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Rogue wanted to chase after him but she wanted to know that everyone else was safe and she couldn't just leave Zakia like that. She picked her up and was about to go down the hole when Inuyasha popped out with Kagome and Shippo. Sango was carrying Miroku.

"What happened?" Rogue asked.

"Nothing he just got a little fresh?" Sango said.

Rogue said nothing as they headed back to camp. Everybody was eating and Rogue went in a tree. It was one of Kurt's favorite things to do and she was just curious why. Inuyasha popped next to her and she knew what he wanted to ask. "He only wanted 't' know who ah was but a wouldn't tell him. He's really stubborn like a child ah swear," Rogue said.

"So all this happened because he wanted to know who you were?" Inuyasha was angry," And you didn't tell him.

"No ah wasn't gonna let him have what he wanted because he's already spoiled as hell. If he were a child ah'd bend his arm till it was at the brink of breakin'. Its none of his business who ah am," Rogue said.

"The demon was bought by him and he was brought by you. He'll never give up so either tell him who you are or meet us at the well in a few days meaning like at least four." Inuyasha said then went to get some Ramen.

Rogue was angry but she understood that he was right she wasn't used to being told something like that so forward. She didn't have to grab anything so she just left knowing Inuyasha heard her do so. She wasn't scared of what she might run into because she was well trained and she didn't require any material weapons or words. She heard Inuyasha talking while he was attacking. He was like a character off Sailor Moon, which used to be here favorite show. Sailor Moon always had to say what the attack was like Inuyasha. Moon Tiara Magic and Iron Reaver Soul Stealer it was all the same. She flew in one direction not knowing where she was headed and not caring either.

"Get away from me Naraku," she heard a voice say.

Rogue flew down in clear view of who ever screamed and who was being screamed at. "Where'd you come from?" the girl that Rogue remembered from her or Inuyasha's memories.

"I'm bored and ah heard you scream and now ahm amused," Rogue said with a smirk.

Honestly to her it looked like her and that Naraku guy had a thing going on but hey who was she to judge. Naraku sent an attack her way and Rogue teleported between then. "Okay that wasn't very nice," she said poking the mans chest.

The girl took her chance to run and the man looked annoyed. Rogue laughed when his eye twitched. The man or Naraku went after the girl Kikyo but was stopped by Rogue's Psychic shield. "Don't bother going under ground it's a bubble and it's mine," Rogue said.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Good do you know how tired of that question ah am. There's you then Sesshomaru and if Kagome would have given Inuyasha a chance Ahm sure he would have asked too," Rogue said then looked as if she were concentrating hard on something. "Ahhh ah believe lady Kikyo is far enough so ah'll be goin' now bye bye baby," Rogue said sounding like a mommy.

"How dare you Wench!" he snapped but still sounded calm.

Rogue got rid of the bubble shield and looked back. "Don't ever call me that. You men in this world are suck jerks with ultra big egos. Ah think ahm gonna have fun proving that a human girl can have powers as well," she said then flew off.

~Human girl? Her? No way possible not even male humans have powers. How'd she know Kikyo? ~ Naraku thought.

Rogue flew some more and then finally landed in some village. People were awake and they gave her looks of horror. "A demon!" someone cried.

"No ahm no demon if you wanna check go ahead," Rogue said.

The people calmed down and some male priests came with some stick and a scroll. He moved the stick around her body like a metal detector and said whatever words were on the scroll. Soon he finished and stood there. "She's a human!" he shouted.

The people cheered like it was the fourth if July. Rogue looked at the man then smiled and he looked back with a frown. "If a demon you are not then what?" he asked.

~Good talk about Romeo and Juliet talkin' funny~. "Did you not just say that ha am human?"

"Aye but you flew," he pointed out.

"Yeah about that ah am human but with a mutant gene." When she received stares she sighed. "Anyone ever heard of Kagome reincarnation of Kikyo?" Rogue said.

"Yeah," the crowd said.

"Okay you all know she is from the far off future?" the crowd nodded. "She brought me here with her and in her time humans are evolving into humans with powers called mutants. Both girls and guys have then and if you're a mutant it comes during puberty," Rogue said.

"So where is the others?" a voice called out.

