The Story So Far

Author: Darcy Daliet

Disclaimers: All characters belong to Joss, Mutant Enemy etc etc……I have just borrowed them to perform my twisted bidding  mwahaahaahaa!!!

Spoiliers: None its completely AU

Pairings: B/S, X/A, W/T


Summary: Buffy has overcome tragedy and heartbreak to become a successful businesswoman.  Life is good until an old flame returns to haunt her. Can she put the past behind her, or will she let it destroy her again.

 A big thanks to my fabulous Betas, Rebecca and Mercy…without you guys this would have been an impossible task!!!

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 Chapter One

"B! Hey B!!! Girl get with the program!" Faith unclipped her hair and shook it out laughing.

 "Come on B, we got some serious planning to do here, we are gonna  have some wicked fun". Buffy sat up with a jolt, she had been miles away immersed in her thoughts, totally distracted from her friend sat across the table.

"Sorry Faith, I guess I am just thinking about chickens," she mumbled. The girl sat across from her looked puzzled.

 "I mean chickens, as in of the not counting variety," Buffy explained.

"Buff, the job's yours, it's a done deal baby." Faith said confidently as she ran her fingers through her long dark hair. Buffy was less confident though, she had tried to explain to Faith that organizing a party to celebrate before she even knew if she had the promotion was a little crazy, but then crazy was what Faith did best.

Faith and Buffy were an unlikely partnership, they had been thrown together in high school, and despite all their differences had managed to stay firm friends ever since. Buffy was what Faith described as a 'perfect' woman. Always well turned out, never a hair out of place, and a hard worker. Faith, on the other hand, was a party girl through and through. Her clothes were always a bit 'out there', her hair always slightly crazy. She toned it down for work, but Buffy couldn't help but notice that she always had a look about her as if she had been interrupted in the middle of some wild session. She oozed sex appeal from every pore of her body, even when she was just sitting watching the TV. Buffy admired her sheer love of life, and longing to experience everything, she wished she could have a piece of that in her. She wished she could let go sometimes and just not care about the consequences. However, she was good, dependable, never goes to the bad side Buffy. Sure she lied on her CV once, oh and she told the guy in the coffee shop she was a famous artist and got free lattes for a week. "Oh yeah, I am one crazy chick" she laughed to herself.

"Helloooo earth to B!" Buffy looked up realising she had been off with the fairies again.

"Damn Buffy, come on girl, we have to organise your big 'I am the main woman' party here!" Faith reached over and pulled the band from Buffy's hair, then ran her fingers through her hair scrunching it all up. Buffy looked at her reflection and laughed, she had the 'freshly fucked' look Faith so favoured.

"Faith I just don't want to go all Buffy celebratey till I know its mine." Buffy begged. The brunette had been pulling pieces off the paper tablecloth and was systematically rolling them and flicking them at Buffy's head.

 "Come on its gonna be wild, I mean you're the big boss woman." Faith smiled her oh so bad smile.

" Hey Buff, now you're my boss does that mean I can come in late and have an extra long lunch?" Buffy smiled and leaned over towards the other girl.

" Na it means you'll be my bitch" Both girls collapsed in hysterics, which seemed to attract the attention of the rest of the coffee shop, who looked on bemused, clearly unaware of the joke.

Buffy and Faith both worked at WP Publications. Faith started from high school, Buffy after the first year at college. She had to leave after the sudden death of her mother, as she voluntarily became the guardian of her younger sister Dawn. Dad was still around, somewhere, but he didn't really care for the whole family thing. She didn't want to see her little sis go into care, and to be honest she was seriously flunking out of college anyway, so when Wesley offered her the job she jumped at the chance.

Wesley had been a good friend to her mother for as long as she remembered. In fact he had been present at more birthdays, Christmas' and Thanksgivings than her father ever had, so he felt like family to her. She'd had to start from the bottom and work her way up, but it was a good steady wage, and she had impressed and been promoted several times. Wesley ran WP publishing and she had worked her way up to his PA, although technically she ran the whole show herself. Wesley was often away in England visiting his mother who was very sick and he trained her to cover all his managerial duties. Everyone in the office reported to her first then she would deal with the issues and pass on anything of importance to Wesley via e-mail or fax. She was the boss.

It had still come as a shock when Wesley had announced to the office last month that he was going to be leaving. His mother was getting increasingly worse and he really wanted to spend his time with her. It was expected for Buffy to take over but Wesley had still gone through the motions of interviewing candidates for the job. Several people from the office had applied, but they had nothing like Buffy's experience. There had been some external candidates but they had all be scrutinized and scowled at but the office community, so it was a sure fire thing for the blonde.

"Hey conscientious woman!" Buffy smiled, she loved Faiths own special way of speaking.

 "We should get back to the office, don't want to miss your big promotion thing! The chickens are home, they're counted, and its party time!"