A/n in this story Rogue has complete control over her different powers that she has absorbed but not her skin. Inuyasha will not come till later on.

[ ] = something said in a different language.


"Hello? Yes of course I'll be sending a girl named Rogue she is the best muck like your daughter. What, yes she will be alone but whatever you do don't touch her skin. A description, well she is Goth looking and has natural white bangs and a southern accent. She will be there in two days oh and is your daughter afraid of heights, or fast rides? Good bye," was the Professor's voice as he was on the phone.

{Rogue please come to my office it is urgent and no you didn't do anything wrong you have a mission}

{Sure thing Professor}

No more than five minutes later Rogue was in his office. She was nervous but she wasn't sure why.

"Rogue as you know this will be a mission you are to go to the temple of the fire gods and bring this girl back," He said as he put her picture on the table.

"What Japan! Do they even speak English? Why? I mean I'll do it but first I have to know as much about her as I can," Rogue argued.

"The people that live in that particular area do speak both English and Japanese. And because she is not a mutant like Kitty, Sam, or Roberto she is more like your friend Warren or Angel-"

"What she has wings?" Rogue asked.

"Yes and she also is able to bring electricity out of her hands and because the people have discovered her and are hunting her and her mom is hiding her but it will not be long before they find her," He stated calmly.

"Well in that case may ah go ASAP please and may ah go shopping there please?" Rogue asked.

"Shopping sure but only since you will not take as long as Kitty, Jean, or Jubilation would," He said with a slight laugh.

Rogue only nodded and walked out of the office. Evan in Japan mutants are not wanted but ah thought that they believe in all that crap about demons and monsters. She thought bitterly.

"You slow poke!" yelled on of the new students as he ran down the hall with everybody's uniform ready to wash.

"Hey watch it star boy," Rogue screamed as Sam aka Cannonball almost knocked her over.

"Star boy?" he quickly turned around with a raised eyebrow.

"Your power makes you look lahke a pretty shooting star," Rogue knew this would get him.

"Pretty! Oh man my power makes me look like a sissy," He wined.

Rogue went to her room and looked for something to wear as a uniform. Then she pulled out an extra black suit that was an extra for a uniform, a pair of 4-inch high heel brown leather boots that go just above mid-calf, a pair of brown leather gloves that stop just above the wrist and a brown leather coat that stopped at her elbows and looks like she rolled up the sleeves. She put it on and smiled.

"Ah lahke this bettah," Then she frowned. She turned around and searched her closet. Then she pulled out a brown belt just like the one with her normal uniform. She turned to face the mirror once more and smiled.

"Perfect," She then left her room to tell everybody that she was leaving also to see there reactions to her creation.

She walked to the kitchen and heard everybody already in there. She walked in and grabbed a French fry off Kurt's plate.

"Ahm goin' 't' get a new recruit from Japan see ya'll," She felt like hitting herself for making her self not say something better than that and in front of Scott. She turned to leave when nobody looked up.

"Hey vait that vas my food what are you wearing?" Kurt spit out his food.

"Well my uniform is being washed so ah had 't' make do with something ah had already is it dat bad?" She asked.

"You like look totally awesome," Kitty squeaked.

"You don't mind if I take that idea do you I like it," Jean said happily.

"Sure whatever," She tried to hide her pleasure.

"Yeah you'd look really hot Jean," Scott replied.

Oh she'd look hot but not meh. Bastard how dare he. Rogue though angrily.

"Rogue?" it was Jamie with pleading eyes and Rogue knew what the boy wanted.

"Okay ah'll bring ya back somthin'," She said making him smile like the grinch.

Rogue was just outside about to fly off when she realized what day it was.

"Crap 't' the whole world damit what tahm is it? She asked to nobody but somebody answered back.

"Almost eight why?"

Rogue jump around and put her hand to her heart," Are you tryin' 't' kill meh."

"Why?" he asked again.

"Why what?" she knew what he meant but just didn't want to say.

"You know what I mean," he grunted.

"Yeah ah do but just put it this way ah need 't' go 't' the brotherhood house right quick," and with those last words she used Pietro's power to leave.

"WHAT FOR!?!?!?!" he tried to yell but she was long gone.

Rogue ran to the bakery and bought 5 ice cream cakes one chocolate, cinnamon, strawberry, vanilla, and lemon. She then carefully ran to the brotherhood house and knocked on the door.