"We had a fight," Rogue said.

Nobody asked questions and most went back to what they were doing but others began to talk. "What's your power?" Rogue turned around to see a boy.

"Well if you were 't' touch meh you'd be unconscious for a while or even dead depending on how long we have contact. But don't worry not all mutants have the same power some fly, others can read minds, phase, teleport and turn into animals ah have the worst of 'em all," Rogue said.

She knew it was harsh the way she said it but they had to be fully warned. She heard a familiar sound and smelled a familiar scent. She moved from the crowd into the woods and saw what she expected. "Rin dear what are you doing here?" Rogue asked.

"I saw you up there and followed you. Can you take me up there?" she asked.

"Sure," Rogue said.

Rin's eye sparkled with delight and she ran and gripped onto Rogue's leg. Rogue laughed and took her off her leg. "I though" Rin began to say but Rogue interrupted.

"First ah want 't' make sure it's almost impossible 't' be hurt," Rogue said then used Rahne's power to morph into a wolf even her clothes morphed. Rin hopped on her back and Rogue took off flying. Rin was scared and Rogue knew because she was gripping her fur-covered skin like her life depended on it. "Rin honey let go and stay still for just a second," Rogue ordered.

Rin did as told and Rogue used Angels power to grow wings the same color as her fur which was a brown so dark it looked black. Rogue had no clue why she liked this child so much but she did and there was nothing that would change that. They were quiet for a while and Rin was in a childhood dream of hers then she screamed." Oh a lake go down go down!"

Rogue went down and Rin fell on her butt and ran into the lake stopping when the water was to her knees. Rogue folded her wings into a comfortable position and laid down. She kept her senses alert just in case there was something under water, there was nothing. Rin played for what seemed like hours but was really only one and some change. Rin was soaking wet when she ran back to Rogue.

"I need to go back now it's almost morning and if Sessy didn't know I was gone already he will soon," she said.

"Let me dry you off first," Rogue said then added," Hold on to something really tight okay?"

Rin did and Rogue called on Storms powers and used the winds at and extremely fast pace dry off the wet girl. It took no longer than a minute and she used a warm wind after she was dried off so she wouldn't be so cold. Rin didn't look at all surprised or mad at Rogue she just hopped back on. Rogue took off and began to fly back.

"Rogue what's it like at your home?" the little girl asked.

"Well there are no demons. Demons in my world are a myth or fairy tale. There are only humans with a special gene that people hate them for having. We don't use horses to get around unless we live in the country or it's tradition. Women are treated as equals and men are okay with it.well most."

"What's it like being a mutant?"

"Well it sucks ass. Especially when your power is a power such as mine. I'm like a vampire but instead of taking blood ah take part of your soul. Backs at home there are household full of mutants but none with the exact same power and among half of mah own friends ahm a freak. Mutants are freaks so ahm a freak among freaks an outcast among people who are supposed 't' understand meh. But ah've never been truly love and ah don't need 't' be either."

"What about you mommy and daddy?"

"Well mah real parents disowned meh when ah was an infant so ah never met them. Mystique adopted meh when ah was four and she only did so because another mutant foresaw what mah power would be and she wanted that power in her control. So Mystique only adopted meh because of a vision and Destiny only took care of meh because she owed it to Mystique. Ah have an adopted brother but ah don't want a family ah don't need ah family. The people ah live with are sort of like family and he's one of those people but it's too much only a few people ah can stand. Wolverine is the only one ah thinks of as real true family but it isn't a mutual thing.

"So what about Kagome? She isn't a mutant and it seems that all you know so how do you know her?" Rin said.

"Your smart but ah don't really know Kagome. She lives in Japan and ah live in America and that means she lives on the other side of the world. Ah cam 't' Japan to bring back a mutant whom Kagome is friends with and she brought meh here." Rogue said.

"So home sucks," Rin said.

"Kind of but no one lives ah perfect life," Rogue said.

"What do you think of Sessy?"

"He's cute but stubborn. Smart but boring. Mean and predictable," Rogue said.

"Would you be his mate?" she asked.

