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Fallen Angel

By Crazed Maniac 02


The wide space was covered in a blinding gold and silver light. In a split second, the space colony known as ARK was teleported outside of Earth's atmosphere, thanks to two heroic hedgehogs.

They both sparkled in their super forms. One was a golden yellow and the other was a creamy silver with red streaks. They both had crimson eyes that matched their burning hearts.

They both had a tight grip on the colony as it teleported. In the middle of its teleportation, the silver and red one let go. He started falling at an incredible speed towards Earth.

"Maria, this is what you wanted, right? This is the promise I made to you.."

He had heard Maria's last words before death took her away. He kept them in mind as he awoke again, keeping the promise at mind and heart. He made his purpose, and now it was all over for him. His ring supply was quickly decreasing and it was only a matter of time before he joined his beloved Maria.

The impact slowly tore him apart. He could feel it, but he couldn't bear to look. What he didn't know was nothing was happening to his physical form.

What he felt was his heart slowly breaking, but why? He made the people happy, but what about himself? He knew he didn't have a chance now, and the realization hit him hard in the chest. He felt an emptiness inside for the first time in his life. Tears formed in his eyes and fell down his silver face.

Just then, he saw a flash a silver light, blinding him. His fall stopped. The feel of the atmosphere was numb to him. He floated there, remaining in his super form.

He felt a twinge of pain blow his quills. He shuddered and shook it off. It came back instantly with a growing intensity. He gasped and held his head back, moaning in pain. His back burned like fire and time seemed to slow down, making the pain worsen with every passing second. Tears fell at a greater rate at the growing torture. His body functions slowed down and he was on his last string of life.

The pain weakened and so did he. His back muscles twitched as a result. A rippling sensation was sent throughout his back. He gasped as he felt two slits forming vertically on his back. An agonizing pain was sent through his whole body as two angel wings emerged from his back. They were white with red at the tips.

By now, Shadow was all cried out. The pain was much more than he could take. He never noticed the wings, too busy tormented by pain. His super form faded and he was falling again. He could see the flying colors, but was still numb to the fall.

As his silver fur slowly darkened, he started to feel weary. He looked into the starry space for the last time. The burning scarlet in his eyes faded. His mind slowly slipped out of consciousness and his broken soul surrendered to death's call.

His wings flapped naturally at the impact of the fall. Before crashing to the ground, the two foreign objects slowed his fall and gently placed him on the ground. The starry night disguised this spectacle.

He lay on his side, motionless. Wet tears sparkled on his unmarked fur. A heavy bloodclot surrounded his wings, keeping them in their place.

No one would know the pain he went through as a result of his suicide. Mixed feelings crossed his mind that night. Sadness, happiness, and loss merged in the confused hedgehog. No one would ever know exactly who he was, but in their eyes they took him for who he truly was: a fallen angel.