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Summary: HxHr. [FINNISHED] Harry's having nightmares again and wasn't treated well over the summer. His scar hurts and two people now have a link to his mind. Someone has a scar like his, but it was given by Harry, and not by Avada Kedavra either. HxHr RxL DxG .:R&R:.

Story Type: Novel

Title: Scarring Links

Chapter Title: The Babies

Within nine months, Hermione was taken to St. Mongo's Hospital. Harry with a mixture of joy and fear, was holding onto her hand gently. She was gripping it tightly trying in vain to rid herself of some of the pain. After forty-two hours of labor, and hard work, the doctors succesfully held a baby in hand. Straight a way they took it away to bathe it, give it a diaper, and run some routine tests. After an hour of waiting and relaxing, Hermione and Harry finally got to see their first born child. The child was a beautiful girl. A girl of blond hair and blue eyes, of nine pounds! Harry leaned over Hermione from the side of the bed, and after a moment, took the baby into his arms.

"I don't know, she doesn't look like a Hilary to be, what about you?" he asked.

"Nope," she replied.

"More like a Jamie, I think," he stated. Hermione smiled and nodded. And so, the child was named, Jamie Ann Potter.

"Funny, she doesn't look a thing like you Harry," she said with a smirk.

"We'll see about that. I bet after a month her hair color and eyes will change," Harry replied indignatly. Hermione simply smiled and gently pecked his cheek.

"Don't worry about your classes Hermione! I have my time turner still from seventh year. You remember, the year that I actually started to care about learning? I took lots of classes if you remember?" stated Harry. Hermione nodded with a sigh.

"But Harrry that's over 15 classes to teach!" she breathed loudly. Harry smiled.

"Yes, and that's why I'm only going to do it for the rest of the year. And by next school year she'll be able to be left with a baby-sitter or something while we're teaching classes. Or she can come with us to classes!" he smiled. Hermione sighed in exhasperation, but consented. She looked down at the little baby in her arms and grinned. Harry kissed her cheek and then left the room. He immediately left to go teach one of Hermione's classes as he was already late. After an hour and a half he returned. He entered into their room, which had previously been Harry's alone.

Whispering the word 'dog-ear' to the painting he entered the room. Since they were officially married now the layout had changed, and more precautions were made. Harry's room had been made into their room, Hermione's, their office. The study was gone, and now there were four doors. One door entering the room, one door to Hermione's class room, one door to Harry's classroom, and another, to their room. There was no password into the study so that students would be able to enter without permission. If you tried to gain entrance to their room, first you had to speak the password, which was currently, 'cat's-eye'. That would take you to a small room which was not at all sound proof. It had two chairs and another door. That door had another password. The password currently being 'tower-roof'. They had told no one the pass to the second door. If you knew the pass to the first door, then after that point, you would knock, and if Harry and Hermione wanted you, they would open the door. The password to Harry's classroom was 'opal's fire' and the password to Hermione's was currently 'redwood'.

In their room the door sytem was much the same. They seemed to have a lot more tapestries for it though than the other room. They had a tapestry for each of these rooms: Hermione and Harry's classroom, Jamie's room, their office, the way out, and the Gryffindor common room. The passwords to their classrooms were the same as the passwords were from the study to their rooms. The password into Jamie's room was 'book's page'. For their office, it was 'roof-tower' still. The way out had no password, it only had a password if you tried to get in. Getting in meant using the password 'dog-ear'. Jamie's room had a sounding spell on it so they would be sure to hear everything that went on inside. When Jamie was old enough to walk, her room would be moved. And when she turned eleven she would be sorted seperately and would sleep in her dorm for the summer before and during her first year.

Hermione stepped through the door that led to her daughter's room and their study. Once inside the small room, she turned to the left and whispered 'Night's Secret'. Slowly a door apeared in the room on the left. Then she uttered the simple words of 'diamond bird' the door opened and her Jamie walked over to her and gave her a big hug.

"Hello Jamie!" Hermione said with a grin. For safety precautions, Jamie did not know the password out of her room which was 'olive wand'. This way she wouldn't be able to let others in who were not welcome. So, Harry and Hermione made sure she would have things to do. There was a small library connected to her room, and a small playground as well. Her room was large and she had a child broom in the playground. Either Harry or Hermione would get her her meals, and she never met other students as she ate in her room.

Her two year old daughter replied cheerfully.

"Hi mommy!"

"Harry!" Hermione called. He looked up from his student's papers and turned his attention to Hermione.

"Yes 'Mione?" he asked.

"Come her, take a break," she requested. He grinned and came to sit on their bed. She turned to face him and took his hand in hers.

"One more addition?" she said hesitantly. He grinned and kissed her full on.

"You're pregnant again?" he asked cheerfully. Hermione, with a smile, nodded. They kissed once more.

Six months later Hermione approached Jamie.

"Jamie, come here please," she requested. The bright eyed girl ran over to her mother waiting for what she would be told. Hermione stared into her daughter's bright green eyes for a moment, then brought up a smile.

"Your going to have siblings dear!" she stated happily.