"Rogue!? What is the meaning of this?" it was Lance.

"YO FREDDY YOU HAVE A VISITOR," Rogue ignored Lance and walked right in.

"Who is it?" he seemed depressed. "Rogue," Lance said angrily.

"Rogue? Why?" Fred was confused.

"She is in the kitchen get her out she isn't welcomed," Lance demanded.

Fred walked in the kitchen and saw big boxes. Then saw Rogue looking hot and with a grin that says I-know-something-you-don't-know.

"Ahm leaving just let me do dis Fred happy birthday," Rogue said.

"What all the commotion yo, Rogue?" it was Todd.

"Yeah I need my beauty sleep-Rogue!?!? Traitors are not welcomed get out." He demanded.

"Firstly if dat were true you would not be here, secondly ahm no traitor-"

"But you left us yo,"

"Not entirely true ah did leave but only cuz of mah mom you guys are still lahke you were when ah was here just not on de battlefield. And thirdly again HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRED!" she shouted now seeing tears in the big guys eyes.

"You never told us it was your birthday," Pietro complained.

"He never told me either ah absorbed him remember and just cuz ahm with de x-men now don't mean de people who were mah friends first mean nothing 't' meh ah mean ah don't need ya'll it is just that it would be a stupid reason 't' loss any type of friend and Fred are ya gonna say anythin'?" She was nervous.

"Thanks but what are with the boxes?"

Rogue laughed a real laugh and the brotherhood smiled," Well there is an ice cream cake in every box. Eat up but ah have 't' go and since ahm not wanted it only best," Rogue began to walk out but Lance grabbed her arm.

"Wait sorry you are welcomed here.now.I mean-," Rogue cut him off with a smile.

"Ah know what you mean and thanks but ah really have 't' go," she removed her arm from him then bumped in to something hard.

"Bonjoir chere'," came the hard thing she bumped into.

"Damn now ah have 't' go ah can't stand dis creep bye Lance, Pietro, Todd, and Fred," then she walked out the door.

"Remy be hurt you not say goodbye to him," whispered a voice in her ear.

"Who?" Rogue was beginning 't' panic he was so close.

"Rogue-he-is-Remy-the-dumb-ass-talks-in-third-person-and-you-look-hot," Pietro yelled from the doorway.

"Remy huh well unless you wanna die get away from meh and thanks speedy," and with that Rogue used Storms power to fly and Pietro's power to fly really fast.

It only took Rogue a day and some change to get to her destination. But she had to go shopping first.

She didn't know of any good stores but she know what one looks like. She entered this store full of revealing dresses and skirts. She bought a black Japanese dress with no sleeves with a symbol on the chest. But the best part about it was that the splits began right where you feel your hip-bone and shows a little underwear, and the outline of it was white. It came with normal black high-heels but were 4-inches as well and with two collars that go between your elbow and your shoulder they were silver. Rogue bought and it turns out that the symbol stands for warrior. She decided to wear it when she learned to control her skin. Ever since she had control over the powers she has been confident about the skin. She went to the temple and noticed that there wasn't a doorbell. She would knock but the door seemed to be wood and paper.

"What de hell," she mumbled under her breath.

She looked around for a rope or something that might have bells or something on it anything to make noise.

[excuse me miss] said some old lady.

"Uh.ah don't speak. ah mean ah don't understand the words that are coming out of.oh never mind it is useless," she complained.

This is so embarrassing. Was all she could think about.

"Are you Rouge?"

"It's Rogue and yes ma'am is Zakia Forbes in?"

"Ah yes please come in," the old lady offered.

Rogue followed her and saw Zakia already ready. She was Rogue's height blonde hair same length as Rogues, dyed black at the bottom. Silvery blues eyes with peach skin. She also had wings sticking out of her back just like Angel. She had on a dark purple no sleeve shirt with black jeans that kept getting bigger and bigger till her feet were hidden under them, and a simple silver chain from one loop hole where the belt is supposed to go to the next two. She had a tattoo on her arm of nothing in particular just lines and dots.

"You must be Rogue when do we leave?" She was direct.

"Tomorrow dere is a storm on de way back and ah can't fly through it." Rogue answered.

"Fly? Where's the wing what's your power?" Zakia asked shocked.

