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Daddy, tell me a story, the little girl said as she nuzzled into her pillow, staring up at her father with large, green eyes. One about Uncle Will and Aunt Francie, please?

Not tonight, little angel, he replied. You need to get to sleep. We all need to get to sleep... It's been a big day.

She pouted, as only a five year old would. Please? I'm not very sleepy. Her argument was lost, however, when she proceeded with a large yawn.

Vaughn sat down onto her bed with a furrowed brow. Is something wrong?

The little girl looked nervously around her bedroom, from the light shade of pink on the walls, to her great chest of toys, to her bookshelf, to her closet, and back to her father. She leaned in closer , reverting her eyes back to the closet. It hasn't been checked for monsters, she whispered very covertly.

he replied, playing along, then I better go look then, shouldn't I? I can't let any of them kidnap my Alyssa in the middle of the night. He stood up and cautiously approached the closet door. He crept his hand to the handle, and suddenly jerked it open and jumped into a karate position. Nope, it's all clean.

No monsters?

No monsters.

She looked skeptically back to the closet before sighing into her pillow. Can I sleep with you and Mommy?

Don't you want to sleep the first night in our brand new house in your own new bedroom? he asked, rather shocked that she had asked that question. The only times she crawled into bed with them were during thunder storms. What's the matter, angel?

This room's really big and scary and... Will I have to share it when the new baby comes?

Vaughn almost laughed out loud. He knew his discussion with Alyssa about the new baby would come soon, as the new baby would. A son; his son; his child to raise from birth and be there for all the firsts. It wasn't like there weren't any firsts with Alyssa, because there were still many, but he wanted to be there from the beginning, with all the screaming and the pain and the cutting of the cord business. And he was truly excited. Of course not. Remember that room you helped Daddy and Uncle Eric paint this morning? That blue room? She nodded. That's going to be his room.

She seemed indifferent to his answer. Will I have to share my lion then?

No, he'll have his own stuffed animals. For the most part...

she replied with relief, cause I don't wanna share him. What's the new baby's name gonna be?

Mommy and I are still thinking. Maybe Evan William.

Evan William Vaughn, she recited immediately. You know what I think we should name him? Bubble gum! Or licorice!

You want to name your brother bubble gum? he chuckled, full grin. He shook his head. Okay, really, it's time for bed. He watched her close her eyes but he could tell she wasn't in the sleeping mood. He was sure that she was already homesick for Sydney's old apartment; they had lived there too long. Vaughn had wanted to move out after he and Sydney married nearly four years ago, but Sydney couldn't bear to part with it.

He began to sing a French lullaby, something he sang to her every once in a while now, but she fell asleep every time. Within minutes, her breathing had steadied and she was sound asleep, sleeping like an angel. He bent over and kissed her soft, light brown hair. Good night, Alyssa, he whispered. I love you.

After staring at her for a while, he switched off her light and headed into the hallway, crossing over the small pile of stuffed animals that had already accumulated there. Once he reached his bedroom, he gently pushed the door closed behind him. Sydney was already in bed, but he couldn't tell if she was sleeping yet. he asked, taking off his shirt.

He slid into bed next to her, feeling the warmth of the comforter wash over him. Just wondering if you were awake. You know our daughter wants to name our son bubble gum.

Does she now? Sydney chuckled, rolling over on her other side to face Vaughn in the bed. Her protruding stomach could almost reach him, yet she was so far away. A month ago she wanted to name him jelly bean.

They smiled at each other. Even at seven months pregnant, Sydney was gorgeous. Vaughn loved waking up to her each morning. He thought he would die if he never saw her face again.

Sydney had resigned from the CIA shortly after their marriage. Their big day actually took place the summer after Sydney and Vaughn's relationship had returned to normal. Sydney, who resigned from the CIA around the date of the wedding, had found work as a literature professor at UCLA and was currently on maternity leave. She loved being home with Alyssa, however, and was thinking about staying home longer after the baby was born.

I'm going shopping tomorrow, Sydney mumbled, closing her eyes and trying to get comfortable on her back. If there's anything you need leave me a note before you go to work.

All right, he replied, leaning in to nuzzle her cheek as he settled into bed himself. He felt her breathing against his skin, and he knew she had fallen asleep quickly. Stroking her silky hair, he began to think about how their lives would be different with the arrival of the new baby. There would be a lot less sleeping, a lot more noise, but much more love in the atmosphere than usual, which seemed unimaginable at the time.

Mostly, Vaughn would be there this time. He had been with Sydney through her entire seven months of pregnancy so far, and planned to be with her for the remainder of them. He would stand beside her in the delivery room while she squeezed his hand into oblivion while cursing him for ever letting him touch her. He would wrap his arms around Sydney shoulder as she held their child for the first time, kissing her face and whispering sentiments into her ear. He would hold his newborn baby as a true newborn, nurture him and watch him grow. He would watch Alyssa's emerald eyes twinkle with joy as she met her brother for the first time. He would watch his son take his first steps and speak his first word.

