . )" Psyduck (Ash) began.

"(Yeah, and you turned into a Psyduck and came all the way here to Cerulean on her broomstick and took mommy's real Psyduck's place. Seriously, what's you problem?)"

"(I'm Ash.)"

"(Are you telling me that I wouldn't recognize my own daddy? My own flesh and blood?)"

"(Would you just knock it off? I'm Ash, May turned me into a Pokémon, I happened to think of Cerulean and I ended up here. The real Psyduck is still in his pokéball hidden in a very secure place.)" Psyduck (Ash) explained.

"(Gimme proofs.)" Togetic said, crossing his arms.

"(Um, okey. . . eh, oh! Right, we battled for you. Me, Misty, Brock and Meowth from Team Rocket. I won you but since the first person you saw right after you'd hatched was Misty, you thought that it was your mother.)" Psyduck (Ash) began.

"(Mommy is my mommy!)" Togetic burst out.

"(Yes, I know. So, that's why Misty got you. Oh, and then we have that time when I was going to win my eight badge here in Kanto. Misty said something to me and then you climbed up my shoulder I thought it was Pikachu and when I reached out for Pikachu, it turned out to be you and in a moment of shock I just threw you up in the air so that you got stuck in the mouth of a Fearow.)" Psyduck (Ash) stopped to breathe but was instead pushed down onto the floor. Togetic had embraced him but at the same time pushed him so that he lost his balance.


"(Togetic, promise me that you won't tell Misty.)"

"(I promise!)"

Psyduck (Ash) got up and sighed deeply, "(I'm gonna turn into myself in the end of this week probably, so Misty will find out then.)"

"Hey! There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!" Misty said from the staircase, "We're going to Pallet now." She added smiling.

"(What?!)" both Togetic and Psyduck (Ash) asked union.

"We're going to Pallet Town." Misty repeated.

"(But, you said that you would wait three days!)" Psyduck (Ash) said worriedly.

"I know, Psyduck. But I don't see any reason for that now. Besides, I think that everyone here misses Ash, Brock and their Pokémon. So don't argue with me!" Misty began to walk back up again and all Togetic and Psyduck (Ash) could do was to follow her.


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