"No if you touch mah skin ah steal your memories, some of your physical features, and if you're a mutant ah steal your powers. That is mah mutation but ah have them permanently and can use them whenever ah please." She stated almost coldly.

"So whose power was that?" She asked still slightly shocked.

Rogue reached in her pocket and pulled out a picture. She pointed to Ororo, it was only a picture of the adults and all x-men.

"Dat is one of de adults, her name is Ororo Monroe but her code name is Storm because she can control de weather."

"Then how can she fly?" Zakia was excited.

"Well because she uses the wind on dat one but ahm not totally sure ah mean it is lahke second nature or somethin'," Rogue said hiding her annoyance.

"Tell me are all those mutants what are they like?" She was practically begging.

"Well dis is mah roommate Katherine (Kitty) Pryde aka Shadowcat she can Phase through things lahke walls, people, she can even bring people with her and she can kinda fly as well but beware you get no privacy in de bathroom with her. And this is mah brother Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler he can teleport from place 't' place and yes he really looks lahke that but de Professor gave him a watch 't' to hide his real self." Rogue was hating this.

"Wait that is your roommate ya'll must hate each other," She laughed.

"No we can stand each other sometimes. This is Evan he is no longer with us- "

"Oh sorry-,"

"No he is not dead his mutation allowed him 't' shot bones shaped lahke spikes out of his body and soon he no longer looked normal so he left with people lahke him called Morlocks he is de nephew of Storm so she took it de hardest. Dis is Jamie Madrox aka Multiple he is lahke meh he can't control his power-"

"By his name I am guessing he has multiple arms and legs but he looks normal."

"No hahehaheha if you were 't' bump into him he would automatically make copies of himself lahke this," Rogue got up then fell back in the couch and there were five of her.

"Cool!" She almost shouted.

One Rogue teleported," That is Kurt's power." Another Rogue walked right through a table," That is kitty's power." Then Another Rogue's eyes turned completely white and it started raining then it stopped and became windy then it grew sunny again," Dat was Ororo's power. Then another Rogue shot a piece of bone through her finger and it went through a window," That was Evan's power." Then the original Rogue balled her hand in fists and they started to glow with electricity," That is Ray Crisp aka Berserker he can create electricity with his hands-"

"Like me?"

"Yeah lahke you. And she is Amara Aquilla aka Magma," Rogue then showed her what she looks like when using her power. "This is a girl named Tabitha Smith's power," She then opened her fist and there were little energy balls, then she closed her fist again and they were gone.

"That is kinda lame glowing balls humph." She pouted.

"Actually they explode, but she isn't with us either because she couldn't follow rules, didn't know when to not fool around so she went to the brotherhood but when she wasn't the only female she left and nobody has seen her since," Rogue loved to prove people wrong.

Zakia made her mouth make an '0' to show she understood. She ain't dat bad, but you never know somebody till you live with them.

"And this boy Roberto he uses the suns energy as transfers it into his strength. And Sam Guthrie is literally a human cannonball that is where his name comes from. And Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfsbane she can turn into a wolf of any type. Logan no last name aka Wolverine-"

"What type of name is Wolverine? What does that stand for?"

If this girl don't stop interrupting me. "Well let meh show you," and with that Rogue had her own metal skeleton come out of her fists.

"Good god ouch!" This time she did holler.

"Yeah but you get used to it he also has super hearing and smell and a healing factor-"

"What do you mean super?"

"Look stop interrupting and you'll find out. It means if you were to lie to him he would smell it unless you're a really good liar but still. Also if you tried to sneak inside de mansion he'd hear you. And dis is Hank McCoy aka Beast he is de mansions personal doctor/surgeon. He is also a human dictionary. He can walk on walls. And de red head is Jean Grey no code name she is a telepath and has telekinesis and don't worry she isn't aloud 't' read your mind without permission but she doesn't have full control over it and sometimes she hears what you think she is a goody-goody-"

"Meaning?" She used hand language to show she didn't understand.

"Meaning dat she has perfect scores and loves 't' volunteer for things she has no business and thinks things should always go her way. Her boy toy Scott Summers aka Cyclops and no he has tow eyes but his eye shoot laser beams through them and he can't control it so he has 't' wear a special type of glasses whenever his eyes are open and he even sleeps in them. He can only see in de color red and he is also a goody-goody and he always goes into leader mode when we are on missions and any other tahme he possibly can. And Professor Xavier is known to be the world's strongest telepath but he only goes in you head if necessary. Any questions?" Pleas no please no please no.

