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Summary: A joint HP/Charmed fic. The Halliwells make their way to Hogwarts when 6 foreign exchange students are accepted. Couplings may vary.

A/N: Okay because technically HP takes place in the mid 90's and Wyatt would still be an infant, let's pretend Wyatt and all 6th year Hogwarts students were born in 1987 since this is a fused type of thingy. Oh it also has original characters so if that isn't your cup of tea I wouldn't read if I were you.

Ch.1: The New Source

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell peered into the window of a dance studio where a girl about his age was dancing by herself in front of a mirror. He leaned into the window using his arm as a sort of pillow to keep from burning his forehead on the hot glass. There was a dull thud and he spotted a blonde picking himself off the floor before setting a heavy looking chair back up. The girl stopped dancing to walk over and make sure the guy was okay. He pushed her away from him, an instant argument started between them. It ended with her walking out. Wyatt never expected to see her appear coming out the door muttering. Wyatt jerked away from the window.

"Hey, that looked like a pretty nasty fight in there, you okay?" He said. She snapped around.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" She asked sourly. Wyatt winced as if he had been slapped for no apparent reason.

"I am -uh-," He stammered. "I just was looking into the studio. You're a really great dancer." The expression on the girl's face became a little softer, but she had a sudden look of suspicion.

"There you are!" Came Wyatt's single-with-no-visible-sign-of-a-life Aunt Phoebe. "Oh you met a girl!" Wyatt blushed and the girl suddenly remembered she had to call her mom.

"Why must you always do that Aunt Phoebe?" He asked hotly. "Did you get the ingredients?"

"I don't always do that Wyatt and yes I did get the ingredients, though I have no clue why Piper needs toadstool, wolfs bane and dried oak leaves," Phoebe said sounding partially defensive to her sixteen-year-old nephew. "What has you all shook up Wyatt?"

"Nothing!" He snapped. "Let's just go home so we can get mom these ingredients and so can tell Aunt Paige all about the girl I shared barely three sentences with." He stormed down the road with a very hurt Phoebe behind them.

*Number Twelve Grimmauld Place

Harry Potter slumped lazily into a creaky old chair seeing dust fly up around him. He rubbed his neck and looked over to Ron and Hermione who were both rubbing their necks and shoulders.

"I have never seen gnomes that bloody persistent," Ron mumbled. "You think they got the point?"

"Who cares?" Harry told him. "Why I wanted to even come here a few weeks ago I haven't the simplest clue." He had arrived at Grimmauld Place in mid-July and he had been busy de-gnoming, de-doxing, and fending off spiders. Time had pressed itself into early August and now he, Ron, and Hermione were growing tired of the household duties.

A large barn owl flew in the window with three heavy looking parchment envelopes. Ron groaned as the owl flew onto his sore shoulder. Harry took them so the owl would fly off.

"Ah, yes, right on time!" Hermione said happily taking her letter and ripping it open. Six pages and a little silver badge fell out. She gathered the pages and read the headings. "Prefect letter, booklist, new teacher's letter, Apprentice notice, basic information, and---," Her eyes became wide, "'Hogwarts is pleased to inform you that we have recently made the decision to accept six American born, sixth years students.' And there's pictures." Ron and Harry ripped open the envelopes and searched for the transfer students notice.

"Wow this is great news." Ron said. "Damn no names."

"September thirteenth looks a bit dodgy." Harry said.

"That's my birthday!" Hermione said.

"June seventeenth and August thirteenth are quite lovely Harry," Ron said. "America is beginning to look like a beautiful country."

*The Charmed Ones

"God damn it Leo get down here!" Piper yelled when white and blue orbs appeared materializing a man. "About damn time!"

"Piper, I am not your white lighter, now what do you what?" Leo snapped.

"I realize you are not my white lighter, but that's not the reason I called." She started. "Cutting straight to the chase; what do you know about Lord Voldemort?"

"He is a very sinister, powerful wizard. He is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of witches and wizards and he has a ream of wizard followers called Death-Eaters," He paused to draw breath, "it's not likely to vanquish him even with the power of three. Why are you asking?"