"Is that why you've been so big?" she asked happily. Hermione laughed and nodded.

"Siblings Hermione?" came a third voice. Hermione turned around and saw Harry standing in the door way.

"I just found out this morning. It's twins Harry," she said with a grin. Harry simply laughed.

"Oh god! We'll have Weasley's before we know it!"he shouted, laughing all the way. He kissed Hermione's cheek. It was Jamie's birthday so they sat down later that evening to cake with three candles. (AN: my nephew just turned three lol, his name is Spencer)

Jamie and her little brothers were currently sharing their room. The room had been enlarged and the playground had also been enlarged. They each had their own brooms and Jamie had the Cloud 5 which was a faster broom than her old one because she was older now. her brothers only had Cloud 1's.

"ERIC!!!!!!!! STOP IT" she yelled at her brother. He was currently trying to write "Jamie's wierd" on the wall with crayon. Eric William Potter in her opinion was an annoying little twerp. He had black hair and brown eyes. Suddenly a scream.

"ROBBIE!!!!!!!!!" she screamed. Her other brother was currently pulling on her braids. He refused to stop so she dragged him over to the other end of the room and then ran back to the other side. Robert James Potter had brown hair and green eyes. A much more annoying twerp. She ran into the play room and got her broom. She went as high as it would allow her and just stayed up there. Her brothers ran in moments later and got on their brooms. They tried, failing, to get her, but their brooms did not let them go as high. They pouted and left the playroom. She smiled smuggly and landed. She went into the library knowing her brothers wouldn't follor her as they couldn't read yet.

Later that evening when their parents came to check on them Jamie complained about what things they had done. Harry, with a slight smirk on his face, trying not to laugh watched as Hermione took away the boy's flying rights. On the way out Harry mutter low to Hermione.

"Fred and George..." he stated with a smirk.

"Their not identical thank goodness" she replied. Harry nodded heavily.

It was Jamie's eighth birthday and she smirked at the boys when she was told she would get her own room. They pouted for a moment, but not for long as they thought of the possibilities without her around. Now if you needed to get to her room you would still go to the small room the connected Harry and Hermione's room and study, but turn to the right instead. Her room was smaller now. It had a larger library attached, and a larger playground. She got a Cleansweep 7, and some child quiditch supplies, a child set of quaffles, bludgers, a snitch, a club and gloves. The snitch was larger, and the bludgers, padded, the quaffles weighed less. In the playground there were quiditch hoops.

Eric was currently chasing Robbie around the room when Harry, Hermione, and Jamie came into the room. Jamie walked up to her brothers and ruffled their hair.

"Happy birthday twerps" she stated with a laugh. They screamed with joy and went to their parents. Harry and Hermione nodded with a smile. The outcome of the twin's birthday was a larger playground and each got Cloud 5s. All three of the children screamed when they heard that Hermione was expecting again.

"PLEASE say it's a girl!" Jamie pleaded. Hermione and Harry shook their heads.

"We don't know sorry," replied Harry apolegetically, with some amusement. However, the boys were hoping for a third boy.

Eric and Robbie screamed for joy. It was their sixth birthday and they had just been told they would get seperate rooms. Eric stayed in that room and Robbie got one that was right next to his. They each got Rain 2s, larger playgrounds, larger libraries, Eric's room was made smaller since it didn't have to house two boys.

Harry picked up a large piece of parchment. He looked at it in thought.

"What is it Harry?" Hermione asked.

"What do you think about making a new Marauder's map for Jamie, since she'll be going to school next year," Harry asked in wonder. Hermione stared at him.

"No! That's only asking for her to be a trouble maker!" she shreeked. Harry laughed.

"I mean a modified version. We would only let it see everyone, the rooms, and a COUPLE secret passages. Not all of them, that would be asking for something," he explained. Hermione sat down on the bed and sighed.

"I suppose, just don't give her your cloak!" she pleaded. Harry nodded with a smirk. As Harry pulled out his wand and then turned.

"It won't be the Marauder's map so what do you think we should call it?" he inquired. Hermione shrugged her shoulders.

"Starlet's Inquiry?" she suggested. Harry tilted his head a moment then nodded.

"What should our nicknames be for this, and what should the pass be?" he asked.

"I'll be Ruby I guess... Pass... definetely NOT anything to do with michief.. How about "Opinion's Needed"?" she stated. Harry nodded then began to work on it. After a couple hours he held it in front of him and approached her with it. He was grinning and she new something was amiss. He tapped it with his wand.

"Opinion's Needed," he said aloud. They watched as text came up upon it. It read:

Congradulations, you have recieved the

Starlet's Inquiry

Find your way through these halls,

Run about and watch your tread.

When you're done speak the words

"Task acheived" or else others will

Find this guide and won't return.

In all of our most sincerities,

With our utmost respect, unless your

scum, from Ruby, Black, and Red

It opened a moment later and showed what it beheld and then Harry spoke the closing words. He was grinning and Hermione laughed at him with a peck on the cheek. Harry and Hermione soon afterward left their room.

