Author's note: I don't own any of the characters here. SSBM and Pokemon belong to Nintendo. The characters with names that are named after colors belong to Hidenori Kusaka, the author of the Pokemon Adventures manga. Chapter 1: Picnic!

It was a beautiful day in Pallet Town, so the heroic trainers of that town decided to go on a picnic. Soon Ash, Gary, Yellow, and Blue were ready, they are going to meet Chris, Kris, and Silver on the picnic ground.

Ash: I wish Misty could come.

Gary: Stop daydreaming, she has to practice for the Gym Leader League 2 days later.

Ash: How about you? You're the gym leader of Viridian City, and you're here doing what you want.

Gary: I'm done training, so I need a rest.

Blue: Hey guys! Let's go before the weather gets bad!

Suddenly, it starts raining.

Blue: Darn, now we have to wait for another day.

In another city, a black van was zooming very fast on the street, and then it parked by the road.

Bowser: Hey Falcon! You parked at the no parking spot!

Capt. Falcon (CF): Never mind, I'll fix it (Pulls up the no parking sign and toss it away). Done!

Ganondorf: Let's go get a new barbecue grill.

The 3 of them entered a shop.

Clerk: Welcome! What kitchen appliance what would you like to buy?

Ganondorf: Do you have a barbecue grill?

Clerk: We have! (Shows them one) This is the best kind we have!

Ganondorf: You sure it won't break when someone sits on it?

Clerk: Why'd you ask?

Ganondorf: Our old one got sit on by Bowser and it broke.

Bowser: Blame it on DK! He put a banana peel on the ground, which made me slip on it and broke the grill!

CF: I'll test if it's hard enough. Falcon Punch!!!! (Punches the grill far into the sky) Uh.

Clerk: Please pay $300 for making the grill fly off.

They paid the clerk and went off.

Ganondorf: Why did you punch the grill away? You brainless freak!!

CF: Blame it on the clerk for making it to light!

They got back to the Smasher's Mansion.

Bowser: We're back, but we didn't get a new grill.

Peach: Never mind. We have a new one. (Shows them the same grill that CF punched)

CF: How did it get here!?

Mario: It flew in from the sky and into the window; maybe god gave it to us!

Fox: And it crushed my Great Fox model!

Peach: Now that we have a new grill and all the foods, we'll be ready for tomorrow's picnic!

Everyone: Yay!!!!!!

That's all for now, I'll get the next chapter up soon!

Coming up next: DK: I swear! I really saw a ghost in that forest!

CF: Our van is stolen!!!!