Author's Note: The end has come


Roy: We have to go now.

Ash: I guess this is good-bye.

Mario: We'll meet-a again someday!

CF: Let's leave now, the announcer gave us a brand new van for defeat that Andoos whatever his name is!

Gary: Hope we meet again.

Blue: It's happy to know you all!

Popo: Let's keep in touch with each other!

Nana: Don't forget us!

CF: We're leaving now.

Smashers: Good-bye! (Gets on van)

The Smashers drove off into the distance.

Chuck: Those people are sure strong.

Janine: But they fight without strategies at all.

Blue: Ash, you should tell Misty about it.

Ash: Tell what?

Blue: About wanting her to be your girlfriend.

Ash: Don't say too loud!

Misty: You actually like me, Ash?

Ash: Uh...

Misty: Actually, I feel the same also...

Ash: ...

Blue: What a romantic ending!

Gary: I can't watch..

Yellow: Both of you make one perfect couple!

Ash and Misty stares at each other and smiles.

A few days later, in the Smasher Mansion.

Roy: America's Funniest Home Video is starting! I send another video there!

Marth: What is it this time?

Roy: It's very funny!

Mario: I want to watch!

The TV shows Roy putting black powders into a salt packet.

Peach: I think I know this..

Then it shows Peach preparing soup, but she didn't notice the salt packet has black powder in it. Everyone except Roy was waiting at the table, when Peach cooked the soup, there was a big explosion, and it covered everyone in the kitchen with black powder.

Peach: So it was you who put that dynamic powder into the salt packet!

Roy: But it's really funny!

Bowser: You'll pay for doing this!

Marth: Get him!

Smashers: Right on!!

Roy: AAAAHH!!! (Runs off)

Roy runs into the sewers, where he met the ninja turtles. He lived happily with the turtles until the Smashers found him, brought him back to the mansion, gave him a good beating, and they all live happily every after.


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