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He Belongs To Me
" No father please stop." he screamed, a once strong voice reduced to a coarse whisper.

The boy's father was oblivious to his son's cries as he raised his belt in to the air again.

The boy's shirt was ripped and shredded beyond repair and angry red welts and crimson blood was clearly visible through the gaps.

A scream ripped through the air as the boy's father struck repeatedly, each one stronger than the last.

Old and new bruises and deep cuts marred his creamy complexion; his rich amber eyes were squeezed shut as it waited for future blows to come.

His lean body was curled up in a defensive ball, as his father kicked his underside causing him to crash into a nearby wall with a cry of pain.

Hearing the sickening crack as his foot connected with his son's ribs once more, he paused before delivering one more blow to the ribs. The grotesque man known as the boy's father sneered at the cowering boy and made his way out of the room.

" Jou?" Yugi's violet eyes widened as his gaze fell upon the abused boy as he entered the classroom with a limp.

" Nottin' Yug' just got in to some fight, tha's all," said Jou as he tried to grin but ended up with a grimace.

Yugi's violet eyes clouded with grief, as he understood Jou's relation with his violent father.

" You know you shouldn't let him do this to you Jou" Yugi's voice was filled with anguish.

Jou lowered his eyes before snapping them back up.

" Come on Yug, we have to go take our seats, before the teacher comes. I can't afford any more detentions." Jou said as he hurried to his seat avoiding Yugi's saddened eyes.

It always made Jou guilty whenever he looked into them.

Yugi sighed as he watched his best friend retreating back to his seat. Sure he looked fine, but in Jou's eyes it showed nothing but grief and a flicker of despair.

As Yugi walked towards his own desk, he never felt a pair of sapphire eyes watching the whole scene with intense interest.

During the whole class Jou had not made any rude remarks out loud, nevertheless he had not made a single sound.

Now that was very rare for the class, and the teacher eyed Jou suspiciously, ready to deliver a detention for any comments made from the golden haired teen.

Half the day went by and Jou had not spoken a word, and by this time the teachers were watching him with concern.

It was not every day that the class was this silent, especially with Katsuya Jounouchi in the class.

Time passed by.

He was in English class, which was his favorite class to fool around in, for many reasons.

Number one, he had mastered the language when he was 10 years old, and did not have any classes for learning Spanish or Italian.

Number two; his favorite teacher was teaching it. Ms. Sononti.

As the bell rang, signaling the end of class and the beginning of lunch, Jou got up silently and headed out the classroom.

Ms. Sononti bit her lower lip.

" Jou, wait a minute please, I need to talk to you, " she called out.

Jou's foot paused in mid air. He slowly turned around and made his way to her desk.

Ms. Sononti waited after everyone had left before turning her gaze towards Jou.

" Is there something wrong?" she questioned as she placed the book she was holding back where it belonged, to her desk.

He gave her a semi smile, " No, nothings wrong." But he knew that the fear in his eyes was clearly visible.

She gave him a reassuring smile.

Over the years, the two of them led a mother-son relationship, for Jou's mother was taken away at the young age of seven.

They have known each other even before Jou was in Domino High.

* Flash Back *

" Na nee na nee poo poo! Can't catch me here!" Chibi Jou said as he stuck out his tongue.

" Ah Jou. Come on, that's not fair! Get down!" Chibi Honda yelled frustrated

Jou snickered; he was the only one that knew Honda's secret.

He was deadly afraid of heights.

" Jou you're gonna get hurt. Get down. Please!" Honda said pointedly.

" Honda! I'm not falling for that. I know that's just a way to get me down. I'm not that stupid." Jou said as he picked a piece of bark from the branch he was sitting on and threw it at him.

" Jou seriously, get down from there!" Honda replied dodging the item that was thrown.

" Just come and get me Hond." Jou tried to pick up another bark from the branch when there was a loud


Jou's eyes widened as the branch he was sitting on broke in two.

With a lot of scream, he tumbled down catching branches and leaves in his hair and his open arms.

Unfortunately Honda missed Jou by couple of inches, and Jou fell limp on a stray branch that stuck up from the hard ground.

" Oh!" A young lady who had witnessed the scenario rushed to wards them.

Honda nudged his friend on the shoulder gently, careful not to hurt him.

A muffled groan came from Jou as he fluttered open his eyes.

The young lady crouched on her knees and took a look at the boy to see if there were any serious injuries.

" Are you alright boy?" She asked, her voice dripping with concern.

" I'm fine." As he swatted Honda's searching hands away.

" I just need a few bandages, and.OW!" He exclaimed, pain striking him like lightening, as Honda poked his arm.

" You ok?" Honda said as he lifted Jou's arm and gasped in surprise as he saw what had happened to his best friend's arm.

