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Chapter 1


"Six years at Hogwarts mate," said Ron cheerfully, while putting on his Prefect's badge. Hermione and Harry doing the same; Harry also putting on his Quiditch Captain badge. (A/N: I know, only two prefects per year, per house, but I couldn't split the trio in that way)
A few minutes later, they did their inspection of events on the train, then sat down in an empty compartment. Harry was staring out the window aimlessly, when Hermione noticed something.

"Harry, your glasses are broken again, and your face looks awful Harry, it's covered in bruises!" Hermione said worriedly as she took his glasses, repaired them, then put them back on Harry's face, awaiting an explanation. There was a silence, all eyes were on Harry; he finally decided to give in.

"Uncle Vernon" was all he said at first; a pained expression on his face.
"They got a little... worse this summer; started getting abusive... 'Specially Uncle Vernon..." he said slowly.

"Oh Harry, why didn't you tell us?" Hermione said sadly. They all sat silently for a few moments.

"It's nothing Hermione... just some scrapes... some bruises... It's not like they were purely torturing me or anything... I never even blacked out... well... actually... never mind..." he said slowly. He looked into Hermione's eyes pleadingly.

"HARRY! It's not 'nothing' Harry, is your face the only place where they hurt you? You realize you SHOULD have TOLD us!" she said angrily, yet sympathetically. Harry looked over to Ron and gave him a look of sorrow, pain, and fear. Ron nodded. Harry shook his head slowly.

"HARRY! Is it only scrapes and bruises Harry?" she asked. Again, Harry slowly shook his head.

"HARRY! What else is wrong Harry!?" she asked. There was an awkward silence as they waited for Harry's answer.

"I... it's nothing... really Hermione!" he said.

"Harry..." she said with a scowl. Harry sighed and pulled up his sleeves.

"I think... that my right arm's broken," he started, pointing to an area he had tried to bound with a piece of sheet. Then started again before any other interruptions.

"As well as my left wrist; I think my right wrist is only sprained. Other than that... it's just bruises and scrapes... big bruises," he finished slowly and shakily.

"HARRY!" this time Ron and Hermione yelled at him. Harry winced and looked down.

"If you weren't already injured Harry James Potter, I'd murder you!" Hermione said exasperated. All the noise brought in Ginny from whatever compartment she had been in, hearing Hermione's and Ron's voices shouting.

"What's with all the shouting--" she started, then looked over to Harry.

"Harry--" she said.

"I'm fine..." he muttered. He looked back into Hermione's eyes pleadingly, she loosened up.

"Harry, I can't do anything right now; but as soon as we get to Hogwarts, you're going straight to Madam Pomphrey. Until then, is there anything ELSE you need to tell us?" she said exasperated. Ginny sat down next to Hermione. Hermione sat there waiting for an answer.

"Uh... what happened?" Ginny asked.

"Oh nothing really, Harry just neglected to tell us over the summer that those AWFUL muggles he lives with have been abusing him! He's got scrapes and bruises ALL over his face, and who knows where else, and he's also got a broken wrist, and arm, along with a sprained wrist!" she said angrily.

"HARRY!" it was Ginny's turn to yell.

"I think you better speak up mate, before they murder you," offered Ron. Harry nodded.

"Dreams... Scar..." he muttered.

"What kind of dreams Harry?" Hermione asked, slowly.

"Voldemort, deatheaters, innocent people... Sirius... my parents..." he said slowly. Tears started running down his face freely.

"Oh Harry!" Hermione said gently, going over to him and hugging him gently; Ron got out of the way and sat next to Ginny so Hermione could sit down. She sat down and Harry put his head into her shoulder. Hermione sat silently and decided to let it rest. Soon Harry was asleep; his head still resting on Hermione's shoulder. She looked to him and smiled, sadly, but gently.


Hermione and Ron had had to go to a prefect's meeting, and were now at the hospital wing begging Madam Pomphrey to let them see Harry.

"No! He's not fit for visitors!" she kept saying. Harry awoke and listened to them yell.

"Just let them in," he said. She groaned and agreed to let them in for ten minutes. She walked over to Harry's bed and pulled the curtains apart and walked away.

"And don't you dare move Mr. Potter," she said menacingly. Ron and Hermione found seats on either side of his bed and sat down. Hermione looked to Harry, who was wearing simply a pair of pants; the blanket covering him up to his mid-back. She looked to his back, which was covered in scrapes in bruises.

"Harry, your back..." she said worriedly. Harry turned around, and was now lying on his back, he winced and looked at Hermione.

"I'm fine," he said simply.

"Any idiot would know by looking at you back that you're not Harry," said Ron.

"I'll be out of here tomorrow... by lunch I'd say..." he said.

"Harry..." Hermione started.

"I still don't see why you didn't tell us," she said gently. Harry looked to Ron. He nodded.

"It's simple Hermione... it's... Ok, maybe it's not that simple... It has to do with a guy's pride," he said. Hermione snorted.

