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" Kagome! Hurry up!" Inuyasha yelled.

" I'm coming!" she said and ran sat on the couch and put on her shoes. She had on a black dress, her hair ran freely down her back and she wore a bright purple necklace around her neck.

Inuyasha smiled and kissed her on the lips. " You look beautiful." Inuyasha complemented her.

" Thank you!" Kagome said and kissed him back.

It had been twelve years since Kagome had moved to Japan and all those exciting events took place. The four best friends had gone to collage together and still had their relationships. After they had graduated Inuyasha proposed to Kagome and the couple had gotten married only a few months after.

They now lived together in a remarkably large house together with their three-year-old girl, Suki. The family was about to go to Sango and Miroku's third year anniversary.

" I'd better get Suki," Kagome said and walked to the young girl's room. She came out a couple of minutes later holding their daughter's hand.

Suki was a cute little hanyou. She had black hair and cute white ears on top of her head. Her eyes were a grayish color and she had small claws on her hands.

" Let's go! We're already late," Inuyasha said and headed to the car with his wife and daughter.

" HAPPY THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!" the group of guests shouted at the couple that sat at the head of the table. Miroku kissed Sango gently on the lips and the couple got ready to receive some gifts.

" Sango honey," Mrs. Kinta said to her daughter and son-in-law. " The first one is for you and the other is for the baby!" Mrs. Kinta said, looking at Sango's large stomach. She put the two of the gifts in front of the couple and gave two of them a hug.

" Thank you!" Miroku replied.

It was soon Kagome and Inuyasha's turn to present their gifts to the couple. Inuyasha gave the two a large box as Sango looked at it with wide eyes.

" Happy anniversary you two!" Kagome said.

" Good luck with your marriage!" Inuyasha said.

" Yay! Aunty Sango, Uncle Miroku!" Suki said and waved her hands up in the air. Miroku picked up the hanyou and gave her a hug while Sango gave the girl a kiss.

" Thank you Suki! Inuyasha! Kagome! Thank you everyone!" Sango said and smiled because she had such great friends.

" You're welcome," Kagome said and gave the two a hug.

A couple of hours later the four friends sat outside talking peacefully. The stars shone brightly above them as the couples snuggled together.

" Do you guys ever wonder?" Kagome asked. Sango looked over at her.

" What?" Sango asked.

" What happened to Kikyou?" Kagome asked.

" Don't even mention that name!" Inuyasha said. Kagome pouted.

" But I think Kagome has a point," Miroku said. "We never saw her from after high school."

Kagome looked up at the sky and the bright stars. "Yeah I wonder how she's doing?"

A woman with long raven hair and cold brown eyes picked up an old trash can and threw the rubbish in the garbage truck.

" Hustle Kikyou. We have ten more areas to cover!" yelled the man in the truck. Kikyou grumbled.

" I'm hurrying!" she argued and threw the last amount of garbage in the truck. She climbed on the back as the driver sped off.

After a while of riding the girl lost her balance and fell into the garbage. "My hair! Gum is stuck in my hair!" Kikyou said. She huffed and folded her arms as a rotten tomato suddenly fell on her head.

" Ew! I hate this job!" Kikyo complained and pulled out some gum, which was in her hair.

" I bet she's doing just fine!" Inuyasha said and kissed Kagome on the cheek.

" Yeah!" they all replied in union. Miroku leaned in and kissed Sango on the cheek.

" And things are going to get really great when the baby comes along!" Miroku said. Sango smiled at her husband.

" I bet Suki would be really happy to get another friend to play with!" Sango said.

"She can't wait! All she does is ask when the baby is coming!" Inuyasha said.

" I can't wait either!" Kagome exclaimed. Thing were going pretty well fro the four best friends. Sure they had gotten older and were having children of their own but that didn't change them one bit! Their relationship was still strong and they knew that no one could break it no matter what they try.

Their friendship and love would last not only for a lifetime but also forever and ever. Always...

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