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He Belongs To Me

"Jou! That is bloody brilliant!" Ryou exclaimed after hearing Jou's idea.

It was almost evening as Jou finished; the sun was just setting and as the rays of sunlight poured into the room from the large glass window, it painted the chamber golden yellow, crimson red and a light hue of pink.

Bakura shifted in to a more comfortable position with Ryou on his lap.

"Not bad Jounouchi. I didn't know you were capable of thinking," Bakura commented dryly as he wrapped his lean arms around his hikari's slender waist. You're just lucky we're not entering the blasted tournament"

"Kura! That's it! You get absolutely NOTHING tonight!" Ryou cried as he shoved Bakura on the arm.

Jou swore Bakura's face softened as he kissed his hikari's forehead.

" Um, I should be getting home now," Jou remarked as he regarded the darkened room.

Bakura narrowed his eyes as he watched Jou's nervous form.

He shook his head and smiled maliciously when Ryou called out as Jou's hands reached the doorknob of the front door.

Bakura suspicion grew even more as Jou shook his head intensely. . " Wait Jou, why don't you stay for tea? We can help you plan out your strategy a bit more!" said Ryou as he stood up hesitantly.

"No. Not we. You." Bakura said as he grabbed his hikari's slim waist and pulled him back on to his awaiting lap.

Ryou sighed and reluctantly gave in after a few struggles.

Bakura smiled in satisfaction as Ryou leaned back onto his broad chest.

" Yes Jou. You didn't get to try our new Rose Twist Tea yet. You really should .stay a little bit longer." Bakura smirked. " Besides, it's only 6."

What's the hurry Jou? A little bit of tea won't hurt, unless you're allergic to caffeine. If you are, we can just have milk or water." Bakura added.

" I'm fine. I just want to get home before it gets entirely dark." Said Jou hurriedly.

" Why? Scared of the dark? Or is there something else you're scared of?" Bakura arched an amused eyebrow.

Jou was momentarily shocked; but quickly recovered.

" No really, it's fine." And with that last comment he pushed the door open and hurried out.

Ryou cried out Jou's name and with quick movements he hurried to the door.

Ignoring the angry yells from Bakura, Jou leapt down the stairs, his body moving in uncharacteristically jerky movements.

Ryou was about to go after Jou when a pair of strong arms caught him on the waist.

"Just let him go Ryou." Bakura said as he rested his chin on Ryou's snowy head.

Ryou sighed.

**** Jou's eyes opened frantically as he glanced at his watch.

His father would be arriving home in any minute now and he was not even close to being there.

Jou's breath came out raggedly as he started running once more. He raised his left wrist again to regard the time.

His father was home.

Jou's breath came out short as he raised his speed to his maximum.

' I'm almost there. Almost' he thought. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath before proceeding.

When he got there the lights were still off. He sighed in relief as he pocketed for his key.

When his fingers touched the cold metallic object, he smiled.

'I made it. I really did.'

He entered the solemn house quietly and headed straight to his room.

Jou smiled satisfyingly as he went into his cold room, plain as ever. His room was paint less and colorless except for the bed, which was tainted with the light touch of blue.

Knowing what object was where, since he has been in his room most of the time, or outside somewhere, avoiding the house. He took off his jacket and placed it carefully on his small bed.

As he unbuttoned his navy shirt he heard a click of a lock to his right.

Someone had locked the door.

He turned around and what he saw frightened him beyond his imagination. It was his father, silhouetted by the moons gleaming brush, holding an object he could not make out.

Jou dropped his hands quickly from the top of his half open shirt.

"Where have you been my boy? I was so worried." Jou's father drawled out as he drew in on Jou.

Jou backed away instinctively as he stuttered his words out.

" I- I was t-t-taking a walk in th---" he was interrupted by a smack on his left shoulder.

Jou fell on his bed and hurriedly made his way towards the corner of his bed where he could try to make himself invisible, but would fail.

Jou's father growled in anger and grabbed for the boy.

Jou whimpered and raised his arm defensively as he was struck.

Only the sound of Jou's ear piercing yell could be heard.

Jou's days grew worse as did his bruises and injuries.

Many people questioned him but all he did was wince and shake his head.

All of the students gasped or stared at his injuries mockingly or sadly when passing Jou.

