Day 2

(We cut back to the voting where we left off)

Me: and...we have a tie!

All (except me): what!

Me: yes, a tie between Dr. Drakken and Buck Tudrussell .

Buck & Drakken: why us?

Crandall: well, for one thing Doc, your insidious laughter is really starting to tick us off.

Gross sisters: (nod)

Rope Girl: and also I don't trust that little hussy Shego around Cap.

Shego: Oh puh-leeze! If anyone here is interested in four-eyes over there, it's you!

Rope Girl (trying hard not to blush): I am not in love with my teammate!

Buck(snickering): well, you got the "mate" part right!

Rope Girl: That is it! I have had enough of this guy!

(Ron and Skate Lad hold her back as she tries to attack Buck, who stands up and imitates a


Buck: Bring it on Girly!


(Everybody stops and stares)

Me: okay, I've got a way to settle the tie, each one of you will say a catchphrase from a show on

your network, whichever one of you can't do it will be voted off the island, first Buck.

Buck(a la' Eustace from "courage"): Stupid dog!

Me: Good, Doc?

Drakken(a la'powerpuffs): Townsvilles in trouble!

(Everybody stares at him, including Shego, who smacks her face at her bosses stupidity)

Drakken: What? I like that show and I admit it!

Bubbles: I never knew we had a villain fan.

Me: Sorry doc, but that's not a show on your network.

(He walks over tot Drakken and puts his hand on his shoulder)

Me: Dr.Drakken, you are hereby voted off the island. A plane is waiting to take you and your

assistant home.

Drakken: Very well then, I will go, but rest assured that somehow, someday I will be back!

(Evil laughter)

Shego: of course you will, he's probably going to do a sequel or something, let's just go.

(They both walk off while everybody else leaves to get some sleep)

Day 2

Me: alright everyone, I have a special challenge for you today, whoever wins it wins immunity

from being voted off the island tonight.

Ron :Boo-yah!

Goku: so what's the challenge?

Me: I'm glad you asked. (He puts two fingers to his mouth and whistles. Out of the bushes comes

a young 6-year old Hawaiian girl and what looks like a mutant blue furred dog and several other


Me: this is the challenge, I'm sure your all familiar with Lilo and Stitch as well as Stitch's

"cousins".Well, we brought 4 here to the island. Whichever person can find an experiment, catch

it, and bring it back here, will win immunity.



520- Cannonball

323- HunkaHunka

619- Splodyhead

Me: now go!

(The experiments run off and the people chase after them.)

(Various capture attempts)

(Teamo attempting to capture 323)

Crandall: now be quiet, we don't want it flying off.

SL & RG: Right!

(They inch closer, and Crandall attempts to jump on top of HunkaHunka, but he flies away)

RG: Darn, we lost it!

Crandall: spread and search!

(They search and look around, just then, HunkaHunka flies behind Skate Lad and pecks him on

the neck)

SL: Ow! Dammit!

(He then looks up at Lilo, who is sitting and reading a book. Hearts appear in his eyes as he stares

at Lilo)

SL: I think I love her!

Crandall: Hector, you okay?

(Skate Lad shakes his head and blinks a few times)

SL: Uh, Yeah! Listen, I think I saw him, Im just gonna look over there, Later!

(He runs off. Crandall and RG look at each other, shrug, and continue searching)

(Ron Stoppable attempting to capture 619)

Ron: Okay, I can do this, I am a man and this is just some freaky mutant.

( He spies Splodyhead sitting on a rock and resting)

Ron: Bingo!

( He runs at Splodyhead, screaming. Splodyhead looks up and fires several plasma balls from its

nose, setting him on fire)

Ron: Ow! Hot! Hot!

(He runs off and dives into a river as Splodyhead laughs himself silly)

(Majin Buu attempting to capture 520)

(Buu peers behind a bush and spies Cannonball)

Buu: Hmmm, how am I gonna capture it?

(He gets an idea)

Buu: Aha!

(He points his antenna at a tree and zaps it, turning it into a candy bar. Cannonball bounces over

to it and gobbles it up. Buu keeps zapping and turning things into sweets and cannonball follows,

eating the candy.)


Me (waiting with Stitch): where could they be?

(We see Teamo, minus Skate Lad, walk out of the bushes and walk towards us, pissed about not

finding anything. Ron then comes out, with burn marks on his clothes and body, followed by

everyone else.)

Me: so, I take it none of you caught an experiment?

(Just then Buu walks out with Cannonball following him)

Me: I stand corrected, Buu wins immunity tonight!

Buu: woo hoo!

Stitch (looking around) anybody seen Lilo?

(Just then, we hear moaning and grunting from the bushes, everybody walks over and sees Skate

Lad trying to "get it on" with Lilo)

Lilo: Let go of me, please!

SL: Aw, c'mon baby, don't act like you don't want me!

(Stitch quickly whips out a water bottle and squirts Skate lad in the eyes. He stops and looks


SL: Where am I?

(He looks at Lilo and screams)

SL: what the hell is going on here?

Lilo(straightening out her clothes) I'll fill you in later.

Later that night...

( we all sit in the Tiki place like last time, except for, Lilo, Stitch, and the other experiments)

Me: okay the new votes are tallied, the next person off is...

(You know the drill! Get to voting!)