Vaughn often wondered what his son would look like. Would he look like a gentle mix of both Sydney and Vaughn like Alyssa was, or would he be more like one parent over the other? Would his genes reflect those of his grandparents? He didn't care. As long as his son was loving and kind, it didn't matter.

Well, and as long as he played hockey with his ol' man.

And read books to his mother, as Alyssa often did to Sydney.

But while he dreamt of the changes that would take place in the future, he couldn't help but reminisce in the past. While his relationship with Sydney was stronger than ever, he knew there were certain things he would never know about her. She never spoke of the time when she was tortured, and he never pried her about it. It seemed, between them, an unspoken rule that was never to be discussed. They hardly spoke of Danny, SD-6, or the time during which Vaughn was absent unless it was an Alyssa story. This seemed the only protocol they didn't desire to break.

But on a happier note, Vaughn's relationship with Alyssa had only grown over the years. There had been many more Dada moments as well as trips to the ice rink, and he found himself smiling in happy memories of that morning they shared together when they made pancakes (before Corey's arrival). Alyssa Michaela was the pride and joy of Vaughn's life and he bragged about her at every chance possible. She was currently the best little skater in her ice skating class – not to mention the youngest even if only by a few months – and she was excelling in kindergarten.

Alyssa's favorite thing about school was reading by far. Sydney had already taught her the alphabet and to read long before she enrolled in school, and therefore she currently read the big kid books, which to her were the first or second grade books. With Sydney being home more often, Alyssa could read more and advanced herself quickly.

Vaughn rather missed working with Sydney. Even though he despised a life of secrecy, there was something about the Joey's Pizza calls and their late night rendezvous that he missed. Now that Sydney was gone, there was no to stare at or watch; no one to pull aside into an empty room, pull out a bug killer pen, and kiss meaningfully; no one to send I love yous to in morse code by blinking.

The sudden thought that he was out of shaving cream popped into his head, and he reminded himself to leave a note for Sydney in the morning. But thinking about staring at Sydney while at work and a note made him remember...

Hey, Syd? he whispered, forgetting she was asleep.

You remember before we got married, and you still worked at the CIA, that one day when Dixon came up to you with this note? You didn't read it for a while, and you even threw it away once... But I was just wondering, who was it from?

Sydney slowly rotated, as only a pregnant woman gracefully could. She sighed before she spoke, barely above a whisper. It was from my mother... They found it in the debris at the house in Peru. She... knows about Alyssa. She's seen her.

With the tone she had used, it was obvious she didn't want to go into the subject, but Vaughn pushed. What!? Why didn't you tell me sooner?

There's nothing to worry about. We haven't heard anything from Irina in years, and she'd never hurt Alyssa regardless of the horrid person she is. It was apparent that Sydney had thought about this over the years, but Vaughn was oblivious to that fact. There's nothing to worry about.

Syd, what if she's here, watching us right now?

Do you really think she would be in Los Angeles at this point in time? At a house under serious government security?

She had lifted her back up to rest on her forearms, and Vaughn could tell she was frustrated for being disrupted from her pleasant dreams. He took notice of the slight anger bubbling in her eye, and he quickly apologized for waking her, said she was right, and told her to go back to sleep. She was right, of course, Irina would be crazy to go to Los Angeles. She was probably hiding out in some cave in Asia, for all Vaughn knew. He didn't care. All that mattered was that his family was safe and protected, and would stay that way forever.

Thunder cracked and shook the walls, stammering the picture frames in the hallway. The tapping of little feet could be heard, and soon their bedroom door creaked open, the light brown waves of hair stuck through the crack. Mommy? Daddy? Vaughn could hear the clashing of Donovan's collar behind her. Lightning sliced through the sky, and the young girl jumped and hurried to her parent's bed. Scurrying under the covers, she clung to Vaughn's arm instinctively and squeezed her eyes shut. Sydney turned slightly towards the new warmth and snuggled her stomach closer to Alyssa. The five-year-old set her unclung hand atop the bulge beside her, and found comfort in the pressure of her baby brother's heartbeat.

Vaughn kissed Alyssa on the top of her head and whispered another good night. She would fall back asleep quickly, he knew, and then he would transfer her back to her own bed. But it was those nights when she was asleep, in between him and Sydney, that he loved the most. His two little angels, both sound asleep, dripping with innocence and dreaming of optimism in a world full of darkness and evil. But they made him see that all was not evil; that there was still good no matter how dark things became. Their sleeping forms were his comfort from the storm, and he knew that his life was perfect whenever he looked at them. And that was all he needed to know for the rest of his life.

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