"I have one and be honest what is it like living with these people?" It was the old lady.

Ah forgot dat she was dere. "Well honestly it gets crowded but you get used to it. And just to let you know Privacy anywhere is rare." Rogue sighed.

"Meaning?" There goes that hand motion again.

"Well we have this thing called a danger room it prepares us for battles against people who hate us and mutants that are against us-"

"Sorry but what?!" She was worried.

"Ma'am no matter where we go someone will hate us for what we can do and what we are. Dere are no doubt people lahke that where we live but dere is a law that says dey can't do anything 't' us and if so we have permission 't' take action as long as dere are no serious injuries. And de Professor believes dat one day we will make peace with non-mutants and learn 't' live together. But there is another very powerful mutant named Magneto who wants 't' turn all non-mutants into mutants or destroy them so his son is in charge of the brotherhood of mutants while he is in charge of the Acolytes. We battle against one another to protect our beliefs. Anyway danger room session are for everybody and are early in the morning sometimes before school and any other tahme it would be a punishment for stayin' out pass curfew or breakin' some rule," She explained in one breath.

This lady creeps meh out fo some reason.

"Thank you for being honest." And she visibly relaxed.

"Hey so what do these other mutants look like?" She almost sounded like Kitty when she said that.

"Ah thought you would never ask ah can show ya'll this as well. This is Eric Lensurr aka Magneto control anything metal," Rogue used Mystique's power to shape-shift into Magneto. The old lady was surprised as was Zakia. "This is his son Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver," She then turned into Pietro.

"May I ask why he is called that?" asked the old lady.

Rogue/Pietro smirked and was behind her the next second. "Because he can run really fast. This is his Daughter Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch her power id hexing, She is my best friend as you see we have lots in common."

"Yeah like your taste in outfits."

"Dis is Lance Alvers aka Avalanche he creates avalanches and was the old leader of de brotherhood and he has a thing for Kitty. He was with de x-men for about three days before but bein' an x-men isn't all it is cracked up 't' be. Dis is Fred aka the Blob he is strong but also really slow sometimes."

"God he is big, HUGE," Zakia thought out loud.

"Dis is Todd aka Toad he is discussing and the name speaks for it self. Dat was all of de brotherhood and de Acolytes. Dis is St. John aka Pyro he manipulates fire and if you ask me he is a little insane. Dis is Piotr aka Colossus he can turn his skin into metal. Dis is Master Mind we've only seen him once, nobody knows his real name and he can replace memories if he pleases. He has done it before.

"To who?"

"Wanda but only because she wanted to kill her father-"

"WHAT?!?!" the old lady spoke along with Zakia.

"It is only because her powers manifested early and she couldn't control them so he put her in a home of the insane as ah lahke 't' call it but she wanted revenge and when she found him he made Master Mind changes her memories and now she loves her dad. Oh yeah ah forgot mah dear old' mother Raven Darkholme aka Mystique."

"Another blue person hey is they related in any way?" Zakia said disgusted.

"Well Beast no but dis is Kurt's birth mother and my mother by adoption her power is shape-shifting. She works for nobody really but if so it would be Magneto. Oh yeah Victor Creed aka Sabertooth is lahke Logan just no claws they are sworn enemies and have been for ever."

"Hey doesn't someone with a healing factor live longer than normal?" asked the old lady.

"Yes actually Logan was in World war II so he is old. And the person ah hate most Remy LeBeau aka Gambit kinetically charges things and lets them Explode he is the only person beside Quicksilver to get past our security. He is known 't' be the prince of thieves and loves 't' Flirt. "

"What's with the eyes?"

"Part of his mutation ever since birth. If you look in to Dem for long he can manipulate you in to just about anything."

"Wow that's all really neat. Hey are you done?"


"Good mom I'm gonna say goodbye to Kagome and introduce her to Rogue. Bye" With that she grabbed Rogue and flew out the house once she was sure no one was around.

"Where are we goin'?" Rogue asked flying on her own.

"To see my friend Kagome she isn't a mutant but has a secret as big as being one." Zakia laughed.

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