Piper nodded and strode over to the Book of Shadows. She brushed her long dark hair from her face and found a place at the bottom of the page.

"It says here that only one person has survived out of all his victims," She said. "The real kicker is that the survivor was only an---." Leo picked up.

"---Fifteen months old infant."

"---Who is now Wyatt's age."

"Wow, I didn't realize he was that old now."

"Excuse me?"

"Oh the Potter boy, he did the magical world a favor. He's really famous. Not a witch or wizard who doesn't know his name."

Piper nodded clenching the stand of the Book of Shadows. She was more than tempted to blow Leo into blue and white shining bits.

"If there isn't a witch or wizard who doesn't know his name then how come---."

"---He doesn't know about the Charmed Ones. It was only fair."

"So this homicidal maniac is a wizard," She muttered. "Funny this just happens to be the worst thing to happen since you bailed on me."

Leo huffed and glared. He didn't count being made an elder as bailing. Sure he and Piper were no longer together and he did leave when Wyatt was six months old, but he didn't bail because he wanted to.

"I didn't bail, I took a job."

"I gave you the chance before to come home. I understand you did that one spell but some spells do not last as long as you want them to."

He shook his head. If Piper knew just how great he had been doing she would be proud. A sound of ringing sounded in his head and he said his goodbyes.

"Just to let you know Piper, Lord Voldemort is the next candidate for the Source position." He orbed out just as Wyatt came in with the potion ingredients.

"Hey Mom," He said. "If you want to hear about the girl I met while Aunt Phoebe was getting potion ingredients you may want to go downstairs now."

"Did she do it again?"

"Oh yeah and I didn't even have the chance to get my name out, so this girl is going to be telling all of her friends about 'the guy' she snapped at."

"I will talk to her. In the mean time we have to find a way to vanquish the candidate for Source position."

Wyatt heaved a sigh and strode over to the window. He saw an Escalade pull in front of the house and park. He turned back to his mother.

"Who drives an Escalade?"

"Nobody we know can afford one."

Wyatt turned back and saw two girls get out. One was short with long red hair and the other was tall with short red and black hair. He looked closely. The girl he had seen at the dance studio was the girl with red and black hair.


"What did you say?"

"Nothing. I gotta get downstairs before Aunt Phoebe answers the door." He ran out the room. curious as to what was going on Piper followed him. Wyatt was too late in beating Phoebe to the door.

"Come on in!" She said. Wyatt groaned. Smiling slightly, the two girls crossed the threshold. "Aren't you that girl from the dance studio?" The girl with red and black hair blushed. Phoebe grinned and left as Piper came downstairs.

"Most people know me as Melanda Litrell-Harris," she muttered. "I'm looking for Wyatt Halliwell." She said in a normal voice.

"You found me." Wyatt said.

"Oh hi." She said sheepishly. "This came to me by owl. I think it got confused." She pulled out a heavy yellow parchment envelope addressed to a Mr. W. Halliwell.

"Oh thanks," He said taking the envelope. "I'm Wyatt."

"Melanda," The red and black haired girl said.

"Jannessa," the red head said. "Looks like we'll be going to the same school this year."

"Hate to go, but Ness there are many D.E we need to catch."

"But I don't wanna go to work!" Jannessa moaned. Piper looked at them suspiciously.

"Yes, I realize that, but with Lord Voldemort running a mock we can't just sit on our auror behinds." Melanda told her. "It was lovely meeting you Wyatt, Miss Halliwell." The two girls turned to leave however Piper's voice rang out after them cracking like a whip.

"D.E wouldn't just so happen to stand for Death Eater would it?" Melanda and Jannessa turned around and looked at her.

"How do you know about them?" Melanda asked.

"I'm asking questions; what the hell are aurors?"

"Aurors are basically magical cops that track down the wanted and throw them in Azkaban Prison," Jannessa told her. "Azkabah is lot like Alcatraz but the guards are worse than the inmates."

"I think we need to talk more in depth of this now," Piper pointed up the stairs. Melanda and Jannessa closed the door and began to walk up. "Straight up to the attic."

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