~Mate? What do ah look like an animal? Well technically yeah but- "Don't ask of things you don't understand sugah," Rogue said. ~ Yeah that was a good one~

"I understand. Sessy take in Rin and is like daddy. If Sessy mated with you that means you mommy. Mommy make Rin happy," she said.

~ Ahhh she's too cute for her own good~ "Maybe if ah could but ah can't, there is a no touchin' rule. Also like ah said ah don't need a family and don't thinks he wants one or even cares for one so sorry 't' be the one 't' tell you this kid ~God ah sound like Logan~ but you're out of luck one that one."

Rogue's heightened senses picked up that she had made her cry. ~Great now ah feel bad~ "Listen kid there will always be things in life you want but can't have. If you learn 't' deal wit 'em now then you'll be stronger than the average person when you get older. Mentally." Rogue said hoping it would make her feel better.

"Really like you or Kagome?" she was happy again ~God she has some serious mood swings~

"Yeah," Rogue said.

Before the conversation was carried any further someone attacked Rogue from below. She flew out the way and teleported to the ground and saw her attacker. Rin cried his name and ran to him and mumbled some apologies but his hand stopped her (no he did not hit her). He looked at Rogue or at least the wolf form of her. Rogue knew he didn't fully recognize hr yet but she could also change her scents. She smiled went to herself again.

"What is the meaning of this?"

Rogue walked up to him to where he had to tilt his head down to see her. She could smell him his scent he smelled like smoke. It reminded her of Remy and his cigars. ~ Funny Remy has the demon eye's and Sesshomaru actual is a demon. Why am ah even thinkin' of either one of them? ~ "You're demandin' again," Rogue said.

"This time though it is my right to know the answer. Rin is in my care and waking up to find her nowhere makes me mad. She did not have my permission to leave," he said.

~Oh ah hit a soft spot~ "Really it made you mad or were you worried?" Rogue said enjoying the twitching his eye did.

"I rule where I live and she disobeyed me. We may not agree on anything at all but certainly you agree to having things your way?" he said.

"Nothing is ever mah way not even mah own self so be glad you can control your emotions he way you do," Rogue blurted. She hated herself when she said it but why she did not know.

"Rogue Sessy no fight!" Rin half screamed.

"Rin Jaken will take you back go now," Sesshomaru ordered. "So you're Rogue? Weird," he said. "You're a warrior for the-" he started to say.

"Before you say anythin' else let meh say this. Ah don't know what Rogue means in this time and place nor do ah care. Ahm Rogue X-man, Loner, Freak among Freaks, The Untouchable, The Unbeatable, The Ice queen, Gothic Bitch, PICK A TITLE!" Rogue snapped. ~Oh god he's getting' 't' meh and he knows it god ah hate mahself~

Rogue looked away from him once she realized the words left her mouth. She smelled his amusement and it made her hate herself more. Looked anywhere but at him and that is when she noticed what he was wearing. He had on a pair of crème pants that looked like they came from the movie Aladdin. No shoes, no armor, no weapons, and no shirt.

~Oh god he's got a pack on him and that thin layer of beady sweat glistening in the moonlight and his lovely arms (Yes arms as in more than one. Let's just say certain spells did the job) and those tense muscles. His long silver hair and those sexy marks on his face and those demanding golden orbs. GOD girl you've been reading waaay to many romance novels stop it already! ~ Rogue though shaking her head.

Rogue grew even redder if possible when she was reminded that he too had heightened senses. She finally straightened herself out and looked at him. He had a look of disgust on his face," Wench your aroused by a lord. You a simple human, how disgusting."

~ Does anybody know how embarrassing it is 't' be told your aroused by a man~ "AH Am not aroused ahm just embarrassed!" Rogue wanted to yell.

~~~~~~~~(His thoughts) it's rare~~~~~~~~

~What is with these humans, look at the clothes she has on. What is that it's so different and small? ~

Then he remembered what happened not to long ago when Rogue kissed him. The feelings came back his chest wanted to explode and his blood began to thump allover. He turned away as fast he could," Don't let it happen again. Next time I won't be too annoyed to skip our next meeting," he said.

"Which ahm sure will be soon," the girl simply known as Rogue said.

Her voice had a way with me, it's different and I'm curious. She's different and I'm curious.


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