Ranma - The smallest of actions
The smallest of actions[R]
Niklas "Hawk" Jonsson

Summary: One small event drastically changes things for our young sex-changing Martial Artist. Ever since that event, things have been upside down in the Tendo residence and once things come to a head, Ranma decides to leave. But, he doesn't do so alone. Kasumi decides to come along with him! Just what caused this most dutiful of daughters to abandon her home and family to follow Ranma?

Disclaimer: Ranma ½, the characters and whatnot are not mine, though I certainly wish they were! Azumanga Daioh 'aint mine either! The story is mine though, all mine. This series deals with mature subject matters and violence. If this disturbs you, don't read. But if it does, then why the heck are you watching the show/reading the manga in the first place?

Feedback/Flames: Yes, please. Both of them are equally fun to read, although I must admit that I greatly prefer the first variety. :)
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This is what happens when you sit down intending to write something funny, but WinAMP's random function insists on only playing weird and/or moody stuff performed by Sarah Brightman, Björn Rosenström, Blackmore's Night, Enya, Alanis Morisette, Vonda Sheppard, Elton John, Cat Stevens, Celine Dion, Phil Collins, Weird Al and the soundtracks from Hellsing, Braveheart and Noir. Of course, the whisky might have helped. Weird Al and a glass of Glenmorangie with a Drumguish chaser can do some pretty odd things to your head.

If you're looking for continuity or wonder where in the manga/series this takes place, then I wish you good luck. I'm not even sure myself where or if it fits in. And if you're one of those people who gets anal whenever a character behaves in a way that'd never happen in Canon, then stop reading fanfics or you'll never live a happy life.

If you're wondering about pairings, I guess there's some 'faint' Ranma/Kasumi tendencies scattered all through the fic. But otherwise it's mostly Ranma/Kasumi friendship, Ranma/Ukyo friendship and Kasumi/Ukyo friendship.

Oh, and listen up all you Akane:ites out there. You won't like my Akane. Trust me, you will NOT like her. You have now been warned, so don't say that I haven't warned you.

Chapter One:

Day 0.

It is said that the smallest of actions can cause effects such as never imagined by the one who performed the original action, hence the infamous hurricane butterfly theory. What was about to take place was just one such small action, though the results were far more chaotic then any ever spawned by the flutter of tiny wings attached to some clueless butterfly.

What had taken place before you, the reader, enter the scene need not be mentioned in any great detail. Suffice to say that the scene itself should at this point be very familiar to 99% of the potential audience for this piece.


Hearken unto the fierce cry of a young maiden, believing herself in possession of a healthy dose of righteous fury currently directed at what yonder lady feels is a very deserving target for just mentioned fury. The target, however, did not exactly share the fair maidens feelings on this matter.

"A-a-a-akane... I-uhm... It wasn't... I wasn't... It was..." the target, a young healthy lad in the latter part of his teenage years, was currently not nearly eloquent enough to sufficiently defuse the situation and as such, would in a few precious seconds have found himself airborne on Kawaiikune Airways flight 714 to Oblivion. Or well, the actual destination would have been the cart of a hard-working noodle vendor some distance away, a vendor whom would have been out of his livelihood and suffered greatly from the loss of his business.

However, due to one such minor action as this author mentioned at the very beginning, the noodle vendor's cart was rescued, only to be singled out for destruction along with its owner in a very nasty traffic accident later in the day. The action which saved Ranma a long walk back to the Tendo residence and doomed an innocent man to death in a traffic accident, was this.

"Wahahahaha! Akane! Hotcha!"

Briefly distracted in mid-swing by the newly acquired perverted accessory to her chest, the dazzlingly fast uppercut only clipped the intended target instead of striking it dead-on. Though not a perfect hit, it was none the less adequate to launch Ranma out of the young maidens window, clipping the frame in the process. Rolling around on the roof outside yonder window, Ranma rolled past Nabiki's window, catching a brief glance of the middle Tendo sister in the process of exchanging her school uniform for shorts and a T-shirt, a view which caused a faint nosebleed and the hawk-eyed Nabiki to add another three-thousand yen to the amount Ranma already owed her.

The young man came to a complete stop outside the window leading into the eldest Tendo sisters room. Therein lived one Tendo Kasumi, the matriarch of the Tendo household and a perpetually happy girl whom never failed to see the positive in everybody. A girl who could find the silver lining to any situation, no matter how odd, disturbing or just plain awful the situation was.

Or at least, that was what Ranma had believed until he stood up, dusted himself off, rubbed his jaw and turned around, only to catch a glimpse of Kasumi sitting on her bed, with a sad forlorn expression and a few tears silently making their way down her cheeks.

Fortunately for the noodle vendor mentioned earlier, moments before Ranma saw this most shocking of visions, Akane rid herself of the tiny perverted Martial Artist clinging to her chest and punted him out of the window. Instead of Ranma, Happosai crashed into the cart and completely wrecked it. However, the vendor was not late to spot the large sack of female undergarments which accompanied Happosai on his unscheduled flight. Having lost his business, the vendor did not hesitate to make off with the underwear, which he later sold for more then his cart and supplies had been worth. Thus a life was saved and strange events set in motion at the Tendo household, all which never could have happened if not for this brief intervention by Happosai in the life of his chosen heir and favoured glomping target.

Of course, the noodle vendor knew nothing of his near-brush with death or the events at the Tendo residence. He was merely happy that he wouldn't have to trot around the city with the rickety old cart any longer. Though he did start to take an unhealthy amount of interest in female undergarments, eventually becoming nearly as perverted as Happosai himself.

But that's another story.

Day 1, Dinner.

"Wow, Kasumi. Another delicious masterpiece. Thank you very much." Ranma complimented Kasumi, who blinked in surprise at the earnest sound of it, before her smile widened as she inclined her head slightly when she gratefully accepted the compliment.

"Thank you, Ranma. How very kind of you to say so." Kasumi responded, not used to hearing such things from any of the people around the table. Her own family so often took her nearly for granted and other then a mumbled 'thanks' at the end of each meal, hardly ever complimented or thanked her for anything. The two houseguests were nearly as bad, though both had on occasion offered a compliment or two, though this was more common during the first couple of months of their extended stay at the Tendo residence. Kasumi could not recall the last time anyone currently seated around the table had really complimented or thanked her as if they meant it, but she suspected that it hadn't happened in at least two or three months.

None of the others around the table took notice of this little exchange, though several eyebrows did briefly rise as Ranma helped Kasumi clear the table without being asked to do so. Though none commented upon it for fear of being asked to lend a helping hand of their own. The others soon cleared out, finding other areas of the house much more interesting and leaving the eldest Tendo sister and Ranma to their own devices.

Kasumi was surprised at the unexpected help, as Ranma was usually one of the first to clear out before she could bring herself to ask for help. Most of the time, she would find herself alone by the time she'd gathered enough courage to mention anything, and so, found herself forced to clean up on her own. She didn't mind, she told herself, truly didn't mind. But it was... Nice... To get some help and company, Ranma even stepped right up next to her and dried the dishes once she started washing them.

Her smile widened again as this happened, but neither Kasumi nor Ranma said anything regarding the matter. The two of them worked in companionable silence and this brief interlude resulted in Kasumi striding around the house with a larger smile then usual for the rest of the evening.

The End! ( For now... )