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Chapter 1

Kagome's eyes opened to the sudden burst of light. She shifted around and tried to snuggle more into the covers but she then remembered it was Monday and she would be starting her new school. Her family had just moved from the United States to Japan. Her mother had been offered a high-ranking job there so they decided to move. They now lived in a small shrine with her grandpa and her little brother, Souta. Kagome had never wanted to move. She loved her life in the states. She had great friends and did really good in school. Now she was thrown into this new place she didn't like.

She put herself in a sitting position. Her eyes moved to her uniform. It was a short green shirt with a white top. She sighed as she looked at the piece of clothing. ' We never had to wear uniforms in my old school,' she thought. She got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom.

After a short shower, Kagome put on the uniform. She scoffed at what she was wearing. Kagome walked towards the mirror and began to look at her self. She hated uniforms but she had to admit it looked quite good on her. ' Maybe the top isn't so stylish but the shirt would be nice to wear on a hot summer day in California.' She thought. Kagome then headed downstairs for breakfast.

The halls of Westward High school were quite crowed. It would be hard for anyone to find his or her way through, especially for a new student. Kagome looked at the small piece of paper that she held in her hand. Her first subject was math at room twelve. It had been at least fifteen minutes now and she hadn't found her destination.

Kagome continued walking, her eyes glued to her seclude. Since she wasn't watching where she was going she accidentally bumped into someone. She looked down to see a girl on the ground. She had long black hair, which was tied into a ponytail and dark brown eyes.

" I'm sorry. I should have watched where I was going," Kagome apologized as she helped the girl up.

" It's okay," the girl said as she stretched her hand out towards Kagome, " My name is Sango Kinata."

" I'm Kagome Higurashi. Nice to meet you," Kagome said as they shook hands.

" I've never seen you around here. How come?" Sango asked.

" That's because I'm new," Kagome responded.

" Well do you need any help? Maybe I could show you around," Sango suggested.

" Thanks. I can't seem to find room twelve."

" Well I'm headed there. I'll take you."

" Really! Thanks," Kagome said cheerfully.

Sango smiled and signaled Kagome to follow her. Kagome almost lost Sango a couple of times because of the crowd. 'How could Sango get through this every day?' she thought. After about five minutes they arrived at the classroom.

As they entered all eyes were on her. Kagome sat in a vacant seat behind Sango. A boy soon approached her. He had long black hair, which was held in a low ponytail and light brown eyes.

"Hey Sango who's your new friend?" he asked giving Kagome a smirk.

"Her name is Kagome," Sango responded. The boy kneeled on his knees and took Kagome's hand.

"I am Miroku Hoshi," he said as he kissed her hand, "Would you give me the pleasure of bearing my child?"

Kagome almost fell off her seat.

"Na-nani?" Kagome asked.

Kagome's eyes bulged out when she felt his hand on her backside. He gave a squeeze before he was on the ground with a big bump on his head.

"PERVERT!" Kagome screamed. Sango just shook her head.

" Hoshi-sama do you have to learn everything the hard way?" Sango sighed as she looked at a fuming Kagome.

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