"Harry James Potter, if you EVER, keep something like that from us EVER AGAIN, I SWEAR I'LL KILL YOU BEFORE VOLDEMORT EVER GETS WITHIN TWENTY MILES OF YOU!" she said loudly. Harry laughed slightly and nodded. Just then, Hermione noticed Dumbledore was behind her; he chortled.

"I can see you two already came to Harry with kind regards," he said with another chortle. Hermione blushed.

"You have my permission to stay with him until he's out of the hospital wing, as long as you try no attempts of murdering Mr. Potter," he said.

"Thank you Professor," Hermione said while nodding. He nodded and left the room.


When it was time for dinner, Ron left for food and said he was going to bed afterwards. Harry had fallen asleep again. Hermione chose to stay. She stayed next to him, thinking until she fell asleep in her chair.


Next morning, Hermione awoke early, seeing Harry was still asleep she smiled, and started thinking again. A few minutes later she looked to Harry and saw his breathing was hard, he was sweaty looking; she put her hand on his forehead, it was cold; unnaturally cold. She put her finger on his scar, and immediately retreated her finger, his scar was burning hot. She looked at him, distressed. Before she could do anything; he shot up, sitting in bed, breathing hard. His hand went to his scar. He lay back down and winced.

"H-H-Harry?" Hermione said quietly. There was silence.

"Harry?" she said again nervously.

"Scar... dream..." was all he said. They sat in silence for a while; then Madam Pomphrey came in. She inspected his arms and wrists and nodded.

"I think you can leave on time for breakfast Mr. Potter. Ms. Granger, you might want to go change; Mr. Potter can meet you at the Great Hall," she said. Hermione nodded reluctantly.


At breakfast Hermione whispered to Ron something.
"Harry had another nightmare last night. You should have seen him Ron! He was all cold, and sweaty, and when I touched his scar... it was burning hot. Then he shot up suddenly breathing heavily," she said to him. Ron looked over to her looking somewhat pale. They saw Harry come towards them. He sat down and started filling his plate.

"Are you alright Harry?" Ron asked.

"Fine Ron," was his reply. Luckily they didn't have Snape that day. They left it at that and ate breakfast.


Friday that week, Harry and Ron were going to bed, along with Hermione. Harry had actually gotten most of his homework done that night. The next morning however in the boy's dorm Seamus woke up first. He looked around and saw Harry on the ground. He walked over to him and shook him. He went over to Ron and woke him.

"Ron! Harry's on the floor, I can't wake him," he said. Ron shot up and looked to the floor. He climbed out. He heard muttering. He put his ear near Harry.

"He's muttering something in Parsletongue. All I can understand are the words 'never' and 'Hermione'." Ron said.

"Someone get Hermione!" said Seamus. Ron got up and ran to the common room. He picked up a book and threw it at the door of the Girl's Dorm door.

"HERMIONE!" he yelled. He picked up another book and threw it at the door.

"HERMIONE!" he yelled again. In a few moments a very sleepy looking Hermione in pajamas opened the door and yawned.

"What is it Ron...?" she asked.

"It's Harry!" he started. A looked of worry grew on her face.

"Seamus found him on the floor this morning. He's cold and clammy and stiff. He won't wake up Hermione! He's been muttering in Parsletongue. The only words understandable are 'never' and your name!" he said. It took Hermione a moment to get over the initial shock and started running towards the Boy's Dorm, Ron following her. She ran through the now crowding boys to Harry and sat beside him. She picked up his head and put it in her lap.

"Harry!" she said anxiously.

"Oh wake up Harry," she said. She pulled more of him next to her and started rocking back and forth. She started crying.

"Harry, wake up Harry, c'mon Harry, just wake up Harry," she said nervously. She started listening to his mutterings. It was Parsletongue. She started hearing other words as well; like Ron, Hermione, Sirius and worm. She put her hand up to his scar again. She pressed her palm to it, covering it completely. It burned, but she kept her hand there; until it became unbearable.

"He's dreaming about--" she started. All the boys turned to her.

"H--He--He's dreaming about Voldemort," she said nervously. They all gasped and returned their gaze back to Harry. She looked at her right palm and gasped. It had been hot enough, that she had made a burn mark on her palm. 'That's gonna turn into a scar' she thought 'and it's going to be shaped exactly like Harry's scar' she looked up as Ron interrupted her thought.

"C'mon mate, wake up Harry!" said Ron. Hermione started rocking again. She kissed his forehead and rocked more.

"Wake up Harry, wake up, just wake up Harry," she said. Tears were still running down her cheeks. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked up at Hermione.

"H--Hermione?" he said. Hermione opened her eyes wide and pulled him closer to her in a tight grasp.

"Oh Harry!" she said happily. She blushed and let go of him realizing what she was doing. He looked around.

"What are you all looking at me for?" he asked.

"I--Is it true Harry? Were you dreaming about V--v--He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?" asked Seamus. Harry's eyes opened wide.

"H--How did you know that?" he asked incredulously.

"H--Hermoine told us," he replied. Harry stared at Hermione. She gave him a look that said. 'We'll talk about it later'. He nodded, but still looked confused.

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