Seto Kaiba was feeling both.

He wanted to taunt Jou about his ugly masks of bruises, and embrace him as well.

He never has seen Jou so somber and miserable before. His eyes were always bright and happy, and always full of spirit. His lips were always curled up to a smile, but now, it seemed, Jou was gone, leaving an empty shell behind.

Seto clenched his fist in anger as he saw Jou getting a pile of books from his locker. Seto frown bridged in to a threatening shape as Jou's books fell from his hands. Jou sighed and bent down to pick up his colorless textbooks, revealing a ripe yellow bruise decorating his lower back.

Jou gathered his textbooks and closed his locker, which squealed in protest.

Jou walked, and as he did the other students began to file out, leaving the hallway empty.

The second bell had rung informing it was time for class to start.

Seto hurried forward towards Jou and grasped his shoulder, making Jou wince visibly. Jou spun around.

Seto let go to see a smudge of blood on the hand that had made contact with Jou's shoulder.

Jou growled in anger,

" What do you want?"

Seto raised an amused eyebrow.

" Now, now pup, don't growl at your master."

Jou grimaced.

" I'm not your pup, nor are you my fucking master."

Seto shook his head mockingly.

" Is my poor pup in a bad mood these days?"

"Shut the hell up you son of a-"

With narrowed eyes Seto seized Jou's wrist.

Jou's eyes menaced with anger and annoyance, covering his pain as Seto's grip tightened. .

Seto whispered in a harsh voice.

" I wouldn't say those rash comments if I were you. You know what would happen if the authorities found out about your father. You'd be an orphan, or maybe if I'm lucky your father would escape and find you."

Jou's eyes widened in panic before closing them tiredly.

"Go ahead. It's not like I really care." he said as he reopened his eyes, suddenly finding the floor very interesting.

It took Seto a moment to realize what Jou said.

In surprise he let go, his grip slackened, and Jou immediately rushed off, leaving a stunned CEO.


Jou ran recklessly towards home after he glanced at his watch.

The talk with Seto was longer then he thought. wait. Seto? When did he start to address him as Seto?

Jou shook off his musings and sped off, knowing if he hurried, the beating that followed would lessen along with the screams of agony.

With a sigh, Jou reached his battered porch and slipped his worn key into the chipped lock and gently turned it, wincing at the creaking noise produced by the doors.

He held his breath, hoping, praying that his father was too drunk to move or out, spending his cash on beer and prostitutes.

He released his breath after waiting a few agonizing moments.

Jou slipped the door close, again grimacing at the door, and slipped his shoes off.

As he closed the open closet, he was struck on the back by a beer bottle, mercifully not a broken one.

Jou bit his cry of pain as the glass shattered, digging past his forest green jacket, and into his bruising back, piercing his skin like tiny needles tattooing him head to toe.

He felt the warm liquid flow down his back.

For a man, half drunk and in very bad shape, his father managed to deliver strong blows.

"What. Did. I. Tell. You. About. Arriving. Home. Late?" his father snared, as he punctuated each word with a blow.

Jou whimpered, knowing if he admitted any louder noises the pain would multiply.

He crowded his arms around his face, shielding them from hard fists.

His father smiled, not a smile, but almost like a crooked grin, but more evil.

He backhanded Jounouchi and he fell rolling on the floor, smashing to a nearby wall.

Tears fogged Jou's eyes, blurring the surrounding area invisible.

As he tried to stagger up onto his feet, a large fist hitting his back stopped him.

Jou cried out and rolled onto his stomach, to escape from getting his face beaten.

Jou felt a hard kick to his side, making him groan.

Jou squinted his eyes as he felt numerous blows to his side.

Jou moaned as darkness enveloped him.


Jou grimaced as he carefully swung his bag over his sore shoulder. He could not sleep at all last night so he chose to practice with his cards instead

He pushed open his classroom door with lowered eyes and continued for his seat, ignoring the surprised stares and murmurs.

Yugi looked sadly at his best friend who was getting out his books with immense caution.

Jou tossed a quick glance at Yugi, and forced the corner of his lips to make a tiny smile.

Yugi did not smile back this time. He frowned Jou: Hey~ Jou here! Um.This is VERY VERY important! So please read the following.

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