There was a deep gash, at least 2 cm's deep, and it started from his fingers to a little beneath the elbow.

Rich blood was flowing endlessly as the young lady lifted him up.

" Follow me gentleman. We are going to my house."

Jou winced as pressure came upon his injured arm.

The lady smiled and continued to press her handkerchief on his gash, to stop the warm liquid.

Honda followed muted from shock.

When they reached a neat white house, decorated with flowers she hurried inside not bothering to take off her shoes, laying Jou onto a leather couch.

" Stay here." She motioned to Honda and to Jou.

Jou had a pained expression and Honda wore a nervous one.

She left the living room to the kitchen, in search for the First Aid Kit.

Jou lifted his head to look at his savior's house.

Her simple furnishing somehow admitted the cozy feeling.

There was a marble fireplace grazing. And tongues of fire flicked in and out hissing like a snake, warning the intruder to leave its habitat.

The lady came in with a box that looked like the First Aid Kit in her left hand, and a red tray on her right.

She placed the tray on to the coffee table, which none of them noticed before and started her aid.

"Help your self." She gestured to the tray, which was filled loaded with pastries, cookies and 2 cans of soft drink.

Honda grabbed 2 cookies and handed one to Jou who accepted it gladly and happily munched on it.

The woman drew out a small bottle of Anti- Biotic, a long with a swab of cotton.

She applied the liquid on to Jou's arm and gently wiped it with the cotton.

Jou winced but did not admit a sound.

After cleaning the wound, she wound a long bandage onto his arm.

He shut his eye as he struggled in pain to get out of her tight grasp.

" Hold still" she ordered as she tightly wounded the bandage in his arm

Jou sighed as he held still, grimacing in pain.

" There." She said at last to admire her handy work.

Jou glanced at his arm.

He poked it.

" Hey! It doesn't hurt any more. " He said as he waved it around.

" I don't think that is such a good--- "


She was interrupted by the sound.

She stifled a laugh.

" Oh by the way, I never got your name."

" It's Jounouchi, and that's Honda."

She smiled.

" My name is Kire Sononti."

And somehow, Jou became fast friends and son to his heroine.

Two years after the incident

A ten-year-old Jounouchi chatted happily along with Kire Sononti, his friend, and tutor.

" Oh No. I have to go home now Mrs. S" He said as he glanced towards the living room clock.

She stopped sipping her tea long enough to answer.

" Oh alright. Why don't I drive you home? It's a long way and it's getting dark." She said smiling, before she added, " and you might even fall off a tree again."

He growled playfully

" That was a long time a go Mrs. S!"

Her eyes twinkled with laughter.

" Get your coat on. Let's go,"

As they reached Jou's run down house, they heard a loud crash from inside.

Jou groaned.

" Thanks for the ride Mrs. S. I'll see you later" He said hurriedly, as he jumped off the small car.

Before he even reached the house however, the door open violently, and out strode Jounouchi's father with an angered face.

" I told you to come home before 8 you little bastard." He barked as he roughly backhanded the boy.

The boy whimpered in pain as his father dragged Jou up the stairs by his hair.

Mrs. Sononti tried to get off the car, and help Jounouchi but the last thing she heard before the door slammed shut was " Don't come in, and please don't tell anyone."

* End of flashback *

She placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Jou winced at the touch.

"Jou. You know you can tell me anything."

From the heart-lifting smile the teacher wore, Jou completely broke down in to helpless sobs as he explained.

"I don't know why he does it," he managed in between gaps.

Ms. Sononti repressed the urge to interrupt, but wisely chose against it.

Jou continued

" It started a few years after my mom left. She wanted to take me too, but the divorce court didn't oblige. He comes night after night, always after 11 o'clock. Always drunk, or full o' shit" He drew in a shuddering breath.

" It started small at first. Small slaps, a punch here an' there. But as time passed he eventually used me as a punching bag

" Everything's all wrong! After dad lost his job, he's using every last bit of his penny on alcohol an' shit like that.

We're just getting through with our bills and I believe he's using my college funds for alcohol."

He broke down in to fits of tears. Ms. Sononti' s were open in shock as she heard the last bit of things Jou said. She gathered him up in her arms.

" Jou, you know you should really report this."

She felt the boy shake his head violently.

" No," he said as he continued to shake his head violently, " He's the only person I know that knows the whereabouts of my sister Shizuka."

Ms. Sononti looked horrified.

" You mean he never told you where your mother lives?"

Jou shook his head sadly. " No, and he burns my letters from my mother or Shizuka. I know this because he makes me watch him do it."

His eyes were glazed with hurt, and anger.