Eric and Robbie were taken from their rooms by their parents and taken to Jamie's room. Upon entering they ran to Jamie and hugged her. Jamie looked around at them and then laughed.

"You forgot to get Cassie!" she stated. They all looked around, and then Hermione left to go get their youngest, Cassandra from her room next to Jamie's. She packed her in an then sat her on the floor. Harry and Hermione looked to each other, then to Jamie.

"Happy Birthday Jamie" they said cheerfully. Jamie waited a moment then looked at them confused.

"I don't get any gifts?" she asked confusedly. Harry and Hermione laughed and nodded.

"You do, but that's later, right now we have cake," Harry stated.

"Happiee birdtay Hameee" they heard below them. They all looked down and laughed. Later that day, Harry and Hermione again came into Jamie's room.

"Jamie, would you like your presents now?" Hermione inquired. Jamie nodded her head furiously. Harry and Hermione led Jamie out of her room and into the halls of Hogwarts. She looked around at the paintings in wonder. She was slowly led to the Hedmaster's office. After Harry spoke the password the gargoyles moved to the side to reveal stairs. They walked up slowly and then into the headmaster's office.

"Ah, so it has come to that day," Dumbledore said in wonder. Harry smiled at the old headmaster and nodded. Dumbledore got the old sorting hat down off a shelf and place it on his desk. He motioned for Jamie to sit down and then he place the hat upon her head. Immediately the hat began to explain the houses to Jamie. After a moment it spoke a word. "Ravenclaw". Jamie stood up and removed the hat with a grin. Harry and Hermione smiled with pride. After that she was congradulated by Dumbledore andthey left. Jamie looked around in wonder, curious to know where they were going now. Eventually they showed up at a large painting.

"Emerald Pearl" Hermione said to the big man in the painting. It swung open and they walked in. They allowed Jamie to look around and then they took her up the girl's dormitory stairs. Harry had to first tap the first stair with his wand, and then tap the second stair twice with his wand. Then they walked up and found a bed in the far corner.

"This bed will be where you sleep for the next seven years or so. This room will be yours for the next eight years or so as well. You will have dorm mates in it around two years from now. When school starts this term you will have to exit only through this mirror. Walking through the mirror will take you to your other room, the one with the library and playground.

"The pass for the mirror is 'Broomcream'" said Harry.

"You will have three months to explore the school and then this door will no longer open until the next school year" stated Hermione. Harry began to grin.

"Now... for the best one of all!" he stated with glee. Jamie's attention went to her father. She watched as he pulled a small bag out of his pocket. He opened it and poured a handful of powder into each of their palms. Jamie looked at it with wonder of where they were going to go to. They stepped over to the fire place. Harry stepped in and then stood straight.

"Remember to speak clearly," he stated, and then shouted the words 'Diagon Alley', while throwing the powder. Jamie nodded and followed suit. Afterward Hermione followed. They started walking up the alley and then turned into a shop. Jamie shreaked with joy when she figured out where she was. A man came into the main room and then smiled.

"The daughter getting her wand is she?" he asked. Harry and hermione smiled and nodded. Mr. Ollivander asked the girl to step forward and asked for her wand arm. She offered up her right arm with a big grin upon her face. He gave her several wands to try out, none of them working.

"Try this one, quite beautiful it is. 9 inches, oak, unicorn's hair," he stated handing her a wand. Still it did not work. He tried another.

"11 inches, redwood, dragon heartstring," he stated with exhasperation. Once again she tried and finally one worked. She gave a squeek and a smiled and hugged the wand to her chest.

"Right then, five galleons Mr. Potter," he stated business like. Harry shook his head and handed over the money. He then bought wand polish solutions and grabbed a bag. He shrunk the solutions and put them in the bag. They then went to but all the school supplies she would need. Each one Harry would shrink and put in his bag. Then finally they came upon the wizard's animal shop. Jamie looked around in glee.

"Can I have one? she asked excitedly. Her parents nodded. She looked around for a while and then pointed assuredly.It was a deep brown owl with a white stripe on her head. Harry handed over twenty galleons and handed the cage over to his daughter.

"I'll call you Cream," she said affectionately to the bird. They left the shop and then Harry and Hermione had to chase after their daughter who was running over to the Quiddich supply shop.

"Can I have a new broom?" she asked with large puppy dog eyes. Hermione shook her head before Harry could say anything.

"You have no need for a new broom. I'm sorry Jamie," she stated firmly. Jamie heaved a sigh. So Harry bought her bunches of candy from Honeydukes, and some for the boys, and a couple for Cassie. They went and bought her new clothes, and her Hogwarts uniform. When they arrived back, they went straight to her dorm room and Harry unshrunk all her new objects. A few minutes later he brought her a brand new trunk with many compartments. Harry and Hermione left her to pack it all in there.

Two summers later, Harry and Hermione brought her to platform nine and three quarters. They explained to her that when they brought them in for sorting she would simply go up with them, put on the hat, it would shout Ravenclaw, and then sit down at the table. They also told her not to tell anyone the password to the mirror. She boarded the train early, changed, and then sat in a compartment.

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