" I don't know what he'll do when I leave. He proved himself dangerous already, and I know that my mother's house is the first place he's going to search when he gets out of prison, and he could do the same thing to Shizuka."

Ms. Sononti bit her lips as she racked her brain for any possible solution. Suddenly it hit her.

" You know.. if you report him, he'll be taken to custody." She said promisingly.

"No, No.. it's alright. I'll be fine" He paused and gave her a careless smile and said, "I should go eat my lunch Ms. Sononti. My friends will be lookin' for me. Thanks for making me feel better." He flashed her another smile before exiting the classroom.

She sighed.

" Take care Jou."

**** " Hey guys! Sorry I took so long. I was discussing my.. English essay with Ms Sononti."

Jou said brightly but his eyes showed nothing but sorrow.

Yugi who recognized this changed the subject.

" Hey, Jou. Are you gonna enter the tournament that's happening next week?"

He immediately perked up

" Sure I'm gonna enter Yug. You know me, besides there's gonna be an awesome prize money for the winner."

Honda smirked

"You know who's holding the tournament, right Jou?"

Jou raised an eyebrow

" So?" he said with a casual shrug, " It's not like he's gonna kill me or anythin' besides, all I need to do is control my temper an' avoid him."

Yugi and the gang's eyes widened.

"Ok, who are you, and what have you done with our Jounouchi?" Anzu cried out holding her chopsticks out threateningly.

Jou raised an amused eyebrow and smiled.

"What? So I can't act mature once in my life?"

He asked with a snort.

The gang gaped wordlessly, mouth open, and eyes fixed on Jou.

Yugi was the first one to recover " Where's your lunch Jou, aren't you hungry?"

Jou smiled slightly.

" I forgot, I'm not hungry anyways." He stretched.

" See you guys later ok? I need to stretch my legs out for a bit." He said as he rose from his chair abruptly and headed out of the cafeteria.

Anzu made a strangled noise.

Jou, once known as the bottomless pit refused to eat when offered, now that was something you didn't see everyday.


Jou walked aimlessly, his attentions buried in his thoughts.

Soon, he realized his legs had brought him to the library.

Jou pushed the oak doors open and quietly slipped into the library, a place of silence and solitude.

For it was lunchtime, few people were there.

He looked around casually and his eyes lingered at a person who was working quietly at the corner of the room, piles of books stacked neatly beside him and pieces of paper scattered on the table.

Seto Kaiba.

Jou grinned nastily.

He walked quietly over to him, making sure Kaiba didn't notice.

He stood directly behind him and still Kaiba was buried in books not noticing the intruder.

Jou leaned in until his cheek was grazing Kaiba's.


Kaiba started.

" What do you want mutt, I thought the library didn't allow dogs in here, guess I was wrong."

Jou bristled

"I ain't a mutt Kaiba. Is it against the law for me to be in the library?"

"No but dogs are. It's quite rare to see you actually come near the library."

Jou ignored the last comment and plucked a book from the pile beside the CEO.

He quietly took a seat a cross from him and cracked open the dusty volume.

"I didn't know you could read." Seto commented through bemused eyes.

Jou ignored once more before raising an eyebrow.

" Good taste Kaiba. I've read this one myself, quite sad in the ending though."

Jou said as he tossed the book back to the startled Kaiba.

Kaiba hid his shock and grunted in reply.

Jou rose from his seat and wandered to the classical section, not realizing solemn eyes were watching him intently.

Jou grabbed a few books from the old shelf and walked over to the check out counter before leaving the library.

Seto's eyes still lingered at the library door before concentrating back to his work, but to his distraction he couldn't regain his focus.

He gathered his things and left the library, chasing after the blonde boy.


Jou was busy burying his nose in his book, Bell Tolls when a light tap on his shoulder disturbed him.

To his dismay it was Seto Kaiba.

Slightly annoyed he closed his book and said,

" Yes? What can I do for you?"

" Nothing."

" Well. What do ya want than?"

He said his voice rising in annoyance and anger.


Kaiba watched the boy squirm under his gaze.

" Well?"

Kaiba did not answer; instead he fixed his gaze on Jou's damaged flesh. The bruises were a yellowish-blue now but the cuts were clearly visible. His eyes were filled with despair, sorrow and fierce anger like shards of ice on flesh.

.Kaiba blinked out of his trance and stared at the irritated boy.

" Are you coming to the tournament I'm holding?"

"What if I do?"

Jou's eyes flashed with malice.

Kaiba's eyes narrowed, but smirked.

"Great, another chance to prove a worthless dueler you really are."

" Yeah? Well, I ain't gonna lose, just wait an' see Kaiba."

Jou sneered before brushing his way past Kaiba.

Kaiba gritted his teeth

" We'll see Jou, we'll see."